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We all saw the cringe-worthy photos circulating the media during last weeks NYFW of little cutie North West at daddy Kanye West’s unveiling of his new fashion line for Adidas and then again at the Alexander Wang shows.

As a mother of a toddler, although a piece of me was very sympathetic for Kim K knowing very well how she must have been feeling, I honestly think that front row at a fashion show for any child under 3 is a no-no.
I get this was done to support her daddy (I would have wanted my child there too!) but then the other shows following?

Before I get some hardcore haters all up in here shaking their fingers at me and shaming me for my candid POV considering I’m a mom, listen, this is my personal judgement BECAUSE I’m a mom.
I think it also depends on the child and their behaviour.
Some may be very well behaved and able to sit through an entire fashion show complete with loud music, bright flashy lights and at times half naked models. I know my daughter would be.
She’s phenomenal everywhere we take her and always calm and behaved (even when she was a toddler!).
My son is the opposite — front row at NYFW would be a scary, scary thing with him there.
Not for him… for me and everyone else around him. Ha!

If I know I’m headed somewhere, especially a special event, that is predominantly adults, I arrange a babysitter.
If I can’t get a babysitter, I either 1) Don’t go (motherhood first!) 2) Go but arrange to be sitting somewhere that won’t distract anyone should my child be tired and have any tantrums or closer to the exit so I can slip out real quick if a fit starts up.

But from my own experience and my maternal instincts, front row at a fashion show just isn’t the place for little ones.
It not only is pointless and probably uninteresting to them but any tantrums that occur will not only be a nuisance to others around watching the show (most of which are buyers and media being paid to be there and research these pieces for work purposes and require the concentration) but also a disrespect to the designer and models.
Respect Artistry, right Kanye?

Do I think a banning all kids at fashion shows is fair? NO way.
The same way I think banning children from high-end restaurants is ridiculous and inequitable.
It all depends on the child. Period.
Skip the ban, and just provide a warning and a reminder to all parents bringing their kids to fashion shows (or anywhere that is mostly intended for adults) that they will be asked to leave if any commotion ensues.
Let parents make their own conscientious and rational decision on where they take their children.

So what do you think about a NYFW Ban on Kids?

22 Comments on New York Fashion Week Bans Kids After North West Tantrum

  1. I don’t think there should be a ban but I think some parents refuse to see the limitations of their children which causes a lack of respect for others around. I always remove my kids if they are acting up. It’s common courtesy to others and the kid who may find the situation overwhelming or too long for sitting still.

  2. I do think it depends on the child and the situation. I don’t agree with treating your child like a fashion accessory, which those two seem to do.

  3. I completely agree with banning kids. Some places should be child-free zones. And I suspect the child was there more as a fashion accessory than for any positive reason.

  4. I agree, kids don’t belong at shows like this. Yes some kids might be well behaved but you can never predict how they would behave, especially when their moods can change in a second. There is a time and place to bring kids, like the playground, a fashion show on the other hand….not so much (unless it was a kids fashion show).

  5. I would never ever take a child to something like that, I knew one couple who took their son everywhere. I had an outdoor party once and on the invites I even put No Children please, because of all the drinking and swearing that will be going on, well they brought him and he was the only kid with all the drunk adults, I was not happy

    • I know a few parents that are like that as well. No judgement and with all due respect towards them, but there is a time and place. And also, wouldn’t you just want that time away from the kids once in a while? I know I cherish those times! 🙂 It’s completely normal and healthy!

  6. I totally agree with you on your point of view. I think there are definitely places kids should go and there are places that’s just not appropriate for kids…not just FOR kids, but also FOR those that are attending.

  7. I completely agree with your point of view! Front row of a fashion show just isn’t the place for an unpredictable toddler!

  8. I agree with a lot of the points you made. I think it really depends on the reason behind the ban. If it’s a concern for conduct, then a widespread, universal ban on children doesn’t seem to make sense given different children’s developmental level and temperament. I do think that sometimes it makes sense to ban children just to create a certain atmosphere at events or restaurants.

  9. I don’t care that much about the Kardashians or even *gasp* New York Fashion Week, but I do agree that there are places that kids shouldn’t go.

  10. I completely agree. When we got married, we didn’t want kids at our wedding. Some people told me when we had kids we’d feel differently. I don’t. I love my kids but I also like an adult night out, and think others deserve a kid-free night too.

    • Yes, I am the same, Julia. I think there’s a time and place for little ones. It’s not to say that some won’t do perfectly at an adult-only event, I just think it allows the parent/s to fully immerse themselves in that social setting with fellow adults. It’s a respect thing for the most part. Thanks for your comment!

  11. I totally agree. Adult places are not for kids but it’s also up to the parent to know their child’s limits. My oldest wouldn’t even sit through a movie at the theatre but her brother at the same age did but my youngest is like her sister, I wouldn’t bring her anywhere a fit would be totally disruptive. Kim K made the mistake with lack of judgement and maybe bringing her to other shows she was trying again or something. Who knows but it’s not like she can’t find or afford a babysitter right.

    • I agree, Alyssa. Babysitting should come very easily for celebs like Kim K. I’m pretty sure she wanted her daughter there for Kanye’s show front and centre but it should have also served as a learning lesson for the next shows. Perhaps steer away from front row and go off the side if that’s what she really wants.

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