Sifting through the continual amount of makeup in my beauty drawer, I can’t help but realize how mundane my beauty routine has become.  I can probably apply my makeup with my eyes closed (but of course you wouldn’t want to do that…).  

It’s always the same thing weekday mornings: Wake up, groggily shut off the hallway night light, wake up kids for school, brush teeth, wash face, moisturize w/sunscreen, wake up kids again, and again, and again (with my voice having lowered a hundred decibels and almost similar to Batman), get breakfast ready, make lunches (if I forgot to the night before), dress up in something comfortable yet presentable, put my “face” on which consists of concealer, mascara, cream blush and a lipgloss, get kids eating breakfast and out the door in time to catch the first school bell (earlier on good days).

As we shift towards a new season, much like the clothing, outerwear and home decor, I like to   revamp and make way for the fresh period among us.  All the pink lipsticks and shimmery body bronzers slowly make their way to the back and out come the plums, reds and nudes.  Of course, to revive my routine, I always ensure I keep up-to-date on what’s au courant in the beauty world.  

There is one place that I frequent often for everything I need from a new lipstick to a package of chewy candies to bandaids or cold meds — Shoppers Drug Mart.  It’s where I go often for most of my beauty products. In fact, I think my local SDM Beauty Counter Cosmetologist knows me on a first-name basis. 

Has your beauty routine become too routine? Change it up with some new beauty products from Shoppers Drug Mart. Here are some of the new fall beauty launches:


–        Life Brand Facial Masks: Have you tried the multi-masking trend? Single sachet facial masks from Life Brand make it easy to mix and match. Formulas include pore-cleansing, brightening, hydrating, soothing and anti-aging.

–        Joe Fresh Eyelash Curler: For a runway-ready look every day, just add some curl to your lashes before applying mascara.

–        Quo Cushion Concealer: The newest way to get sheer coverage with a natural finish. This sleek new compact stick from Quo Cosmetics features a cushion end for easy application and blending.

–        Yes to Coconut Head-to-Toe Hydrating Balm: Formulated with virgin coconut, sweet almond and avocado oils, this skin-softening body balm is clinically proven to moisturize dry, cracked skin. Ideal for elbows, hands, knees and toes.

–        Stylize Detangling Combs & Brushes: Gain control of your locks with a new selection of detangling tools from Stylize. Choose from combs or paddle, mini, cushion and vent style-brushes.


To help you freshen up your beauty routine for the new season, Shoppers Drug Mart is offering one of my readers a $75 Gift Card!

To enter, leave me a comment telling me about your beauty routine and why it needs a change.

Contest open to Canadian Residents.  Ends October 3rd, 2016.

Fall Beauty SDM Giveaway

154 Comments on Fall Into a New Beauty Routine with Shoppers Drug Mart #Giveaway

  1. Honestly I dont do alot just soap and water on the face, so i could sure use some tips and new products to try out !!

  2. I’m basically doing the same thing I did since I began wearing makeup, in the late 70s. Yup–very dated. Mascara, eyeliner, coverup circles, blush.

  3. Beauty routine is coconut oil on my face every night & I wake up to soft skin & acne looks much better. I need to change it up by whitening my teeth at night !!

  4. Neither my wife nor I have a beauty routine and now that we’re getting older… good to think about how to stay looking and felling young.

  5. My beauty routine is almost no existant. I put on a bit of mascara and out I go, I am looking to go out in the community to do volunteer work, and I need to look professional

  6. My routine is simple. With winter coming I will need change it up to nourish my skin a bit more as it tends to get more dry.

  7. My routine is to wash and dry my hair and moisturize. It needs a change because it’s very basic and doesn’t change with the seasons like it should.

  8. I’m in school part-time now, along with full-time work, and need to simplify my morning & night routine without affecting quality. Need some 4-in-1 or 3-in-1 products that are still as good as the targeted/specialty ones!

  9. I don’t have a beauty routine. Pioneering the #nomakeup phenomenon. Lol. Could use a new moisturizing and exfoliating program.

  10. I wash my face with water and only use moisturizer. The change I could use would be the addition of an eye cream to protect them.

  11. I am such a plain Jane. Always sticking to the same routine never going outside the box. Coverup, slush and a tad bit of mascara.

  12. I have no routine, so I need some help since I have been wearing glasses I don’t wear makeup to often because I can’t see to put it on!

  13. I need to improve my skill level in applying makeup. I also need to update my routine now that I turned 40 and I notice that certain lipstick colours, etc. don’t quite work anymore.

  14. I don’t have a beauty routine. I sleep until the very last second in the morning, jump out of bed, wash my face, brush my teeth and leave for work. I definitely need a change.

  15. I don’t wear as much makeup as I used too! I have been wanting to try the new Life Brand facial masks for my parched skin! 🙂

  16. Being a new mom means no beauty routine! I try to remember to put eye cream and day cream on before I leave the house and that’s about it. I need some new skin care products to motivate me into a better beauty routine.

  17. I don’t really have a routine. Depending on how much time I have in the morning or how tired I am at night it is different every day.

  18. I barely have a routine. It’s brush teeth and if I’m lucky… a little eyeliner! (single mom, 2 kids AND a fulltime job) = no time for me! LOL

  19. My beauty routine is very basic, and is one I’ve been doing for years. I pretty well look the same in terms of make-up and hair each day. I could definitely use some freshening up.

  20. I never used to leave the house without full makeup. Now I do not do anything at all. I definitely need to come up with a morning routine that keep me from looking like I’m much older than I really am.

  21. My beauty routine is pretty simple. I rarely wear makeup so I use a mild facial cleanser, both morning and evening. It needs to change because my skin is maturing and I would like to keep it looking as young as possible for as long as possible.

  22. Before I retired I always made sure my makeup was done and I tried lots of different trends. Now that I am at home I rarely put on much makeup unless I am going out. I just wash my face, moisturize it and put on lipstick. A change would be good.

  23. i think i need to clean up my vanity as i have a lot o beauty products scattered around and if everything was organized, i could find things faster to streamline my beauty routine.

  24. I need to be more consistent in my routine – make it a habit – using a product consistently in order to see results – i am too lazy in my regime, especially at night.

  25. I am a mom of three and seem to always be worrying abut my children so my beauty routine needs to change so I can feel revived and ME again.

  26. With the fall now here, I need to change my skin regimen, get a richer moisturizer, darker lipstick and a nice fall eye shadow palette.

  27. I have only used Ivory bar soap to wash my face my whole life but now that I’m getting older I should start using a less drying soap & maybe some oil-free / wrinkle-free moisturizer & toner.

  28. I’ve worn the same purple eyeliner every day for like 10 years lol … I’d love to be able to treat myself to some makeup for experimenting!

  29. I take very good care of my skin for a man lol … I use moisturizer with an SPF and I wash my face every night, etc. My friends laugh but hey I won’t be too haggard when I’m older!
    For the winter I need to find a heavier cream so my skin doesn’t dry out.

  30. My beauty routine is pretty blah. I wash my face, put on moisturizer and mascara. Only if I am going somewhere nice, or if I know pictures will be taken do I do much more. I need to put more into my beauty routine.

  31. I need a change nut I’m not sure what that change should be. I always do the same thing everyday. I just want something different.

  32. My daily and work make up routine is very basic, moisturize, concealer, eye shadow, blush. But when I “go out” I like to spend more time and curl my lashes and wear mascara and lipstick etc.

  33. I have my beauty routine down to a science.I use the same products every day which include an eye brow pencil some blush and a lip gloss.I could use some new and exciting products for a change.It would be nice to find a good moisturizer with some SPF sunscreen in it.

  34. I’m pretty much a wash and go kinda person – with a bit of moisturizer and concealer. I usually switch to a heavier moisturizer in the winter.

  35. As the seasons change so does my makeup & skincare routine, I purchase new skincare products as well as makeup to maintain my skin or makeup look.

  36. My beauty routine is a quick 5 minute run through of moisturizer, BB cream and mascara! I’m getting a little older, looking a little more tired, so I would like to change up my routine by adding more targeted beauty creams and treatments, and attempting some contouring.

  37. My beauty routine is cleanser, concealer, foundation, and mascara. I need to make a change because my skin is too dry. I’d like to try some new products.

  38. I would love to start my beauty routine. I do a daily facial cream but, I don’t apply makeup on a daily basis. It is the lowest on my priority list!

  39. I’ve had the same beauty routine for years, I need a little a shake up.
    I wash my face and moisturize.Apply foundation and powder , lip gloss and mascara.

  40. I cleanse and moisturise morning and evening but I feel like I need to get a richer moisturiser, especially for the winter months.

  41. My beauty routine is using a tinted moisturizer, a bit of lipstick. I really need an updated look as I look so pale and washed out.

  42. My beauty routine is simple lipstick and eye liner i am getting a lot of age spots so i need to change things up…maybe a good coverup.

  43. I have truly let my beauty routine go , I wake up wash my face and go , I need to get back into making myself feel good again

  44. I could really use some help. I don’t usually wear makeup but I always clean my face and moistureize nightly. Thanks for this chance to win.

  45. My beauty routine hasn’t changed for a while.. clean, tone and moisturize. It needs extra attention as I get fine lines and brown spots in some areas.

  46. I have been in a bit of a runt lately and need a change in my routine. My skin has also changed in the dryness area, so I think I need to boost my moisturizer.

  47. My beauty routine is basically nothing. I wash my face, but I don’t normally wear make up. I could use a change, maybe start using some make up on a daily basis.

  48. it consist of mascara and concealer put on in the car. I don’t have time to do makeup in the morning because I am chasing after a toddler

  49. Mine is pretty basic with an all in one wash and a moisturizer with SPF. I think I need a toner and maybe some new eye shadow from the basis neutrals.

  50. I am a busy grandmother of 5 i take them home after school each day I have not taken time to treat myself with makeup in awhile I would love to start taking time to do my makeup again each day thank you for this awesome chance

  51. MY beauty routine doesn’t vary and I find as I get older, my skin needs more attention as it is drier. So, since I rarely use any makeup except mascara I will attack the moisture portion of my regime. Thanks for the update.

  52. My beauty routine has gone from never leaving the house without full face and hair done to the opposite. I surprised myself recently by heading to work with not a stitch of makeup. There is definitely something to be said for self care and making time to add some polish to achieve a professional look in the office. I would be grateful to receive a gift card to try the latest innovations in skincare and makeup, and begin a new routine and a new ME!

  53. My routine is basic. Cleanse, moisturise, rinse, repeat. Sometimes a mask to shake things up. I’m needing to change up my routine with the colder weather coming…my skin gets super dry!

  54. My beauty routine is pretty boring. I wash my face and then put on moisturizer. I could use a change, I could put on a little make up.

  55. My beauty routine has gone out the window the last 5 years . I am in need of a change to start taking care of myself again and giving me some pamper time .

  56. I have followed the same cleanser, lotion & make up routine for eons with the same colors – I would love to try something new

  57. My beauty routine is the same: wash, tone, moisturize and then apply foundation and lip gloss. I would like to expand my routine to include eye makeup like eye shadow and liner.

  58. It is usually wash and go with a bit of moisturizer, that’s fine for summer but colder weather coming and I need to follow a more regimented routine

  59. I need to start actually using the serums and moisturisers I’ve got, rather than buying new ones when I see pretty packaging 🙂 I do moisturise morning and night, but I need to be more consistent and use my serums.

  60. My beauty routine has always been the same for so long and I really need to change it up. Right now, all I do is wash, moisturize and some blush. That’s it. I think I need some colours!

  61. Nees to switch thins from sunnmer to falk such as my moisturizer and my makeup colors.also need to up the anti when it comes to anti currrent routine needs a good serum.

  62. My beauty routine is pretty much non existent right now. Been spending the summer camping so have been going with the natural look all summer. Need to get back into a routine.

  63. My beauty routine has to change because it only takes 5 minutes to put my makeup in the morning. That’s all the time I have because of my boys. Gotta get them off to school.

  64. I’m still using the same beauty routine as I did for years. My skin is starting to change and I need to switch to more antiaging skincare and beauty products.

  65. My beauty routine is using moisturizer, foundation then eye make up. The problem is that I’ve tanned and need a new foundation shade!

  66. I really do need a change, both with make-up and clothes! I’ve been using the same products for years, would love to try some new ones

  67. What an awesome giveaway!! I love Shoppers Drug Mart. They have such an awesome selection of cosmetics and lots of other products as well.

  68. I need to update my routine and add more richer moisturizers and on trend makeup colours for the Fall/Winter season. Maybe warm chocolate shades for the eyes and berry tones for the lips!

  69. My beauty routine is pretty simple and basic. Concealer, bit of blush, mascara and gloss. It needs a change as I am in a beauty rut.

  70. I currently use a lot of products that are less moisturizing for summer and need yo change it up to thinker ones for the colder weather coming.

  71. I could definitely use a change! out of the summer colors and into the fall shades. I have no idea what looks good on me make up wise. I usually go into shoppers and tell them what I am looking for and they are so amazing with helping to fit my make up for the occasion

  72. My routine is pretty basic. Wash, tone moisturize my skin and then slap on some lip gloss and mascara if I plan on leaving the house. I could use some fun in my beauty routine.

  73. I would love a change. I do the same thing every single day. Mascara, eyeliner and the same eyeshadow. This would be great thank!

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