I still remember the time I told my parents at the tender age of seven years old that I wanted to start my own business of making gimp/scoubidou (or as I liked to call it ‘Scoobie’) bracelets.  But instead of money in exchange of a carefully hand-crafted bracelet, keychain or lanyard, attached to each Scoobie bracelet was a note advertising my future lemonade stand that I was planning to create for Canada day long weekend in the front of our home, which also happened to fall during the same weekend my parents were holding a garage sale.  

Okay so, at seven, it’s evident I already had the marketing know-how on attracting potential customers.  You can say I was pretty ambitious at a very young age.  And my ambition only grew as I got older.  Thank you, mom and dad, for instilling and nurturing my aspirations.  And there have been many!  Even to this day I still have goals I hope to achieve that, at times, I fail to believe I can make work.  But thankfully, I’ve got a supportive husband, parents and friends that continue to encourage me to go for it.

My daughter is seven now and just last month, started a baking venture on her own (with some of my assistance of course) to help raise money for a friends charity fund.  She made double of what her financial goals were and had extra funds to feed her piggy bank which she was super proud of (as was I!).  Since then, she’s expressed plenty of new objectives with us and I couldn’t be more gratified hearing them all and seeing her appetite for ambition.

It’s very meaningful and imperative that we cultivate the ambition in our children.  It’s such a valuable life apparatus for young ones that they will use to shape their paths in life, no matter which way they go.  

What are some ways we can do that?

One of the ways is by ensuring our children have the right role models or heroes that they choose to look up to and aspire to be like.  This is why Disney Princesses like Tiana from Princess and the Frog who turns her dreams into owning a restaurant into reality, are fantastic for our little princesses and princes.


Tiana is easily one of mine and my daughters favourite princesses because of her strong ambition, determination, toughness and of course the fact that she’s from New Orleans, a place that we love and hope to visit someday soon.

My daughter is now collecting all the Disney x Hasbro Dolls and was thrilled to have Tiana!  The details on each doll is so precise and a wonderful keepsake for years to come.  

DSC_6509 copyDSC_6502 copy DSC_6499

Each Disney Princess Royal Shimmer Tiana Doll includes doll, outfit, tiara, and pair of shoes.
• Doll comes with removable tiara and shoes 
• Doll has movie-inspired features
• Doll features a shimmering gown in her signature color
• Gown has beautiful ombre and glitter accents

The Disney Princess Royal Shimmer Tiana Doll retails for $14.99 at Toys ‘R’ Us or Walmart Canada.

What are other ways we can nurture ambition in our children?  Here are some great tips from FamilyEducation.com:

  1. Encourage them — Someone has to be President. If your child wants to do something remarkable, don’t rubbish the idea. Encourage them to work out how they could make it happen.
  2. Challenge them — Wrapping your child in protective blankets will only make the world seem more frightening than it really is. Set them challenges that will stretch them. Celebrate the successes with them.
  3. See the world — Give your children opportunities to see new things, new places, and meet new people. No one changed the world by staying at home. Take them traveling.
  4. Buy books — Okay, so it’s natural for an author to recommend buying books. Reading broadens the mind and inspires ambition; buy books.
  5. Encourage heroes (like Disney Princesses!) — There’s nothing wrong with hero worship, in fact it’s a brilliant way to focus ambition. Encourage children to find out how their heroes did what they did and how it all started.
  6. Role play — Creative play develops creative thinking. Children do this instinctively, but encourage them and suggest scenarios for them to explore.
  7. Group play — Children grow up to be more confident if they regularly play with other children. They also learn how to influence others.
  8. Accept change — If yesterday’s budding astronaut becomes today’s budding airline pilot, don’t frown. It could simply be that your child has been thinking and recognizes that flying a plane is more achievable. 
  9. It’s not about money — Don’t push your child toward high-earning careers. There’s more to life than money.
  10. Anything is possible — Each and every person is unique, and today the world is more egalitarian than ever before. Almost anything is possible if you want to do it badly enough. Don’t discourage ambition.

What are ways you encourage/d your child’s ambitions?

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  1. Tiana is a fantastic role model because of her strong ambition, toughness and determination. Encouraging confidence and setting challenges is important for kids.

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