Today we had a very important and special date.

A date with the little gem growing inside my tummy.  Ava and Daddy both joined me during today’s 6 1/2 month ultrasound which was just absolutely perfect because this has to be the most vivid and active ultrasound I’ve had yet.
It’s been a month since I last seen Baby and it’s mind-boggling how much our little one has grown during that time.
Today we got to see everything and I mean everything! Our ultrasound technician was wonderful — the best one I’ve met so far.  She excitedly chatted along with the ultrasound showing us everything we needed to see and even laughing along with us as we watched our baby sucking his/her thumb and trying to get his/her toes at the same time. Adorable!
We saw the profile so well and could pretty much make out how similar lips the babes has of his/her dads!
Our little girl was beyond thrilled that she was even yelling out: “Hi baby! I see you! Hi! It’s me! Your big sister, Ava!” 

Well, since those near and dear to us already know the gender of the baby and the news accidently spilled a couple weeks ago from an over-excited family member (no hard feelings), we decided we are going to share our happiness and joy with our friends as well.
And I wanted to give my loyal readers a chance to be a part of this too considering many of you have been around from the beginning of my infertility journey. 
Miracles happen; dreams come true.
So, without further ado, we’d like to introduce you to the newest member of our family…

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  1. Ava is so funny! So great to see the excitement and joy from you all. Cheers to this awesome news, Gomez Family!

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