When I brought home my firstborn, I remember feeling a stew of emotions ranging from euphoria to anxiousness.  Being a new mother was (and still is) one of the most beautiful yet terrifying experiences one can ever encounter.  

You have this little human that relies heavily on you and only you (and your partner, if applicable) that doesn’t know how to communicate through words only through expressions and cries; the last thing you’ll want to hear is differing (albeit well-meaning) advice from different mother’s around you (funny enough, even non-parent’s too…).  Your hormones are still dropping and wacky, your body is recovering from bringing a tiny person into the world and you’re learning to navigate this whole new journey while all this chaos is happening in and around you.  As the weeks and months pass, you find yourself maneuvering through something new every time – motherhood is a forever journey of research and experience.

I was thankful I had the support of my mom to guide me through my first experience as a new mother, but I have to admit that we often butted heads with our styles of parenting.  I didn’t agree with many things she was telling me and that’s totally normal.  We all parent our own way and all just want what’s best for our child.  

What I learned as a new mother is that every single book I read while pregnant, all the tips and advice I received from family and friends, as helpful as some if it was, your unique journey into motherhood will have you going through things you were not prepared for.  John Lennon hit it on the nose when he said, “Life is what happens to you when you’re busy making other plans.”  
I honestly just wish that my family members and friends were a bit more candid with me when I was pregnant and anticipating the birth of my firstborn. You know, the real nitty-gritty stuff!
Like how tired and confused you’ll be the first few weeks (zombie mom is right) or that bonding with your little one may not even occur right away, or how your lady parts will feel shortly after.
How dare they not tell me that your long, voluminous locks you were blessed with during pregnancy would slowly fall and thin out afterwards?
One of the things that hit me the hardest was the painful breast-feeding experience and everything (including the pressure and mom-guilt I felt when I transitioned to bottle) that came with it.

What if you had a friend that was just completely and assuredly truthful with you about what you would be expecting the first year of your baby’s life? Every. single. detail.
Maria Lianos-Carbone did not skip a beat when she put together her debut book, Oh Baby!. This book is that “friend” that every new mother (or father) needed that first year.

Relatable and matter-of-fact — Oh Baby! A Mom’s Self-Care Survival Guide for the First Year covers an array of topics that every new mother may experience and shares her tips and advice in a personal, honest and even hilarious approach. It’s not just another parenting self-care book — it’s the perfect guide you need in your first year without feeling like you’re losing your mind.

Oh Baby! is available now at Indigo and Amazon.ca.


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