I love Paris in the springtime. 
I love Paris in the fall. 
I love Paris in the winter when it drizzles, 
I love Paris in the summer when it sizzles.

(Frank Sinatra’s I Love Paris)

I miss everything about this lovely city and I cannot wait to be back.
The smell of the crepes being made at the nearby stands, the sporadic glimmer of La Tour Eiffel’s light show every night, the glistening of the lights bouncing off the Seine River, the perfectly crunchy yet chewy baguettes we pick up every morning at the nearby boulangerie and the wine, don’t get me started on the wine (and the desserts!) I miss macarons so much!
Not just any macaron’s, the real parisian macaron’s. They are like the “timbits” of Canada. :p So readily available everywhere in Paris.
We have plenty of wonderful french bakeries here in the GTA and Toronto but I was spoiled in Paris having tried Laduree’s and Piere Hermes variety because I’ve been comparing everyone I’ve had to them!
And that’s not fair at all. :p

We graciously stayed in our friend, Nicolas’, apartment while he was abroad and it’s amazing the location of his apartment! Eiffel Tower was right around the corner! And everything was conveniently located closeby including the Bir Hakim station. It’s always nice to have a friend live there and show us the ropes.

The cool Parisian weather was so much different to the cool weather here in Canada (and you would think I’m use to the cold being Canadian!).
The air in Paris has a more dewy and  brisk feel to it although never gets as freezing cold as it does here in Canada aside from being in Montmartre.

The French are charming, sweet, hospitable. They always like to help you if you need it.
And the beautiful architecture?!
Without knowing where you’re heading to in this world and with a blindfold over your eyes until you step foot on Parisian Rue’s (street’s), you’ll know you’re in Paris.
The only thing that freaked me out was the driving! Insane being driven in Paris! The driver’s are good but fast and aggressive.
Parisian’s usually walk or take the popular Metro or RER (I prefer the RER). I learned about the walking bit the hard way. I had to purchase a new pair of proper walking boots at a cute little shoe shop near our apartment.
This suburban girl was actually doing pretty darn well taking the metro. Got the hang of it pretty quickly but what helps is that their train system is so well organized and can literally get you anywhere and everywhere in Paris.
I loved getting lost in the rue’s of Montmartre and Saint Germain (my favourite arrondissement’s in Paris).
Stumbling upon quaint and lovely little shops, all lined up next to one another – perfumeries, wine shops, bakeries, clothing stores, art shops (lots of interior design and art shops in Paris!), flower shops and cafes.
I especially enjoyed the prix fixed menu’s they usually offered during the lunch hour where you can get a 3 course meal including wine and un cafe for 10 euros! I found this more often in the Latin Quarter.

So here I am, dreaming of Paris yet again and I think another visit is due sometime in the near future.
Ty and I are truly considering purchasing property there in the future. I have dreams to open up my very own shop which will be a mix of a flower/bookstore and a café all in one. 😀
Hey, whatever you you dream, you can achieve!


3 Comments on Paris, Je T’aime

  1. WOW! Love your pictures. Every time I see pictures of Paris, I just itch terribly (in a good way!) I must go! Been there a couple of times while traveling with friends through Europe but I really need to just for a little longer there and really take in all of it’s splendor! Beautiful City!

  2. Rahier has macarons that are pretty close (on Bayview ave). My daughter calls them Starbucks. Don’t ask me why. I LOVE Paris. Obviously. I called my blog Send Me to Paris. It is my lifelong dream to get back there for a long stay, not just a visit…… Love the pictures.

  3. Wow, what wonderful picture’s and descriptions. I only dream of visiting Paris someday. So beautiful.

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