Wouldn’t it be most splendid to ring in my Champagne 30th Birthday with the la tour Eiffel shimmering in the background?
However, our budget this year unfortunately will not allow my dreams of a Party in Paris to materialize.
That does not mean I can’t bring Paris to me!

As my 30th birthday approaches, classic Carol of course is already googling and thinking about how I can make my day extra special. It’s only 9 weeks and 4 days away…..

I know I shouldn’t even be the one handling this (it’s my birthday after all), but the event planner in me just can’t help it!
I may not even have a big shindig, but a gal can dream and conjure up the perfect Parisian party in my head can’t I? Sure I can.

If you love Paris as much as I do, and are looking for some très beau inspiration, look no further!
I scoured the net trying to find chic and lovely Parisian-themed party ideas without it being overly chichi or childish.
Check out my vision boards below (click on photo for larger image)!

What’s a Parisian Party without pâtisseries délicieuses?

And of course, there needs to be lots of fresh and darling flowers too!

Photo by Sarah Yates Photography

You will surely make this an event you will never forget!
Paris is always a good idea.

9 Comments on Parisian Soirée: Paris-Themed Event Inspiration

  1. How lovely!!! Like you, I dream of Paris and all things Parisienne. Once anyone experiences Paris, nothing else compares. Thank you for the wonderful and inspirational post!!! I particularly love what you did with the umbrellas!!! 😀

  2. Everything on this post looks amazing and so beautiful! Having a party like this would be just perfect! Happy Bday!

    RAFFLECOPTER NAME is Anne Taylor

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