TIM HORTONS - For the First Time in Canada, Tim Hortons Launches

It’s almost Christmas and I am completely pressed for time.
I’ve still got a few more gifts to pick up and don’t get me started on my wrapping and oh shoot! I totally forgot about the teacher’s gifts and one for the bus driver too.
Before I have a mini meltdown *breathe, Carol, breathe*, I remind myself that gift cards would be a great idea!
Before you roll your eyes at me, I want to positively mention that I am pro-gift card.
Always have, always will be.
I honestly think they are a wonderful gift idea (for the right person) and truly do not show that you care any less for the recipient just because it was an easy purchase.
I personally would love gift cards because that means some extra alone time for myself to shop for whatever I want, putting MY needs first for once.
And as a mother, that doesn’t come easily.
And it would also be a great idea to add your own personal touch to it with some wine or a nice little gift like a book or favourite CD on the side.
It will truly come appreciated. If not, I’ll take it. 😉

Okay so coffee lovers, or tea lovers, or lovers of delicious donuts, soups and sandwiches – what would thrill them more than a Tim Hortons gift card?
And here’s the icing on the cake timbit: Tim Hortons now offers personalized options for Tims Cards or E-Gift Cards.

That’s right! You can create personalized virtual or plastic photo Tim Cards from your computer or device to SMS, email or ship, anywhere in Canada or the United States.
Tim Hortons’ new E-Gifting option, available at http://www.TimHortons.com or on the TimmyMe mobile app, allows guests to create and send unique personal gift cards to suit any occasion, and recipients can then seamlessly load them into their TimmyMe mobile wallet for quick redemption and reload.

“Our guests now have the opportunity to choose from a carousel of digital designs, or personalize a digital or plastic Tim Card with their favourite images,” says Gord Phillips, Vice President Restaurant Technologies, Tim Hortons. “They can select their denomination between $10 and $100, create a unique message or add a picture and send plastic cards through traditional post, and E-Gift cards via SMS or email. They can even set the date they want their digital card to arrive.”

Sending a digital Tim Card is free, even with personalized photos and messages (some conditions apply). Personalized plastic photo Tim Cards are $3.99 plus shipping.

I like quick, easy and convenient and I especially love being able to customize my gifts.
Such a great idea for gifts, stocking stuffers or just even a sweet gesture, especially for your loved ones (like Grandma and Grandpa or Aunt and Uncle) because you can add a photo of the kids or family that they can have for keepsake as well.  Very cute.

Easy to create personalized Tims Gift/E-Cards
Easy to create personalized Tims Gift/E-Cards

It was super easy to upload my picture, or alternatively you can choose from the many designs they have available, choose the amount for the GC, how you would like to send it and to whom.
I would love to see more payment options for future like PayPal or Chequing Accounts as they currently only accept Credit Cards but still a great added bonus.
I did it all from the comfort of home on my computer and finally finished the last of my holiday gifts.

Here’s an example of a personalized photo on a Tims Gift Card. This was my family and I last Christmas. Super cute!

To learn more about the new Personalized Tim Cards, visit them here.

Disclosure: CAC is part of the Tim Hortons Timfluencer Ambassador Program and receives special perks, however all opinions expressed by the author are solely their own.

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