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The other day my kids followed me around the entire house as I finished up a few chores complaining that they were bored and had nothing to do.  Really?  Forget the fact that they have a designated (and fun-filled) playroom & filled to the brim bookshelves, but they also have their wonderful tech devices, and a perfectly good backyard and front yard that they can frolic around in and oh, I don’t know, use their imagination?  Kids these days, right?  They’ve got everything they can possibly need to have hours of creative fun yet they’d rather have their faces stuck to their iPad’s.  Remember when we were little?  We would actually be outside till the sun went down and the street lights indicated that it was time to be back home and when we were heavily engaged in our own imaginative play with dolls, cars and trucks, building blocks, handmade forts and craft books.

What kids, and especially tweens (who are infamous for losing interest in toys very quickly), need are toys that would help promote true educational purpose that they can take back to their classrooms.
Ones that not only get their imagery and inventiveness going but also teaches them valuable academic tools that they can grow with.
A passion and interest in S.T.E.A.M. which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math is what we would like to instil in our children.

One show on Netflix that has piqued the interest of my daughter is Project MC², a series that revolves around the fields of STEAM and the adventures of McKeyla McAlister and her friends, Camryn Coyle, Adrienne Atoms and Bryden Bandweth, who work for an organization called NOV8 (pronounced “innovate”), a highly secretive group of female operatives that are trying to protect the world, and each with their own STEAM skill!

Time To Pick Up Some S.T.E.A.M! 

MGA has come out with a new line-up of Project MC² Dolls that now come with their own experiment.
This is the type of toy that I love which encourages real educational play-based learning.

Not only do the dolls look lovely with amazing details down to their outfits, but they also include a fun experiment linked to each characters specialty.

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For example, Camryn Coyle who is the engineer with a high IQ comes with a wind-up pet robot.
What’s fun is you can use whatever you have at home, like fruits!, and use them as the pet robot. It just so happens that my daughter was eating a banana at the time, so she chose that. My three year old was really enjoying taking part in this with his sister. He especially loved that at the completion of creating their “pet robot”, it was able to zip across the floor, thanks to energy.

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DSC_6005 copyDSC_6008 copyDSC_6010 copyThey learned that wind-up toys are all about energy. When you turn the key on your robots base, a thin, coiled strip of metal called a mainspring gets tighter and tighter and squeezes into a smaller and smaller space, storing energy. Once you let go of the key, the potential energy stored up in the mainspring turns into kinetic energy. The connected gears and axles rotate, making your robot zoom!

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And with the Adrienne Atoms doll, who is the teams’ culinary chemist, you can create your very own perfume using your own ingredients like flower petals, vanilla and rosewater.  This teaching them about essential oils and natural fragrance that comes from plants.

The Project MC² dolls retail for $29.97 at Toys ‘R’ Us and comes with a Premium, articulated doll, dressed in her undercover spy outfit that reflects her individual style, a fun experimental activity (household ingredients not included), and accessories for the doll (typically with sunglasses, spy disguise glasses, purse and comb).


Once again, I have teamed up with the wonderful folks at MGA Entertainment to share the latest and greatest toys for Spring!  

From April to July, I will be reviewing and featuring toys brought to you from MGA Entertainment as part of the Spring Toy Box including Mini Lalaloopsy™, Little Tikes, Project MC² and NumNoms.  And that’s not all.  For being such great readers, at the end of this program, MGA will offer a special giveaway to one of my Canadian readers, which will include all of the toys we reviewed for the Spring Toy Box, valued at over $200.00!  Wow!

Stay tuned and be sure to check out our monthly Spring/Summer MGA toy reviews for your chance to win in July!

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