Halloween is upon us and with it comes the anticipation of spooktacular decorations, costumes and of course trick-or-treat!

I’m a big child and I absolutely love Halloween (all things spooky thrills me!). In fact, I don’t remember a Halloween where I didn’t dress up, either in costume or mask/make-up, and when I didn’t participate in Trick-or-Treat fun!
Obviously as an adult, it’s frowned upon to be ringing doorbells with a big trick or treat bag, so thankfully I have little people that can do that for me.
I’m only half kidding. 🙂

Yes, my kids love Halloween as much as I do (who doesn’t?!) and now as a mother, I always think a little more wisely when it comes to decor, costumes and trick or treat giveaways.
We have to consider cost, time (or lack of what we have these days), safety for all children and more!

So I am very pleased with all the Halloween offerings Hasbro has in light of this spooktacular event!


Their new Marvel Role Play Masks and toys to accompany which are great for costumes like the Avengers Iron Man Arc FX Gloves, is not only fun year-round for play, but they’re well made and comfortable.

But two products that I just LOVE is their Doh Vinci Halloween Set and Play-Doh Halloween Bags!

We enjoy carving pumpkins and getting creative with our jack-o-lantern designs and not to mention those pumpkin seeds turned into tasty roasted seeds, but frankly, they can be time consuming and once they’re cut open, they won’t last very long before they begin to waste away.
So a great alternative for decor and still allowing you to get creative with your pumpkins is the Doh Vinci Halloween Set.
Super easy to use – just pop in the individual coloured deco pop tubes into the styler and design! They come with three stencils (or you can do your own!), a styler and 4 deco pop tunes.  The colours are so vivid and so far, it’s still up on our pumpkins and doing well (outside!).  They are intended for indoor decor, and it hasn’t rained yet, so hopefully they’ll last till Halloween. 
The Doh Vinci Halloween set retails for $9.99.



Trick or treat without candy may sound scary but as a mother, it’s super smart!
A Treat without the sweet!
Plus those dental cavity bills will be diminished. 🙂
I appreciate the Play-doh Halloween Bags they offer every Halloween.


The Play-doh Halloween Bags can be purchased for $6.99 at Toys ‘R’Us, Walmart and Real Canadian Superstore.

To learn more about Hasbro’s amazing collection of toys, visit them online at http://www.hasbro.com.

17 Comments on #PlayLikeHasbro this Halloween

  1. Always love Halloween anything! I’m a bit of a fan of autumn! thanks for the pics, oh and my 2 girls LLLLLOOOOVVVEE play-doh! I cannot keep this stuff stocked! Thanks!

  2. I won the Bic contest over at Simply Stacie so I will be handing out some of the packs on Halloweeen, only if I get any kids it’s usually pretty quiet!!

  3. Love the Play-doh Halloween containers, they are great to give out and a nice alternative to candy. Cute decorating on the pumpkins!

  4. Great idea , its so true that kids get way to much junk , i like giving out erasers pencils , coloring books etc 🙂 thanks for sharing !

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