“I’ll tell you what I want, what I really, really want.” 🎶 🎶
“So tell me what you want, what you really, really want.” 🎶

Okay, so here’s what I really want. Aside from a proper Spice Girls reunion and a new banging album so I can reignite my tween psyche, seeing my daughter excel at not only her academic studies but also her extracurricular activities, especially in sports.
She absolutely loves her sports – swimming, soccer, karate… she has expressed so much enthusiasm for athletics and I encourage it!

Back when I was growing up as a child, I still remember how it was when it came to participating in sports, whether on teams or in Phys Ed class.
Although opportunities were present, the treatment between male and female teams and athletes, were very divergent. It was very obvious that the male teams and athletes were taken a lot more seriously then their female counterparts and pep rally’s and game attendance were more focused and supportive of the boys then they were of the girls. In fact, I remember playing in my middle school volleyball team in 6th grade and our team having very little supporters on the bleachers aside from close family and friends for competitions but when the boys teams were playing, the gym was always jam-packed; the school also always made more of a bigger deal for their games. This was the same for the basketball teams, the soccer teams, the rugby teams and the hockey teams.
Back then, I didn’t really pay much attention to it, although it was obvious, but now looking back at it – how partisan and discouraging.
The only female athletes that many were audibly more enthusiastic over during games were the cheerleaders. *sigh*
Do not get me wrong. I appreciate the art of cheerleading. It’s a strenuous sport as well that requires discipline and brings people together and supportive, but when I was growing up, that was really where the females were most applauded for and that was it.
I remember my gym teacher, Ms. James (aka Tracey) who was also the girls Jr. Volleyball coach once telling me that I should try out for cheerleading because I was a pretty girl. (Seriously?)

Okay so a lot has thankfully changed since.  Female athletes and sports teams are in abundance; athletes like Venus and Serena Williams, Maria Sharapova, Ronda Rousey, and Canadian’s Eugenie Bouchard and Hayley Wickenheiser (the first woman to play full-time professional hockey in a position other than goalie!) are widely celebrated and the media just loves them.
But wouldn’t it be awesome to finally see no more gender segregation in sports?
We accept, and expect, gender assimilation almost everywhere else — at work, in social spaces, and we’re even coming around to the idea of non-gender specific bathrooms (did you see the one at the CNE this year?). Yet sports remain segregated – why?
There needs to be more discussion on this and female athletes need to be taken more seriously to start blurring these lines.
This is why I am so happy to support and share about the Playtex® Play On Canada Grant Program.

September is just around the corner and that means the start of high school sports!
Unfortunately despite the excitement for these girls, according to a study commissioned by Playtex Sport, girls admit they can’t afford athletic participation fees, uniforms or transportation. They also say that boys have more choice when it comes to high school sports, gain more support from administration, receive more funding and play in better facilities than the girls do. Still can’t believe this is the case. It’s 2016!


Thankfully, Playtex Sport wants to help even out the playing field by encouraging girls to Play On through a national grant program.


Recently launched, the program will sponsor up to $50,000 to help fund girl athletic teams across Canada. Teams can apply online at http://www.playtexplayon.ca.

And you want to know what’s extra impressive?  Try running around on a soccer field, cheerleading or swimming laps with a visit from Aunt Flo.  Now that’s multi-tasking and extraordinary. Something obviously only a girl can handle. 😉

Make sure you and your sport bag are always prepared with Playtex Sport products.  I love their sports liners  and Playtex® Sport® Ultra-Thin Pad with Wings. Playtex® Sport® Ultra-Thin Pads with Wings are designed with an anti-leak absorbent core that pulls fluid quickly into the pad and locks it inside. The ultra-thin pads with wings keep your pad in place and the ultra-soft, cottony cover provides comfort while you work your hardest in whichever activity you choose. Playtex pads have a Sport Level Protection™ design to comfortably fit your active life. Play On™!
If you prefer tampons which are perfect for swimming, their Playtex® Sport® Tampons has a 360°™ design and FlexFit™ technology that moves the way you move.

Sassy, Sporty, and still able to rock gorgeous locks (and even makeup), the world needs more Sporty Spice’s!  I can’t wait for the day that gender segregation in sports teams will end, but until then, let’s build a solid foundation and support system for our young and sporty girls! #PlayOnCanada!


And to help celebrate this fantastic initiative, Playtex Sport wants to send you a bag filled with Playtex Sport product and other goodies!  


To enter, leave me a comment below telling me your thoughts on this program.  Additional entries via gleam form.

Contest is open to Canadian residents. Ends September 12th, 2016.

#PlayOnCanada Giveaway

Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Playtex Sport. Compensation was provided; however, all opinions expressed are entirely those of the author. 

70 comments on “Why Sporty Spice Was My Favourite Spice Girl #PlayOnCanada”

  1. its an amazing program. i have a 15 yr old just starting highschool and she has always been overweight with low self esteem. so we changed the way we ate, walk every night cut carbs. this year she tried out for the high school football team and was the only girl ! she didnt make it but i told her how proud i was of her for going for it. i wish i had that confidence 30 yrs ago like she does.

    • AMAZING! She sounds like a true go-getter — I love it!
      It’s wonderful seeing the confidence and strength in young girls in comparison to many years ago. Thanks for sharing, Christina, and tell your daughter I wish her all the best when she tries out again in the future!

  2. I love this program! I think it’s amazing that it inspires and encourages girls to participate in sports! It’s great to teach young girls that they can do anything they put their mind to!

  3. i love this program; anything that encourages girls to participation and be active is so great; especially at this age when peer pressure and self-confidence often inhibits participation

  4. I love this program! In our community girls teams are often overlooked for funding, so it’s nice to see options are available for supporting young female athletes!

  5. I love to see any brand encouraging physical activity and it’s extra nice to see one working with schools to encourage it.

  6. I think it is great that Playtex is doing this. so many girls lose interest in sports very early. if this encourages them to have a healthy active lifestyle for longer then it will be great plus who knows how many future olympians we have in the wings

  7. I love it. I enjoyed the Olympics this year because the women were hightlighted as much and the men. Before it always seemed that women in sports were secondary.

  8. I think it is a great program and it supports that woman/girls can do anything.
    Love to see more support like this!

  9. Awesome giveaway. I love how these products gives women/girls freedom to do whatever they want whenever they want.

  10. I think it is a great program. As I did not realize that it is still hard for girls to get the support they need and funding. So this is good to be able to help them achieve there goals.

  11. I LOVE this program! I am raising my daughter to be a strong woman and I tell her daily that she can do anything she puts her mind to. We watched the Canadian women totally rock at the Summer Olympics in Rio this year and will continue to support our female athletes. Women ROCK!!

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