If you played sports growing up, you remember the notability, sentimentality and magnitude behind your uniform.

It exemplified community, solidarity and strength.  With every hole, scrape and stain, it represented your dedication and hard work.

As precious and important these old uniforms mean to our young athletes, playing in tattered outfits or with scraggy gear may not be the wisest idea, unfortunately, not every school budget will allow for updated, new gear.  Sadly, this was particularly true I remember for the female sports teams growing up. 

My sister was an avid athlete in high school and I have memory of her coming home one time disgruntled and confused because the boys team in the same sport were treated to new uniforms and why this wasn’t the same for the girls’ team.  We all know how inequitable and discouraging that was then and even in some cases still now.

It’s no wonder the Playtex Sport research revealed that Canadian girls think boys’ teams often get more support.

Raising a little budding female athlete of my own, I only hope that this will not be something she will have to worry about once she’s in high school.

Whether it’s on the sports field, at school or at work, It’s a known fact that you feel extra confident when you’re dressed and geared up for success.  Well, out with old and in with the new!

Snap, Share, and Play On!

Do you have a high-school aged daughter that is part of a sports team?

Playtex Sport is asking Canadians to share photos of their old gear (including uniforms) on Instagram for the chance to win new gear for themselves or their team.  

From April through August, anyone can enter by posting a photo of themselves and/or their team using the hashtag #PlayOnWinGear and tagging @PlaytexPlayOn in the photo.  A weekly draw will determine the *winner(s) and each person in the photo will receive a $100 Sport Chek gift card (up to a maximum of $1500).

*Winners will be chosen every Friday.

If you’re not on Instagram, I’m 101% sure your teenage athlete is.  Make sure to share this with her for a chance to win new gear for her and her team!

Want to learn more about how you can share and donate to this amazing initiative?
Check out my most recent post here on how you can easily support.

Join the conversation about girls’ high school athletics in Canada on Instagram and Twitter @playtexplayon and on Facebook at facebook.com/PlaytexPlayOn/ using #PlayONca.


Enter to win this fabulous prize pack courtesy of our friends at Playtex Sport which includes:

  • Under Armour duffle bag
  • Playtex Sport t-shirt
  • Multi-pack of headbands
  • High-quality earbuds
  • Heavy-duty jump rope
  • Playtex PlayOn! water bottle
  • Playtex Sport product – 18 super / 18 regular combo pack

A total retail value of $195!

To enter, leave me a comment below telling me what sports you or your daughter play/played in high school. 

Contest is open to Canadian residents.  Ends April 25, 2017. 

Good luck and play on girl, play on!

#PlayOnWinGear Giveaway

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post in partnership with Playtex Sport; however, all opinions expressed are, as always, entirely those of the author.

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86 Comments on Out with the Old, In with the New with Playtex Sport #PlayOnWinGear Giveaway

  1. I was (still am!) a tiny little person and I somehow ended up in a high school full of giants (seriously, what were they feeding those kids?!) so I didn’t play on any teams, but I did play just for fun. My favourite was basketball on a hoop in my yard that was adjusted (ahem, lowered) for my tiny self. I may be short but my aim was amazing.

  2. No girls for me I have boys and we all played many sports together, baseball, soccer, basketball, we just love spending time together and it keeps us healthy

  3. I played soccer for 6 years prior to highschool. In highschool I briefly tried out for badminton but didnt stick with it. i wish i did more.

  4. My daughter in Middle school plays football. She is a heck of a kicker & the only girl in the history of the team. She wouldn’t take no for an answer. She has 3 friends signing up for this season! We are so excited!

  5. My daughter plays basketball but I also coach a girls Baseball team. They definitely do not get the recognition they should get as they are a group of fabulous athletes.

  6. I swam in high school but was otherwise completely athletically-challenged. My girls aren’t old enough yet to play.

  7. My daughters both are involved in gymnastics and track and field. They have so much fun and have made great friend on their teams.

  8. my daughter is a dancer; as a youth, I loved playing volleyball and basketball – I lacked confidence however to keep it up 🙁 I wish now that I had!

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