It was the day of a friend’s event and the first time attending a more formal affair with the kids. You can imagine the chaos getting out the door — with a very fussy and whiny toddler clinging onto our legs crying for one of us to hold him, we had to ensure we forgot nothing including the hostess gift, that we brought extra snacks, diapers and change of kids clothes  and still managing not to sweat through our designer duds before even getting to the party.  This is an average scenario going anywhere these days.  

My son needs his milk and we are weening him completely away from his bottle that he loves so much with Playtex® Cups so I made sure to have a full cup of milk in his new Playtime Straw Cup for the road.  In the commotion and rush we were in to beat traffic on the highway on a Friday evening, without thinking it through, I quickly threw the full cup of milk in my designer purse that was gifted to my for my 30th Birthday from my husband (I will not mention the price but let’s just say it will not be an easy item to replace should anything happen to it).  BIG MISTAKE… or it would have been had this been another training cup. 

The Playtex®  PlayTime Cup Saved My New Designer Purse!

With their 100% Leak-proof and Break-proof Guarantees, there were thankfully no leaks or spills and one content toddler (AND MOM!).  What more can a woman ask for?

Features of Playtex Cups:

  • New spill-proof valve allows liquid to flow only when the child sips
  • Insulated to keep drinks cool and fresh
  • Redesigned, next generation in Twist ‘n Click technology for a 100% leak proof guarantee (guaranteed not to spill in a lunchbox or bag) 
  • Spoutless lid designed for older toddlers or preschoolers, who are outgrowing their baby sippy cups but need spill-proof protection
  • Slider on lid closes to keep straw clean
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Valve is easy to assemble and clean
  • BPA Free

Playtex cups are available in TrainingTime, PlayTime, AnyTime and TravelTime in a variety of spout, straw and spoutless formats for children from 12 months to 3+ years of age

Playtex® Insulater Spout Cup 9 oz. (Left) and PlayTime Straw Cups 9 oz (Right)
Control amount/speed of liquid with valve open or closed for the straw cup.




The Playtex PlayTime Straw Cup has been great at transitioning my son from spout to straw.  And I especially love how easy it is to clean! There never are leak issues and even if the drink is cold on a hot day, the anti-sweat design helps protect my furniture and diaper bags from moisture.  

Features of the Playtex® PlayTime Straw Cup:

  • #1 Selling Spill-Proof Cup Brand
  • Spill-Proof, Leak-Proof and Break-Proof Guarantee
  • Anti-sweat design helps protect furniture and diaper bags from moisture
  • Straw promotes mature mouth movements
  • Slider keeps straw clean when closed

To learn more about Playtex® Cups and which is best for your child, visit and click on Cups and Mealtime.  You can also keep up-to-date on news and more on Playtex Mommyville’s Facebook Page or on Twitter @playtexinfant.

I am part of the Playtex MomTrust Program and receive special perks and compensation for my participation; however all opinions expressed are entirely my own. 

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  1. I love that the slider keeps straw clean when closed! I need one of these cups. I’ve had water spill in my purse too many times.

  2. Thank goodness for leak proof and break proof cups now! Had a leak happen not long ago…needless to say it took some extensive cleaning of a certain bag….

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