Successful-Potty-TrainingIt’s that special time!  The time when our wee ones are officially transitioning from being our babies (although they will forever be, am I right?) to a “big boy/girl”.  It’s Potty Time!

To make transitions more helpful, Pull-Ups® has created The Pull-Ups® Potty Training Partnership to help make this very exciting and sometimes stressful but always memorable occasion an easier one for all parents.  Pull-Ups® partners with you and your child and works at your child’s pace according to how they learn, tailored to their unique personalities, and provides all the assistance you may require to help him/her be on their way to being potty trained.

One fun way they do this is by figuring out your child’s Potty Personality!


Is your child a ready and willing puppy, a content and quiet turtle, an always on the go and busy squirrel,  a determined and predictable owl or a predictable yet flexible and friendly bear cub?  By taking their brief Potty Personality Quiz here, your results will help to provide customized tips and advice that will make the potty training journey more specific and helpful for your child.

I took the quiz myself and found out (and to which was no surprise) that my son was a squirrel!  Always on the move and could care less about slowing down.  Enjoys games and and too busy and impatient  for details!  But he also has some traits of a puppy which means regular in their habits but just needs to learn the routine and motivated by treats!  I would say this was super accurate because my son is definitely a mix of a squirrel and a puppy.  This was very helpful for me as I attempt to close the potty-training deal in this household.  

My son is three and finally comfortable with the toilet on his own; however, he still requires some watching and guidance and although he is good with big boy undies, we still often switch up from undies to Pull-Ups®, especially if we are headed out for longer periods of time and getting to a washroom on time will be impossible.  Oh so helpful!

Now, some really exciting and fun news!

DSC_5525 copy

Travel List:

  • Stuffed Plushies for comfort √
  • Colouring books to keep them busy √
  • Snacks to keep their tummies satisfied √
  • Sunscreen to protect their skin √
  • Pull-Ups® Training Pants for the potty-training preschooler √√√√

We are excitedly finishing up our packing before we head to magical Disneyland, California this week to attend the Pull-Ups® Potty Partnership Launch Event taking place on Friday, April 7th!

Excited munchkins ready to head to Disneyland!

My son has successfully toilet-trained but still requires some guidance and the help of Pull-Ups® during long trips.

Pull-Ups® is generously sending our entire family to Disneyland to attend this fun and informative Launch Event and to meet celebrity mom, Jaime King, who is also in the throws of potty-training her toddler son for some tips and tricks! 

I can’t wait to share everything I learned at the Pull-Ups® Potty Partnership Launch Party in Disneyland® with you all including my own helpful tips that I learned along the way upon my return!

Are you currently potty-training or about to start potty-training your toddler?  Do you have any questions you’d love answered?  Feel free to leave them with me so I can help get them answered for you.  

22 Comments on The Pull-Ups® #PottyPartnership Plus Some Magical News

  1. We are past toilet training but my little guys are still in Pull-Ups at night. Like the design and absorbability of Pull-Ups.

  2. What an amazing opportunity for your family! Have a great time! Pull-ups have been a huge help potty training all my kids.

  3. Sounds like an awesome adventure, have fun!! my granddaughter just started going on the potty, but she still needs her pullups for night time and long trips!!

  4. I’m in the midst of potty training my 2.5 year old son. He loves to go pee pee in the potty but won’t poopy. Any advice on how to get him to poopy would be helpful. 🙂

    • Awe Cheryl totally been there! I found having him occupied with something he likes while sitting on the potty helps (iPad, book) and/or treat rewards. With being occupied, they don’t feel the pressure or notice they’re doing #2.
      Going to share more tips in an upcoming post shortly.

  5. wow that is so amazing that your family gets the chance to go away together and what better way to spend some family time then Disney!! so exciting. I am hoping my daughter will show me signs when she is ready to use the potty. we have been trying but it has been a struggle. she is 3.5 and autistic 🙁 so she is just comfortable being in her diaper

  6. Wow what a great trip that will be!! We are in the middle of potty training and it is brutal!! I am the worst potty trainer EVER!!! lol

    • It definitely has it’s challenges. :p I found my daughter and son to be SO different! Then again, all children are.
      We have to work on their pace and personalities. Speaking of which, do you know which personality your child is?

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