I am over the moon about my recent partnership with Home Depot Canada.
What use to be a place of dread that my dear husband would have to bribe me with after-shopping trips to my favourite bakery, has quickly become my favourite go-to for all things home.
On top of a great line-up of products and services, their customer service is impeccable!
I’d love to go into more details about my appreciation for Home Depot, but I will save that for my next post which will include some Before shots and an introduction into one of our most exciting projects to date: Project Small Bathroom DIY (not Project Don’t Hammer a Finger Off however knowing how my hubby and I work together this should be very interesting…)

We’ve got a smaller-sized Master Bath and of course a Powder Room that I have been dying to give a nice DIY Face-Lift since we moved into our home just a year ago.
I’m excited for this challenge and I cannot wait to prove to all my family and friends that think I can’t tell the difference between a hammer and a drill how you can transform a smaller spaced bathroom and powder room into something beautiful and efficient with just a few changes with Home Depot.

Project commences July so stay tuned! You can follow along on twitter and Instagram at hashtag: #CACBathroomDIY

14 Comments on Project Don’t Hammer a Finger Off with Home Depot

  1. Thanks Tanya! We’re excited and cannot wait to start.
    Yeah we’ve gone to many different Home Reno Stores but Home Depot has always proven to be the best with their customer service with us.

  2. Have lots of fun doing this, Carol!
    Looking forward to seeing the before and afters. We also love Home Depot! You are so right about their customer service.

  3. I can’t wait to see your before and after. We’ve been toying with the idea of giving our bathroom a fresh look, but can’t quite figured out how we’ll do it.

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