I love winter. There I said it.
Blackballed opinion, I know, but I do!
The festive lights sparkling all around in prep for the Holidays, beautiful snow-kissed tree branches, winter cross-country skiing up north followed by a hot cocoa by the fireplace under a warm throw.
Pretty visions, right?

But then those sugary visions get clouded once I remember what a harsh winter we had last year.
Oh Canada, indeed.
One of the material investments I think are important to splurge just a bit more on if you’re Canadian is your winter boots.
They need to be super warm to conquer the extreme cold weather, comfortable to walk in and waterproof to keep your feet dry.
My stylish Canadian ladies know that Canadian Winters have got nothin’ on us though!
We have mastered style coupled with functionality.
You want to know what’s not stylish? Salt stains, dirt and scratches on those beautiful (and pricey) boots of yours.
My fashionista/o’s know that clean shoes can make or break an outfit.
And hello?! Remember what you spent on those babies?
Reminds me of a pair of amazing $350 winter boots I bought a few years ago that I did not protect due to my laziness and lack of shoe care knowledge. Big mistake!
Had I taken care of them, they would still be looking pristine to this day, and not gathering dust in a box in my basement storage. Sad. I only wore them one winter!

I recently got better educated on proper shoe care using the wonderful Tana shoe care products from a Tana expert at my local Walking on a Cloud Shoe Store.


Easy 3-Step Shoe Care System from TANA®

1. CLEAN –Extended wear and tear can makes shoes dull and lifeless.
The first step to great shiny shoes is to remove dirt and debris.
For Leathers – use TANA® Cleaning Lotion and soft cloth to remove dirt and lessen salt stains.
For suede and nubuck – use TANA® Suede & Nubuck cleaning brush to lift and remove dirt.

2. POLISH – After cleaning, apply a coloured cream polish, spray or wax to revitalize footwear. Leathers will become soft, supple and revitalized with TANA® leather waxes and polishes.
Match the appropriate colour to the shoe or use a neutral formula for fool-proof shine.
Apply polish with a soft shoe brush and buff with a specialized cloth to maximize shine.
For a quick shoe-shine on the go, try the TANA® Express Shine Sponge.
For suede and nubuck, use the right colour spray to make suede shoes and boots look like new.

3. PROTECT – The secret to minimizing cleaning, and longer-lasting footwear, is the use of a protectant spray before, and during its life.
Protectant sprays create a shield to resist elements like water, slush and dirt.
When a shoe store sales associate offers a spray product with your next shoe purchase, say “Yes, please!” (especially if it’s Tana!). It really makes a difference.
Be sure to apply before the first wear, and after every time the footwear is cleaned and polished!

Such great tips!
I made sure to start using these tips for all my leather and suede boots and shoes as soon as I got home.
I pretty much cannot start wearing any new pair (or old pair!) of shoes/boots without using my Tana products first!


All clean, shiny and protected!
All clean, shiny and protected!

Arrive in Style this Winter and protect your boots and shoes from our harsh Canadian Winters with Tana!
To learn more about their products, including polishes, laces and insoles, visit them here.


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Disclosure: As part of my affiliation with the Tana Shoe Care Blog campaign, CAC received compensation, however the opinions shared are my own.

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