The other day during a phone chat with my very pregnant sister, I listened, laughed and sympathized as she told me how difficult the easy day-to-day tasks were now that her tummy was the size of a small watermelon.  I remembered very well what she felt like having only been in her position last year.
These conversations I have with my family and friends are always a great way to de-stress during my hectic days.
I grab my warm cup of coffee once the kids are either down for a nap or my husband is home and appreciate the adult conversation — where talking about anything but imaginary friends, why ice cream is not considered a crucial part of your diet or Baby Jibberish is welcome with open arms.

Once dinner has been enjoyed, my family usually likes to put on our runners, comfiest sweats and take a stroll around the neighbourhood.  It’s a great way to decompress for all of us! We get in the fresh air, a little exercise and the kids enjoy looking around and discovering things different in their environment each time.
Especially during Fall and before the sun retreats into the sky – it’s absolutely beautiful!

Another thing we love to do with our kids after a busy day after dinner is hang out together in the rec room and either watch a movie together or some creative play time.
It’s great because I noticed how much more my daughter talks to us about her day and that she remembers when she’s so enthralled in play.

One of my children’s favourite character of all-time is Thomas the Train!
They even sing along to the theme songs every single time – it happens to be my son’s favourite tune. I admit, I can’t help but sing along too! It’s so catchy!

“They’re 2, they’re 4, they’re 6 and 8. Shunting trucks and hauling freight. Red and green and brown and blue; they’re a really useful crew…”
(You know the lyrics, don’t you?)

What I love most it that they deliver messages about important values through imaginative, relatable storytelling and characters… and always in the friendliest, most engaging ways!

Fisher-Price’s Thomas & Friends™ recently came out with a new awesome DVD, King of the Railway, which was released on September 24th.

Join Thomas & Friends as they embark on a legendary movie adventure! The steam team’s quest begins when a special guest arrives on Sodor with a big surprise and important jobs for Thomas, Percy and James. The engines meet new friends and discover suits of armour; coats of arms and legends of long-ago heroes. Then their bravery is put to the test when their new friend Stephen goes missing. Will Thomas find him in time? Will the engines discover the truth about the Island of Sodor’s biggest mystery? It’s a crusade of knightly proportions for Thomas & Friends in this epic movie!

My son LOVES, loves, loves trains! So much so that my husband is really considering constructing him his very own massive Railway from his own design.
But of course, that’s wishful thinking right now so perhaps we’ll just stick with heading over to our closest toy store and picking up one of the latest Thomas & Friends™ Train Sets!

Have you seen them yet? They are super duper cute!

Thomas & Friends™ Thomas’ Adventure Castle Playset

Inspired by the new Thomas & Friends™ adventure, King of the Railway, Thomas’ Adventure Castle puts movie-size fun right in the hands of your little engineer! It’s time to get Ulfstead Castle ready for the Earl of Sodor’s celebration, so Thomas and the Troublesome Truck are racing down the track to get the job done! As they zoom downward, the flags unfurl and the treasure is revealed! Thomas and Troublesome Truck come together at the bottom to knock down the drawbridge as the knights arrive! Then they load up the King’s treasure to display for all to see!
For ages 3+.

Thomas & Friends™ Trackmaster™ Castle Quest Set

Inspired by the new Thomas & Friends™ DVD movie, King of the Railway, the TrackMaster™ Quest for the Crown Set features Thomas’ journey for the missing King’s crown. Can your little engineer help him navigate the crumbling castle grounds and emerge with the prize? Use the crane to swing the missing track in place so Thomas can continue on his journey as walls collapse around him. He needs to chuff through the castle before the gate drops down, then descend into the abandoned mine and escape with the crown! With excitement around every turn, the TrackMaster™ Quest for the Crown Set provides endless entertainment for your little engineer!
Requires 1 AA Battery
For ages 3+.

If you’ve got some Thomas & Friends Lovers in your family, these would definitely be a great addition and the perfect way to unwind and spend some quality “choo-choo” time with the kids.

Disclosure: I am part of the Fisher-Price Thomas & Friends Blogger Campaign with Mom Central Canada and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.

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  1. I find that Thomas is such an expensive toy to collect, but it brings kids so much joy!! Does your son have a large collection?

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