Soft pink and heavenly white peonies, dahlias and garden roses are my absolute favourite flowers.
I like to ensure my home is filled with these beauties year round.
You probably already know that they also come with a heftier price point per bouquet too.
But totally worth it though, right?
With that said, I like to ensure I keep my flower bouquets lasting as long as possible.
Admittedly, I have absolutely no green thumb (yes, plants and flowers don’t really stand a chance with me unfortunately); however, thanks to the wonderful tips from the Queen of green thumbs in my family, my mom!, and my local florist, I was able to get some great tips to prolong the life of my pretty blooms!

1) Using good shears or sharp knife, cut the stems at an angle *under water.

*Why should you cut the stem underwater? Inside the stem are tiny little capillaries. These capillaries are hard at work trying to pull water up into the flower. If you cut the stems in the open air, then those little capillaries pull in air instead. The air then gets trapped inside and clogs up the stem. A clogged stem cannot absorb water.

2) Use warm water and this important concoction:

  • 1 teaspoon sugar
  • 1 teaspoon household bleach
  • 2 teaspoons lemon (or lime) juice
  • 1 quart of lukewarm water

Shake together and add to vase.

3) Remove all of the foliage that will be underwater as the leaves will rot in the water and speed up decomposition.

4) Change water daily or at least every other day and re-cut the stems every few days.

5) Display arrangements in cooler locations, out of direct sunlight and away from cold drafts and electronics (like TV).

6) Buy your blooms from a florist and try to avoid the grocery store bought variety. They may be cheaper but it’s because they’ve been cut a while ago and sitting a cold fridge for days – the fresher, the better!

10 Comments on Quick Tips to Make Your Flower Bouquet Last Longer

  1. Thanks for those interesting tips! I will definitely try that concoction with my flowers, and I will cut the stems underwater. Hopefully it will help them last longer.

  2. Thanks for the tips! I have a black thumb that manages to kill all living things but I’m going to try your water mixture to see if it helps.

  3. I never remember to do these things until I see the flowers drooping. Thanks for the tips. I am going to print them out!

  4. Good tips, I never seem to be able to keep flowers alive long. Will have to try using your concoction solution.

  5. Great tips, I normally do all except changing the water and retrimming, I will have to try the concoction next time I get flowers

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