To this day I still remember 4 year old me, standing next to my mom as she so carefully and beautifully applied her makeup at her vanity, and the moment she first applied a little bit of rouge on my lips to try.  I felt like a legit princess the entire day.  It was a special moment in time; one of those moments you never can forget.  

If there’s one (of many) important things my mom use to tell me growing up that has been ingrained in my mind till now it’s this: Makeup is not for covering up who you are, it is for enhancing your natural beauty. Be happy with who you are and embrace your looks – flaws and all.

I have always had full lips and there was a point in my tween’s that I just disliked it so much that I snuck one of my mom’s lipsticks and tried to apply it so that it would make my lips look thinner.  It wasn’t until my mom bought me my first makeup set and taught me how to apply makeup to accentuate rather than alter.  She admiringly gazed at my face and told me how lovely I was (with or without makeup) and how she wished she had a naturally full pout like mine.  Really? I thought.  If only I knew what I knew now. 🙂

One of my favourite cost-effective, quality beauty brands, Quo Cosmetics, has launched a ravishing line-up for Mother’s Day in delicate and charming packaging motif of soft peachy-grey with peach and light pink floral patterns.  They are always known to have the most charming and pretty designs.

Featured that would make wonderful gift ideas (either alone or bundled together in a nice gift package) is the:

      • Quo Deluxe Portfolio – $50
        This versatile palette has 18 eye shadows, 12 lipsticks colours, 3 blush duos, 1 setting veil, 1 soft focus powder, 1 eye primer, and 4 colour correctors.  Also, a mirror to admire yourself in, of course.
        Everything mom could need in one! I’m sure I know a mother or 10 who would love this whether they wear makeup often or not; it’s an amazing set to have on hand.
      • Rosetta Face Powder – $16
        Give mom flowers! Not the kind that needs water and a vase (although that would be a nice addition too), but this lustrous, pearly powder adorned with lovely flowers.
        This powder is a combination of blush, bronzer and highlighter to give cheeks a nice iridescent, healthy glow.
      • Creamy Lipstick Set – $20
        What mom (or any woman for that matter) ever says she has enough lipstick. Well, in my case, there’s never enough. I love lipstick.
        This Velvety Lipstick Set contains three nourishing lipsticks with fantastic coverage and pigmentation with three shades (in a red, pink and berry) to suit her different moods.
      • Beauty Box – $20
        Got a mom that’s always on-the-go? Well, most of them are, but for the mother that is often traveling, moving and shaking, this travel-friendly palette is small enough to fit in her purse! But don’t let the size fool you. This palette features: 20 eye shadows, 3 blushes, 6 lipstick colours, and even 2 applicators!

The Quo Limited Edition Mother’s Day Collection is available at Shoppers Drug Mart locations across Canada.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. Product and/or compensation was provided; however, all opinions expressed are entirely those of the author.

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  1. This is a great Article. Thank you for sharing your story with us. I love how your mom taught you you are beautiful the way you are and makeup should just enhance your natural beauty. She’s definite a smart and wise woman. These products look fantastic. I might run to shoppers to see if they have any of these collections left. Thank you for sharing 😊

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