Freshly-cut grass, the waters of the lake or beach, burning wood from cottage bonfires, warm sand, fresh watermelon, sun-kissed skin, suntan lotion… these are scents that evoke and awaken summer for me.  

But I cannot forget one scent that almost always summons flip flops, shorts, and patios — the tantalizing whiff of food being prepared on the grill!  


What BBQ favourites do you enjoy grilling in the summer? For me and my family, there is no BBQ dinner or gathering without BBQ Skewers, usually pork or chicken. This is a traditional and much-loved (and craved) Filipino BBQ Favourite!

A fusion of sweet and tangy with the smokiness from the grill with the texture from the pork and chicken is perfection.
BBQ skewers is a popular street food in the Philippines. It is usually made from chicken or pork which is then grilled in a slightly sweet sauce on skewers.
I noticed there is usually differences in flavours with every recipe but for the most part, the Filipino BBQ leans more towards the sweet side.

I love the taste of lemoproducts_lemongrass_finalngrass with chicken and pork combined with the slightly nutty, sweet and peppery flavour from the atsuete (or also known as Annatto), so I knew I had to make Pulo Cuisine’s Lemongrass Atsuete Marinade a major component for marinating my BBQ skewers.

Adding in just a few more small ingredients, I may have just found my favourite Filipino BBQ marinade recipe! I have had many, some hits, some misses, and I can honestly say I hit it on the nose with this one! YUM!
Chicken was moist and flavourful and the pork was the perfect texture and absolutely delectable.
I marinated the chicken breasts and pork tenderloin for about 24 hours.



Here’s my recipe for Lemongrass Atsuete Pork & Chicken BBQ Skewers.
Enjoy with just about any side or even alone – they are that good. I know you’ll love it!


Lemongrass Atsuete Pork & Chicken BBQ Skewers
Sweet and Tangy - the perfect and absolutely tasty addition to any grill!
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Prep Time
24 hr 15 min
Cook Time
15 min
Total Time
24 hr 30 min
Prep Time
24 hr 15 min
Cook Time
15 min
Total Time
24 hr 30 min
  1. - 1 lb of chicken breasts and 1 lb of pork tenderloin, cut in pieces
  2. - 1 cup of Pulo Cuisine Lemongrass Atsuete Marinade
  3. - 2 tbsp of Brown Sugar
  4. - 1 tbsp of Fish Sauce (Patis)
  5. - 1 tbsp of Ketchup (or Filipino Banana Ketchup)
  1. 1) Cut Pork Tenderloin and Chicken Breasts into cubes or flat squares
  2. 2) Throw the meat in a bowl and add all the ingredients into a bowl, mix together then cover and place in fridge for 24 hours.
  3. 3) When ready to grill, add meat to skewer sticks
  4. 4) Grill for 15 minutes, turning sides every 5 minutes (chicken cooks faster than pork so keep an eye out)
  5. Enjoy!
IMG_4017 IMG_4018 IMG_4194 IMG_4209

To learn more about Pulo Cuisine, visit them online at


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  1. I would have never thought of using pork and chicken together like this,but it makes perfect sense.Both have around the same cooktimes

  2. Anything burning on the grill because we get so caught up in visiting that we forget we’re cooking sometimes LOL

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