We’ve all said it before, a hundred articles have been shared and it’s constantly (and ironically) often used on social media as a marketing spiel: Unplug.

Okay, so we all know it’s important.  In this digitally-dependent world we live in, unplugging does not come easy but it is necessary.  And why is that?  What is it that we do when we unplug that justifies its substance? 

I love my tech. I also enjoy social media.
I built a career on it, I’ve reunited with old family and friends I haven’t seen in ages, I’ve gotten answers to plenty of questions I’ve had both for personal life and work digitally, I’ve done plenty of my studies/schooling online, I catch up on current events and news in a jiffy, I’ve saved my sanity in boring doctor visit waiting rooms or long road trips (for my kids)…
tech has been a big advantage in my day-to-day. BUT, I do agree with the reasoning behind unplugging. Sometimes there can be too much noise online, and we just need to switch off.

So the answer is simple to my question above. Unplugging helps us to RECONNECT.

Reconnect with our children. Reconnect with our spouse/partner. Reconnect with ourselves.

But have you ever thought about how we can use tech to help us do just that?
What about ways to reconnect like we do when we are unplugged that will still allow us to keep up with todays digital world?

After shopping around TELUS Connected Experience store at Toronto Eaton Centre (which is like a mini Tech playground!), I came across so many great tech tools that would help me to better reconnect.


We love our children and moments we spend together where we can all enjoy as a family is priceless.  It’s not often we can do things or play games that will spark the interest from every member of my family so when I find something that does just that AND is educational to boot, I can confidently say we found ourselves a winner!

The Sphero SPRK edition is an adorable robotic ball which takes the mechanisms used to control toys and uses them as a way to teach children — and adults — the basics of coding.  Little engineers in the making!

Sphero 2.0 SPRK stands for “Students, Parents, Robots and Kids,” and thanks to app connectivity and a teaching platform, the robot does exactly what it says it does. Sphero can not only be used at home as a way to gently introduce children to code but also can be used as a valuable teaching tool in schools worldwide.

DSC_6249 copy DSC_6259 copy DSC_6269 copy DSC_6271 copy

I’m not the greatest at coding, neither is my husband, so we were learning along with our children when we were playing with our new Sphero SPRK.  What instantly caught their attention was how it lit up in different colours (ultra-bright LED’s give you a million lights to choose from!) and then how they were able to control their Sphere from their iPad’s via bluetooth, allowing it to roll along in different directions (Sphero is propelled by an electric motor – rolling up to 4.5 MPH) using their own uniquely-created coding!
And it’s a piece of mind for me knowing that no matter how much fun they’re having with it, the tough polycarbonate shell protects the advanced tech inside.

DSC_6278 copy DSC_6319 copy

The Orbotix Sphero SPRK Edition retails for approximately $120 and can be purchased at the TELUS Concept Store. 


As a mother, I’m sure I’m not alone on this.  We often focus so much on our children that we tend to neglect someone equally as important in our lives, and that’s our spouse/partner.  It’s super important to remember that marital health and wellbeing is extremely important in maintaining a happy and strong home.  After all, the parents are the stronghold in this family, as a team, a unit, and carry this example and strength onto their children.  I firmly believe that.  Happy wife, happy life, am I right?  It goes both ways!

One way that my husband and I like to reconnect is to ensure we can (try to!) get at least one “date night” in every month (twice a month or an entire weekend if we are really lucky!).  Typically we like to catch a movie and/or dinner or hit up a few great shows or events happening in the city.  If we get a weekend away, like we did this past weekend, we make it a staycation not too far from home and stay overnight at a hotel or resort in favourite places like cottage country or Niagara-on-the-Lake.  

One of the things that often have us truly reconnecting and rekindling old flames and memories is music.  Music always takes us back.
When we are out together, we like to play a lot our own specially curated playlists that remind us of special times in our relationships.  I also tend to do this a lot with my girlfriends for GNO’s!   It’s always sure to bring on the laughs and great memories!

This weekend we were up north at a beautiful resort and brought along our UE (Ultimate Ears) MegaBoom. The UE Megaboom is like a portable party!
The UE MEGABOOM is the 360-degree wireless Bluetooth speaker on steroids that blasts freakishly amazing sound to every corner of the party. Or in our case, our little romantic party of two.

DSC_6425 copy

So whether we were chilling on the patio with some cold drinks, winding down in the hot tub or enjoying a dinner inside, we were able to hear crisp, high-quality sounds thanks to our UE Boom.

This speaker is unreal (in a good way) and a one-speaker army! As nice and sleek as it looks, it’s made from premium materials which makes it extremely durable.

DSC_6426 copy copy

And it also comes with a UE MEGABOOM app which you can download to control the music from afar. Easy wireless updates give you access to awesome features like Tap Controls, Block Party and more.

This is easily my favourite speaker – we even use it when watching movies – trust me when I tell you that you will hear things you haven’t heard before when using this speaker.  Amazing quality in sound.  

The UE MegaBoom comes in 4 different colours and 1 print.  It can be purchased online or at the TELUS Concept Store and retails for $349.00 (Read to the end for a special surprise!)

Another way that like to reconnect as a couple and to help keep us motivated and healthy is also my third form of reconnecting which is…


By reconnecting with yourself, you’re focusing on your overall well-being.  Whether it’s your mental or physical energy, you’re making sure that you are at your best.  

The best way to do that is to keep track of your efforts.  And remembering that every step counts, no matter how small.

This is why I appreciate tech devices such as the Fitbit.  My husband and I both have the Fitbit Charge HR.  The Fitbit Charge HR is a waterproof fitness tracker that not only tracks your steps but offers SO much more.  It also tracks your distance traveled, calories burned, stairs climbed, and heart rate.  And of course tells you the time (well of course, it is a watch too after all).

DSC_6415 copy

Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology allows automatic and wireless syncing to over 120 leading smartphones. It also syncs to computers and tablets.  
It tracks 7 days of detailed motion data – minute by minute; tracks daily totals for past 30 days.

My husband and I like a little friendly competition so it’s fun to compare our stats at the end of the week to see who’s in the lead.  Winner gets to choose their prize! πŸ™‚ 

The Fitbit Charge HR (Large) is available at TELUS online or in-stores for $169.99 and comes in black or plum.


mgb-support-min copy

So how to you like to reconnect?  Is it through music? Through meditation/fitness?  Through play?
Let me know down below in the comments and you will be entered to win a UE MegaBoom of your very own courtesy of my friends at TELUS (ARV $349!).

Contest is open to Canadian Residents.  Ends June 30th, 2016.

TELUS Reconnects Giveaway

Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post as part of Team TELUS.  Product and/or compensation has been provided in exchange of our honest reviews; however, all opinions expressed are entirely those of the author.

108 Comments on Reconnect with Tech + #TeamTELUS Giveaway

  1. i like to reconnect by listening to my favourite music, taking a walk and sometimes doing yoga or just deep breathing.

  2. I reconnect by spending time with the family camping or just hanging out watching the sunset on the deck in the evening with iced teas or ice creams.

  3. I like to reconnect over dinner and leisurely talk after dinner at home. Phones on silent. Left out of arms’ reach.

  4. I like to reconnect by connecting with friends while we are either camping or just sitting on the deck enjoy a bbq and listening to our favorite tunes

  5. I like to reconnect by going camping. There’s just something so peaceful about being outdoors surrounded by trees & nature, sleeping in a tent, making meals on the fire. Just back to basics.

  6. I Like to go for a Bike ride Turn up the music and Tune out the world. Thanks for the chance. This would be a Dream prize.

  7. I definitely reconnect through music and a good walk. Both are important to me, and help me stay grounded!

  8. We have little dance parties in the living room with the kids, the love it, it’s fun and usually ends in laughter and connects us as a group.

  9. I like to reconnect with nature – going for a walk, sitting outside. I think it allows for more time to talk.

  10. I think it’s very important to unplug and reconnect with yourself, your child and your spouse. I love to reconnect with my children though play, Nothing makes me feel more alive than spending time with them. There smiles and giggles fill my heart! I reconnect with myself after my LO’s bedtime and enjoy a relaxing bath and some reading. I’m on maternity leave and my husband works straight afternoons so when he gets home from work our boys are asleep. We turn our phones and laptops are off and we talk about the day over a cup of coffee, face to face, eyes to eyes and I love it! Thank you for an incredible contest! Good luck all!

  11. I like to reconnect with family and friends across the world through Skype and Facebook. Those closer at home is through coffee time or get togethers.

  12. I like to reconnect through music. Nothing like a great concert or sitting outside listening to favourite music while catching up over a nice BBQ.

  13. I like to reconnect with friends with music….love to dance too. It brings back old wonderful memories.

  14. We reconnect in lots of ways. Sometimes we so special activities as a family and other times we blast the music and sing and dance together.

  15. My husband and I both love music. So fun to just lazily hang out, listen to music and reconnect by sharing stories that apply to so many songs.

  16. I reconnect by going for a bike ride early in the morning..not many people are out and it’s just so peaceful without all the noise

  17. I like to reconnect by disconnecting from all technology and enjoying all the sounds of nature in the yard.

  18. I reconnect by hosting my friends every summer at my cabin. Lots of music, relaxing in the sun and chitchat!

  19. I like to reconnect with friends by hanging out, having a great BBQ, and listening to music together.

  20. I reconnect through music, reading and doing my knitting. It is “me time” to let life slow down and reconnect.

  21. I like to reconnect by getting together with friends and family and having a potluck dinner and then lots of conversation afterwards

  22. I love to reconnect by turning off the gadgets, sitting outside on the patio and watching the sunset with my honey.

  23. πŸƒπŸ”ΈπŸ”Ή πŸ’₯ Wow!πŸ’₯ this would be perfect to share with my kids, we play outside all summer long and love listeining to music in our backyard!πŸ”ΉπŸ”ΈπŸƒ You are awesome thank you so much, I absolutely LOVE your blog! πŸƒπŸ”ΈπŸ”Ή Good luck everyone!!!!πŸ”ΉπŸ”ΈπŸƒ

  24. I love to reconnect through laugh , hubby truly is amazing that way , and music helps as well πŸ™‚ thanks for the chance !

  25. I reconnect through reading and classical music. And if I’m sitting outdoors in the sunshine, that’s even better.

  26. We unplug by going to the cottage. The access to Internet is limited so we tend to spend our time at the beach.

  27. I would love to reconnect with friends at the trailer, at home on the deck, or even cleaning the house. I love turning on the tunes and let it go!

  28. I like to reconnect through music. I find it easier to use music to reconnect with old friends and lost acquaintances.

  29. I love to reconnect through laughter. I try to laugh everyday and it’s so much fun when others join in and we have a great laugh together.

  30. My partner & I reconnect in the evenings by enjoying a glass of wine on the patio and chatting or playing a board game. Thanks for the chance to win!

  31. Oh hh man for us it is definitely through play. My hubby is the biggest jokester I know. When I am having a tough day he always knows how to put a smile on my face

  32. I would love to reconnect with friends on the deck with drinks, snacks and music. I agree that music has the power to bring back memories of good and bad times. I would love to reminisce with friends.

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