Before I was even able to walk or talk, I’ve loved everything there is about the holiday season.
My mother would tell me stories about how much it was celebrated in our family in the years before I was born (and continues to this day), so much so that I was named Carolynn (Carol for short) from my Grandfather because of his love for Christmas Carol’s.
It’s an enchanting time of year and if I could celebrate and revel in all the magic the holiday brings year round, I would!
So you can imagine my fervor when I discovered Santa’s Village!


Nestled in 60 acres of towering pine trees set against the Muskoka River you’ll find Santa’s Village, one of Bracebridge’s most famous and popular tourist destinations.  And this summer marks 60 wondrous years of family fun at Santa’s Village!
Santa, you don’t look a day over 50!
It was 60 years ago that Santa Claus — not as young as he once was — decided he needed to vacation in a warmer climate. Six decades of fun and fantasy have followed.

The Village boasts three theme parks (Santa’s Village, Sportsland, and Muskoka Zip Lines & Aerial Park), a day camp, splash pad, animal petting zoo, and a family campground called Whispering Pines, where kids of all ages can visit Santa, enjoy rides, games, and countless other family-friendly activities.
This is a great thing as my kids are smaller so plenty of the rides cater to them however for the bigger kids in my family (which include myself and the hubby), they’ve still got us covered!


Offering exciting and varied attractions for kids of all ages, including a roller coaster, riverboat and train rides, merry-go-round, petting farm, splash pad, beach, playgrounds, paddle boats, and more!
Every year, Canada’s most talented children’s entertainers perform on the Santa’s Village stage, including Dan the Music Man, Ronno, Jam Sandwich, and Marcus from Treehouse Television.


It’s no wonder Santa’s Village averages 100,000 happy visitors each year, and has welcomed nearly 6 million visitors since opening in 1955.

So what’s new at Santa’s Village?

  • Muskoka Tree Trekking and Zip-Lines opened at Santa’s Village in 2014

This year, the aerial park—which features zip lines as long as 106 metres/350 feet, monkey lines, Tarzan ropes, and a climbing wall—will be expanded three fold. New additions include an enhanced obstacle course, a new zip line course and, for the extreme adventure seeker, a jump tower that will have platforms at 40 feet and 70 feet where participants can “jump off” platforms with the use of a Quick Jump system.

  • Elf Sky Challenge

Also introduced this year is Elf Sky Challenge, a new children’s aerial adventure park on Elves Island. Children as young as 3 will be able to traverse an aerial course which sees them navigate various Christmas themed obstacles along a wire rope constructed course. It’s completely safe and incredibly fun.

  • Commemorative Book

A lot has happened at Santa’s Village in the sixty years since Santa made Bracebridge his summer home. It’s history—a tale filled with fun, fantasy and goodwill towards all men—is told in a new book, The Summer Home of Christmas Spirit: 60 Years of Santa’s Village, written by authors Andrew Hind and Maria Da Silva. Brought to life with dozens of photographs, it’s a loving and exhaustively-researched tribute to one of the region’s iconic attractions, and is sure to remind readers of find childhood memories. The Summer Home of Christmas Spirit will be available for purchase at the Santa’s Village giftshop, select Muskoka retailers, from, or through the authors (


  • General admisssion (for ages 3+) is $34.95 + HST.
    Santa’s Village admission rates provide unlimited use of all rides, attractions and shows all day long with the exception of skill games, food and merchandise.
    *All rates subject to change without notice.
    Disability Rates are also available.
    Group rates are available for 20 or more people (reservations required).
  • Sportsland admission is free and pay-as-you-go.
  • Muskoka Zip Lines and Aerial Park prices vary according to which adventure you choose from $15 – $45.

There’s only a few more weeks left till Santa’s Village closes down for the summer on September 13, so you still have time to head over there with your family!

And to help you out, head over here for $5 off on each family members admission!


To learn more about Santa’s Village, visit them online at and on Facebook for updates and even giveaways!

33 comments on “60 Magical Years of Summer Family Fun at Santa’s Village in Muskoka”

  1. I have alway s wanted to visit here , it looks so cute and so fun for the kids to see what Santa is up to in the summer , id really love to do the zip line and tree trek , i really love how many fun and active things are included here , Maybe this summer 😀

  2. we used to spend a week every summer up at a resort in muskoka, and my second oldest son was obsessed with christmas one year from the time he was 2-3 years old. So that summer we went to santas village, and just loved it!

  3. Can there be a more magical place to visit in July? No way! I remember going here as a little girl and being equal parts thrilled and confused at seeing Santa in the summer.

  4. We keep meaning to go but haven’t made it there it. Saw it from the Lady Muskoka boat cruise this summer and it looks AWESOME! Next year, for sure!!

  5. I haven’t been there in years, I completely forgot about it. I wish I would have taken my boys when they were younger. Oh well there’s always the grandchildren. Thanks for the great review.

  6. Sounds like a lot has changed since I was there when I was a child. It was always fun to go see Santa in the summer!

  7. I have heard such great things about Santa’s Village. I would love to bring my boys there and I really love that they offer a Disability Rate! That’s amazing. 🙂

  8. My parents took me there when I was little and I can remember having fun, I think everyone with young ones should go there at least once, it’s great to believe in Santa!!

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