Does that make any sense?
Well, I’ve got something that makes total sense and if you’re someone like me that enjoys a great deal and even better… loves to shop BUT save money at the same time, then you will love the new and revised

Ever since that show Extreme Couponing aired on TLC, I’ve become somewhat of a coupon-fanatic.
Even more so after becoming a mother!
Spending some time clipping coupons that I come across newspapers and magazines and saving in my own little Coupon Folder.
But then I realized how time-consuming this was and thankfully discovered online sites that provided daily coupons that you can simply print out from your printer or alternatively some would have you choose the coupons you want, “check-out” and they would mail out the coupons to you.
I much prefer the convenience of being able to print out my coupons directly from the site instead of waiting for the mail.

I am in love with!
You have every thing you could possibly be looking for in one place.
Flyers, coupons deals and money-saving tips and all from popular retailers you most likely shop at like Shoppers Drug Mart, Rexall, Metro, Walmart, Sears and more!

On top of the savings, they also make your life a little easier with a Recipe Planner and even a Shopping List Builder!

Add your favourite flyer items to your shopping list and print! Just add as many products as you like to your shopping list and they will be separated by retailer.
That is so convenient.
Whoever is the mastermind behind this simple yet effective fresh new site was definitely either
1) a mother that needed more organization in her life, b) a total Type A (like me!) or c) both!

My daughter is starting Kindergarten in a few weeks and on top of that, I’ve got my son’s 1st birthday just a few days after that so you can imagine the financial stress that’s on me.
This is why saving money is so crucial especially during times like this.
Back-to-school shopping alone can cost you hundreds upon hundreds of dollars. And I’m only shopping for ONE 5 year old. If you are sending more than one child back to school…! 

Check out the awesome benefits of

  • Provides access to the most comprehensive offering of online savings of popular brands and digital flyers from trusted retailers across the country
  • Offers a convenient printable shopping list option so you can organize your savings from all retailers and brands featured on the site
  • Links brands to retailer locations to streamline the shopping process
  • Offers the option of printing deals on the spot or mailing a hard copy to your mailbox
  • Eliminates the hassle of having to flip through multiple newspapers and flyers to locate deals
  • Allows shoppers to search for savings from their computer, smartphone, iPad or any other mobile device whenever it’s convenient for them, rather than having to set aside time to sort through deals and feel trapped at their kitchen table
Are you ready to start saving?

Check out this video and learn more about the brand new
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  1. I’ll have to check out the new I too haven’t been there in a very long time. Thanks for the review of their updated site!

  2. Was turned on to a few months ago and now cant go grocery without checking the site first. Estimated savings have already totaled over $100 in a few months.

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