Now that we’re well into August, this means Summer is quickly coming to an end.
Everywhere I look, I’m seeing prep for Back-to-School, Fall decor and can you believe I’ve even seen a few places with Christmas stuff?
Whoa! Let’s take it a back a few notches, shall we? I want to savour as much of summer I have left and there are still a few things I have yet to cross off my Summer Bucket List.
I’m not ready to tuck my flip flops, shorts and tees at the back of the closet or store away the beach toys just yet.

My family and I make sure we squeeze as much out of these warm and sunshine-filled weeks in every way possible.

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Need some inspiration and ideas?  Check out my Summer Bucket List below to help you get more out of your summer.


[Download the Summer Bucket List here]

How has your summer been so far? Have you hit the beach yet? Visited a Farmers market or picked fresh berries? How about a summer potluck picnic with loved ones?

As Canadians, we LOVE the summer almost as much as we love bacon! That’s why Little Caesars has extended their exclusive Bacon Wrapped Deep!Deep! Dish Pizza offer until September.


This would be a perfect accompaniment for a summer potluck picnic, don’t you think?
Especially because, come on, bacon. Oh, and pizza of course. It wouldn’t be very Canadian of you to not try this out and share the love. September isn’t far away so don’t miss out!


With only a few more weeks of summer to enjoy, and only 567,000 feet of bacon left to savour, Little Caesars is encouraging Canadians to #SavourTheSizzle, whether that means indulging in a #LittleCaesars BWDDDP, soaking up some rays on the beach, going camping with the family, or all of the above.

So tell me, how do you plan to enjoy the last weeks of Summer and #SavourTheSizzle?


Leave me a comment below telling me how you plan to #SavourTheSizzle and you’ll be entered to win a sizzling summer prize pack including summer goodies and a Little Caesars Gift Card {a $100 value}.

Contest open to Canadian residents only. Ends August 16, 2015.

#SavourTheSizzle Little Caesars Giveaway

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, however all opinions expressed are entirely those of the author.

128 Comments on Savour Summer Bucket List + Little Caesars #SavourTheSizzle Giveaway

  1. I plan to #SavourTheSizzle by spending the rest of summer by grilling as much food as possible before the snow comes

  2. We’re having steak on the BBQ and corn on the cob, and we’re taking the kids to a big fair and a monster truck show!

  3. I am going to #SavourTheSizzle by having a big end of the summer family pool party!! Thank you so much for the wonderful opportunity!! 🙂

  4. I plan to #SavourTheSizzle by squeezing lotsa goodness into the last few weeks.. hiking, festival(s), Canada’s Wonderland, and perhaps the beach!

  5. We plan to #SavourTheSizzle by going to local beach. FREE. Wow, prize little caesar gc is fab. & splendid. 2 fingers snap. It is tight, fly & off the chain. Thank you for the awesomeness, the contest, and generosity. 🙂 Pick me, pick me! Dear Santa: I’ve been nice. My X-Mas wish this year is to win this contest. Starving artist here desperately needs the gc to shop and eat. A life changing exp.

  6. I plan to enjoy the rest of the summer by finally taking the time to bring my book out on our new patio and read for the afternoon!

  7. My family and I love to have pizza at least once per month. Our favorites are Pepperoni, Meat Lovers, Hawaiian and Crazy Bread with Dipping Sauce.

  8. Visiting small town festivals & #SavourTheSizzle with great food & entertainment, always something to see & do on weekends in the great summertime

  9. i am going to #savourthesizzle by going to the beach lots in cuba since its my end of summer trip me and my boyfriend are taking on 26th of this month before school starts

  10. I plan to #SavourTheSizzle by heading out on a holiday before the summer is over to see my new Great grand daughter!

  11. I plan to #SavourTheSizzle in the last weeks of Summer by enjoying the outdoors a bit more since the heat and humidity have subsided so I can stay outside and feel comfortable while doing so.

  12. Planning on spending the summer in my backyard with my two “grandtoys” – Riley aged 3 years and Mackenzie aged 13 months.

  13. I plan to #SavourTheSizzle by going to a couple of festivals the next couple of weekends, and then hosting a Pig roast/birthday bash at the end of the month!

  14. I want to sit on my back deck in our bungee chair with a glass of white wine and #savourthesizzle for just a few more weeks before school starts!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. We plan to Savour the Sizzle of the end of summer by attending as many festivals as we can. There are tons of them coming up the last few weeks ansd I’m excited!

  16. I want to sit on my back deck, in a comfortable chair, and read a book while I #savourthesizzle for just a few more weeks.

  17. I am going to #SavourTheSizzle by having more BBQ’s, and will be celebrating my son’s birthday in a couple of weeks. So that should be a lot of fun.

  18. We plan to #SavourTheSizzle by getting my son moved into his first apartment, by hitting the beach as many times as we can before school starts , hitting Chuck E Cheese for one big play day , celebrating tons of birthdays all together .

  19. We plan to #SavourTheSizzle in the last weeks of Summer by going canoeing, having a picnic in the park and going on a small road trip.

  20. We have two birthdays coming up in the first three days of September so we’ll be having a huge BBQ at the cottage!

  21. I plan to #SavourTheSizzle by taking the kids to Banff for a weekend and local amusement parks before school starts!

  22. Our condo pool just got fixed the last week of July. Since it has been open our whole family has been really sick. Even on those annoying hot days we has a couple fo weeks ago we didn’t even go in. So my plan to savour the summer is to try to use the pool as much as possible in the last week’s.

  23. I plan to #SavourTheSizzle by spending my last days this summer relaxing and working on my tan! I always say I’m going to get tanned but I never manage, so that’s my goal!

  24. by taking a trip to Niagara falls this fall and after all amusement park rides, heading to Little Caesars of course

  25. we are actually moving in the next two weeks so we will be organizing a new house for the final weeks of summer #SavourTheSizzle

  26. We plan to #SavourTheSizzle the last few weeks by spending it camping and spending as much time outside as we can! Also lots of barbecuing while the weather is nice.

  27. I plan to #SavourTheSizzle by spending much time outdoors with my family, enjoying the sunshine and fresh air. We look forward to lots of fun and adventure with friends, cousins and neighbours. We have plans to waterslide, splash at the lake, picnic, catch bugs, camp, pick berries, hike, find treasure and whatever else presents itself! Sometimes spontaneous surprises are the best!

  28. We plan to #SavourTheSizzle by having my sister’s family visit and spending 3 weeks with them having beach, etc. fun!

  29. We plan to #SavourTheSizzle by enjoying the rest of the summer with beach time, park time, picnic time, bonfires, just being outside

  30. We’re gonna #SavourTheSizzle by going swimming, having family bbq’s, & celebrating my son’s birthday by going boating & tubing on the lake!

  31. We are going to go the the beach as often as we can. We have a granddaughter who is just 6 days old and we’ll be taking care of her as much as we can for her mom, so she can savour some sleep this summer!

  32. #SavourTheSizzle I plan to savor summer by going swimming in my neighbors pool all I can. She will close it in early September.

  33. We plan on having a great BBQ with family and of course getting some pizza too, and just going to relax for the rest of the summer that is how we are going to #SavourTheSizzle

  34. I’m working a lot, but will be attending family celebrations for the next three weekends! Friends, family, fun, great food and wonderful memories! #SavourTheSizzle

  35. #SavourTheSizzle is pretty low key for me, I am just sticking around home enjoying any local free events there are as my budget is nil

  36. #SavourTheSizzle of the rest of the summer by having activities and outings planned for every weekend/day we are not working! kids have a swimming pass and go twice a day, we have plans for the CNE and for two more camping trips. Along with lots of gardening and hiking and fun outside!

  37. I am planning on stopping to smoke September 1st. That is how I am going to end my summer. Quietly trying to quit.

  38. We are going to #SavourTheSizzle by having more barbeques and as much more camping as we can before fall gets here.

  39. My family plans to #SavourTheSizzle by having a few gatherings at our house with family and friends because in a few weeks we will be moving into our new home. Celebrating the house we are leaving and celebrating the house to come 🙂

  40. We plan to #SavourTheSizzle and enjoy the rest of the summer by taking a short trip to visit family in Ohio. We love the beach at their state park on Lake Erie and we bring a picnic feast plus our relatives have an outdoor pool so usually all the US relatives come over for a BBQ and swim when we are there. We plan to do at least one more water gun fight and get to another beach near our hometown. Minigolf is a favourite summer activity for us so we will be doing that again. A day trip to the Niagara area is planned so we will be savouring the rest of the summer. Maybe we ought to get a Little Caesars pizza on a night when I don’t feel like cooking!

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