With Hallowe’en approaching, there’s nothing that complements it better than binging on some creepy horror films.
But steer away from the classic masked mad man, gory blood-fest classics and tune into something that will keep you awake all night (and with the lights on!).

Foreign films, in my opinion, are the scariest.  Not just gross and bloody scary, or cover your eyes a few times scary, but seriously can’t get it out of your mind for a day or three scary. 

I was introduced to international horror films from a family friend back in the early 2000’s when they returned from teaching in Japan and had a whole box full of movies to watch.
I remember the first time I saw Ringu and Juon before they were re-made and made popular in Hollywood  and when Battle Royale was the first true Hunger Games.  No kidding, check the movie out and you tell me if they didn’t grab their idea from it!
I then started checking out films across Europe and was so impressed with how utterly creepy they were.
Tread with caution though, these international films don’t hold much back in comparison to American and Canadian films so if you scare or are offended easily, these may not be recommended.
The thing that gets you in these films is that they’re often relatable and realistic unlike some other horror films that are made creepier thanks to special effects, music, and makeup. These films take on a more simplistic, raw approach and it works.

I was going to share my own list but I came across this one from and they feature some of the ultimate scariest foreign films I’ve ever watched.
Check out these top 10 scary foreign films here.

Here are a few other honourable mentions that you NEED to check out:
– Audition, Japan
– Juon, Japan
– Dark Water, Japan *American Remake was made for this
– Premonition, Japan *American Remake was made for this
– The Devil’s Backbone, Spain
– The Tale of Two Sisters, South Korea
– The Red Shoe, South Korea
– Martyrs, France
– Frontiers, France
– As Above; So Below, France
– Dilim, Philippines
– Seance, Philippines
– The Road, Philippines *American Remake was made for this
– The Echo, The Philippines
– Shutter, Thailand *American Remake was made for this
– Alone, Thailand

Happy horror watching!

13 Comments on Scariest International Films You Must Watch this Halloween

  1. I was a bit scared to click into this post with that picture! Thank goodness you didn’t include other scary ones in your post. =)

  2. I am so bad at watching horror flicks! I always hide behind a pillow or my husband lol Thanks for the list though, I may get brave and check one or two out!

  3. It is been ages since I have watched a scary movie. Not sure if my heart could take it!! Maybe I will look one of these up since we are in the scary season 🙂

  4. Thanks for the list so I know what to avoid. 😛 Seriously, I’m the girl with the pillow over her ears so I don’t have to watch anything scary.

  5. I am a huge horror fan so I’m going to have to look these up! I’ve heard of Juon and a few others but most are new to me.

  6. I love scary movies, but there is some that just get under my skin and I can not watch or I need someone with me to watch it!! but they are great to get the adrenaline going!!!

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