If there’s one aroma that always brings me the most pleasure and ignites a sea of memories from childhood onwards it’s the scent of burning wood.  It reminds me of family and friends around the bonfire roasting marshmallows for s’mores, laughing and telling scary stories; pitching tents with my dad or prepping the fish we caught; warming up by the open flame, warming up by the open flame, hair damp with the familiar scent of the lake.  It reminds me of summer.

Summer days are splendid, but those summer nights, oh those are just the best, aren’t they?

This past Victoria day long weekend has marked the unofficial start of summer and my family and I couldn’t be more thrilled!  What’s on your Summer bucket list this year?

For us, each summer means lots of sunshine, sandy toes and making lots of new memories by the lake.  It’s a summer must (and always on our summer bucket list) to get the entire family together and head to the cottage to enjoy our prime summer day’s lakeside (and fire-side!).  I crave that pivotal moment when the sun is setting and I can sit at the end of the dock with a glass of wine after a great satisfying summer day with the kids and enjoy the sound of nature and the mellow waves rippling in the water as my feet dip into it.

I always like to ensure we are stocked up and ready to get our summer on right after the Victoria Day long weekend by heading to our local Shoppers Drug Mart for all our summer needs.  They literally have everything I need, even those last minute items I tend to forget about just before we hit the road to the cottage.

For the kids, I like to ensure they have the essential sand/beach toys ready including portable foldable chairs (my kids were ecstatic with the character designs they had available!) and, of course, what’s summer days without a Nerf water gun fight?  I also stock up on snacks and drinks for the road trip to cottage country.

I also need to find comfort in knowing they’re covered (literally) with the right sun protection for those long, fun-filled summer days.  I am a huge fan of Banana Boat Kids sunscreen and I can’t stop raving about Shopper’s Drug Mart’s exclusive products too, like their Sunthera Sunscreen. That also includes their Life products like their allergy meds (which I always have handy because I get horrible allergies during the summer) and their band-aids (always in my first aid kit!).   

It’s so easy to stock up and pack up all the summer essentials we need thanks to Shoppers Drug Mart.

Get Your Summer On with Shoppers Drug Mart

Shoppers Drug Mart is making it easy to Get Your Summer On with everything we need for summer in one place, and lots of chances to win great prizes!

For those of you in the Greater Toronto Area, a giant Shoppers Drug Mart summer bucket will be popping up at various locations with chances to win prizes. You’ll get to create your very own Summer Bucket list moment and take an interactive selfie to share. Look out for the giant bucket at Square One Celebration Square Movie Nights in Mississauga on Thursday nights (May 25, June 1, June 8, June 15), Barrie Waterfront Festival (May 26 – 28), Toronto’s Riverside Eats & Beats Streetfest (June 3-4), and other fun-filled activities!

There are also chances to win prizes in store – find out how you can win 1 of 5 prizes of 1 million Optimum points by visiting shoppersdrugmart.ca/summeron.

And here’s another chance to win!

Courtesy of my friends at Shoppers Drug Mart, I’m offering you a chance to win a $100 Shoppers Drug Mart gift card!

To enter, simply comment below telling me what’s on your summer bucket list.
Bonus points for letting me know if and what products are always on your summer shopping list from Shoppers Drug Mart. 🙂

So tell me, what’s on your summer bucket list this year?
Do you and your family enjoy hitting the beaches and/or cottage?  Fishing trips or sailing?  Amusement parks and picnics?

SDM #SummerOn Summer Bucket List Giveaway

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Shoppers Drug Mart. Compensation and/or products where received; however, all opinions expressed are entirely authentic and those of the author.

148 Comments on Sun, Sand & Smiles: #SummerON with Shoppers Drug Mart #Giveaway

  1. This is a busy summer for us! In addition to the festivals and events around our hometown we have our annual pig roast, a family reunion, several out-of town guests, wedding (plus showers/bachlorettes) a camping trip and more! We’ll definitely be doing a lot of shopping at Shoppers Drug Mart. We have five and seven year old boys so our number one SDM bucket list item is Life Brand Complete Antibiotic Ointment. We call it “magic cream” at my house because the lidocaine takes the sting out of minor injuries!

  2. My biggest summer bucket list item is to get professional photos of my family. We’ve never done it and my sister has 3 kids now. I think its due time. At shoppers I usually pick up mascara and alot of essentials like milk and stamps and shampoo. Its one of my top 3 favourite stores because of the versatility, variety, ease.. etc.. and the points system

  3. Taking a summer vacation is on my bucket list this year. Before I leave I need to buy sunscreen, shampoo, conditioner, batteries, compression socks and much more from Shoppers Drug Mart.

  4. My summer is going to be busy working on our house that we are renovating so we can move 🙂 gonna need lots of sunscreen and flydope which i always buy at shoppers. But we will be taking time out to take the kids on road trips and the beach

  5. Spending time at our trailer with family and friends!!! In order to do this, I need to make sure we have sunscreen, mosquito repellent, all the ingredients to make s’mores and of course snacks…all bought at Shoppers Drug Mart!!!

  6. Also on my bucket list from Shoppers Drug Mart is Neutrogena facial sunscreen, OFF, Tassimo T discs for morning/evening coffee and snacks. Bring on the summer!

  7. My summer bucket list is to get up early before anyone else and spend it by the lake to enjoy nature. Plus swimming in the lake during the summer which is so fun

  8. On my summer bucket list is #Supergoofs SPF supersettingspray & sunglasses & my Kindle these are my necessities for the summer weather.#awesome giveaway thanks for the opportunity.

  9. I don’t really have a summer bucket list, or any bucket list at all, but I hope to have a few day trips to new places, no specifics, just something new. And I always buy sunscreen, after sun care and ice cream from Shoppers.

  10. I am hoping the water recedes enough so that I can take my grandchildren to the beach!!

    I will need plenty of sunscreen and diapers along with baby food pouches, and plenty of snacks from Shoppers for our trip to the beach!!

  11. My summer bucket list includes going to the beach with my sun. We’ll be picking up kids sunscreen from Shoppers.

  12. We’ve got a few camping trips planned and hope to get out most weekends. I lways make sure to pick up sunscreen, aloe and bug spray from Shoppers Drug Mart!

    • Suncreen from Shoppers is a definate on my Shoppers Bucket List, needs lots to enjoy all the fun outdoor activities on the Island

  13. My summer bucket list is a road trip down east. The goodies for the trip will be purchased at Shoppers.

  14. Going to the beach and reading a book is on my bucket list. I always pick up my sunscreen from shoppers drug mart

  15. My bucket list includes taking a road trip with my brother. Drive from the East coast to the West coast and back. We will need sun screen and lots of water and snacks for the trip!

  16. My summer bucket list from Shoppers Drug Mart is Sunscreen, lip balm and a good moisturizer. We are going to do a few 2 or 3 day getaways in our beautiful province of Nova Scotia, we have many beautiful beaches to enjoy.

  17. We are spending two weeks up at my Family Farm. Hoping to help with the haying and see the new calves that have been born.

    Milk, butter, eggs are on my weekly Shoppers Drug Mart list. In the summer, I always pickup some fun Canada Day products and a car load of sunscreen!

    Besos Sarah.

  18. My bucket list includes visiting all the provinces an territories. I’ve been to every province but thus summer, I’ll be checking off my first Territory – the Yukon! We will also be visiting Alaska. Can’t wait!!

  19. #SummerOn My bucket list this summer will include lots of camping swimming,hiking and

    biking with the family.Our favorite products from Shoppers is Banana Boat sunacreen,and

    Gold Bond cream for bites and itching skin. #Bucketlist #Summer2017

  20. On our summer bucket list is going to the beach to watch the Canada Day fireworks – we haven’t done this yet as a family. On our Shoppers list is SUN BUM sunscreen, Wet Ones hand wipes, and Off! insect repellent.

  21. On my summer bucketlist this year is to build an impressive sandcastle with my kids this summer that has a moat!

    On my shoppers list this year is definitely sunscreen and snacks for the beach.

  22. On our Summer Bucket list is to spend as many days as we can camping and enjoying the outdoors. Shopper’s is our go to place for sunscreen, first aid supplies and of course snacks. Life Brand products are great!

  23. I’ve been promising my kids that I would take them camping for the past 2 years but have been unable to do so.
    So far we have the kennel booked for our dog and I have the time off from work….now i just need the money for lodging/camping, gas and food.
    Thanks for the opportunity.
    Good luck everyone!

  24. Awesome question! Mmmmm I am planning a first annual siblings Summer bbq/party. It occured to me that my 3 brothers and I have never done that as adults without parents etc. Spouses of course but NO kids…lol.

  25. Travelling back to the mountains is on my summer bucket list – we haven’t been there in a while even though we are so close!

  26. Camping is on my bucket list this summer. Life sunscreen is on my summer must haves from Shoppers Drug Mart!

  27. I always get my sunscreen from a Shoppers. This year I plan on taking my baby swimming for the first time.

  28. My summer bucket list is getting out to all the festivals in the niagara region..strawberry and peach festival in Niagara-On-The-Lake
    Shopper’s Drug Mart is my go to store for sunscreen and lip balms in the summer

  29. I always love the Okanagan BC, so beautiful and breath-taking. Actually anywhere in BC is breath-taking

    Thanks @carolaucourant.com for the giveaway

  30. We will be spending a lot of time at a local lake – it has always been on my summer bucket list to buy an annual pass – this year we will! I always hit Shoppers for new waterproof sunscreen and check out the season items – saw a backyard kiddie pool I would love to pick up!

  31. Sunscreen, lip balm with sunscreen, bug spray, ice packs for the cooler, and some of that Sun-In spray for my hair. Thanks for the chance!

  32. A trip to Nova Scotia to see the tall ships, eat lobster and go whale watching is on my summer bucket list.

  33. We’re doing a ton of stuff this summer, harbour cruises, concerts & food/drink/beer festivals! Our calendar is getting full.

  34. We want to visit Toronto and see the Ripley’s Aquarium and The Hockey Hall of Fame. On my list for Shoppers Drug Mart is Lise Watier sunscreen for the face. Like silk. 🙂 and it works.

  35. On my bucket list this summer is to finally buy a hammock and spend some quality time outside with a book (or two).

  36. My summer bucket list consists of being outdoors as much as I can! Therefore, I’ll need to stock up on sunscreen and bug spray!

  37. Hi Carol. My Summer Bucket List is to simply socialize more, catch up with friends and do casual things out of doors, especially visiting parks and beaches I haven’t been to in awhile … and to have little get-aways out of town.

    My Shopping List for Shoppers right now has sunscreen at the top of the list! And I will look at the summer toys of course, to see what I can surprise my granddaughter with because outdoor playtime with the grandchildren is so much fun!

  38. Going on a few road trips and visiting different places and beaches is on my summer bucket list! Sunscreen and bug spray from Shoppers Drug Mart is always on my list,,of course snacks and water too!

  39. This summer we are taking the trailer for two weeks down east to see the coast! Love seeing our country. I will be stocking up on some sunscreen and after sun care from Shoppers.. (Not to mention my holiday prescriptions!)

  40. My summer bucket list includes going to amusement parks and the beach. My summer bucket list from Shoppers Drug Mart includes Pure Leaf Iced Tea, PC Orange Juice, Life Brand Disposable Razors and Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Body Mist Sunscreen.

  41. On our bucket list this summer is to visit relatives in northern Manitoba. We haven’t been there for a few years and it is past time to do so.

  42. my bucket list is a trip to New Brunswick, and would be taking life brand tablets for nausea for the flight

  43. summer bucket list this year is a family road trip to Victoria BC. On my list is always Life sunscreen, Life bandages and Life bugspray.

  44. Buying a BBQ so we can enjoy BBQ in our yard is on our bucket list. If includes getting cheese slides and buns from Shoppers.

  45. Summer is our favorite month due to the warm weather. Our summer bucket list always includes going to the beach, camping, outdoor mini golf, hiking, adventure park, picnics and waterslides. I’ll be stocking up at Shoppers Drug Mart with our regular summer staples including Aveeno Active Naturals Protect + Hydrate Sunscreen for FACE & Body SPF 30, Banana Boat Kids Sunscreen Lotion SPF 60, and Hawaiian Tropic after Sun Moisturizer or Cool Aloe Gel. I want to try the Schick Intuition razor. #SummerON

  46. Visiting my best friend in Ottawa is on my bucket list this summer! And products that are always on my summer bucket shopping list from Shoppers Drug Mart are snacks, sunscreen, moisturizer and frizz taming spray so my hair doesn’t get frizzy in the summer.

  47. Going out to Saskatchewan to visit my son is on my summer bucket list. Every summer my Shoppers bucket list includes sunscreen, new sunglasses, freezies and a summer perfume

  48. I always get sunscreen and aloe at Shopper’s in the summer. What I want to do this summer is just relax and read as many books as possible and make my gardens larger.

  49. We always try to go to the beach. My summer shopping list always has sunscreen, snacks, lip balm, moisturizer and drinks

  50. On my summer bucket list is to take some local day trips. On my Shopper’s shopping list would be supplies to make smores around the campfire like milk chocolate bars, graham crackers and marshmallows.

  51. I would love to go on a train adventure seeing Canada from coast to coast. My bucket list for this trip would be quite long but Shoppers would have it all. On my normal must buy list for Shoppers is: Shampoo, Conditioner, Dark Chocolate, Contact Solution, Tissues, Dark Chocolate, Paper Towel, Toilet Paper oh and I can’t forget the dark chocolate 🙂

  52. On my bucket list this year:Must attend a major festival or event every month for the summer… including the Ex, taste of the Danforth and a couple of music events! When out we always need ice cold beverages from shoppers… allergy meds and sunscreen! #summeron

  53. This summer My bucket list includes lots of sunshine, hikes and poolside fun.

    What’s always on my summer bucket list and totally essential for the above is sunscreen, bug repellant, snacks, shaving cream/razors, John freida serum to tame my hair, and since this is a contest, I’ll spoil myself with perfume ;).

    Thank you for hosting this amazing contest. I would love to win this 😍

  54. We are definitely looking forward to going ur ‘camp’ in Kearney ON, as well as a road trip we are currently planning the Ottawa area

  55. This summer, I want to take the family tubing down the Pembina river. I always pick up sunscreen, bug spray and sunglasses from Shoppers.

  56. We take the 2 older grandkids camping by the beach in Penticton BC, we swim , read, eat and relax.

  57. This summer, a Mediterrenean cruise is on my bucket list.
    I will have to visit Shoppers for my sunscreen, lip balm and red lipstick 🙂

  58. My summer bucket list includes finishing my schooling, having some small day trips to Toronto, Niagara, Niagara Falls and the beach, and preparing my resume for a fall job search. The prodcuts that are always on my summer essential list from shoppers includes sunscreen, mosquito repellent, after bite and snacks

  59. One of the things on my bucket list is to explore as many of the waterfalls around Hamilton that I can, and I will be taking sunscreen, bug spray and antihistamines from Shoppers Drug Mart with me!

  60. On my summer bucket list is taking my daughters to The Toronto Zoo for their first time 🙂 And sunscreen for ALL of us will be a must and always on my bucket list at Shoppers

  61. Bug spray, sunscreen, first aid kit replenishment, snacks

    and otherwise, I would like to go on some road trips, festivals and the beach!

  62. My summer bucket list includes going up north to a cottage, fishing, and going on a road trip somewhere. I would need lots of sunscreen and snacks to go from Shoppers Drug mart.

  63. My summer bucket list is to attend the Calgary Stampede Grandstand Show where 2 of my granddaughters will be performing, go on picnics, watch 1 grandson play lacrosse, and to spend time with all my grandchildren enjoying the sunshine. The items I take with me on outings are sunscreen, bottled water, snacks, Off Deep Woods and a first aid kit and I get them at Shopper’s Drug Mart for a great price plus I earn points to save even more.

  64. My summer bucket list event is having a family reunion in Crystal Beach. I’ll definitely be buying sunscreen from Shoppers Drug Mart!

  65. My summer bucket list event is having a family reunion in Crystal Beach. I’ll definitely be buying sunscreen from Shoppers Drug Mart.

  66. Going to the beach is on my summer bucket list, and using lots of sunscreen too! I love buying my sunscreen at Shoppers Drug Mart!

  67. My summer bucket list from Shoppers Drug Mart is for my frizzy dry hair from the sun. I’d love to use a conditioning hair mask & a Conair Infiniti straightener to smooth out my locks!

  68. We want to go on a road trip to Quebec this summer. My bucket list from Shoppers includes sunscreen and chips

  69. My summer bucket list includes playing at the beach, going for hikes, and visiting family. My fave products from Shoppers are baby food pouches (perfect for on-the-go snacks) and diapers.

  70. #SummerOn I love getting the opportunity to swim in the ocean with our dog and it doesn’t happen every year, hopefully this year! So much fun! #Bucketlist #Summer2017

  71. A few things on our summer bucket list are: a trip to the falls, a visit to medieval times, a beach bon fire and a summer family reunion. Some years the family reunion works out and some years not so much.

  72. My summer bucket list includes a visit to Ottawa with my family. Need sunscreen and insect repellent every summer for sure!

  73. On my bucket list this summer is to visit as many local beaches as possible! I always have sunscreen and beach snacks on my Shoppers bucket list!

  74. We are hoping to drive up to northern BC to visit friends this summer. I have kids sunglasses and sand toys on my list but we are stocked for sunscreen for the summer.

  75. My summer bucket list is to get to the beach at least 3 times this summer. I was in the hospital last summer and missed my beach days. I’ll be packing my SPF, floppy hat and sunglasses in my tote!

  76. I love to buy snacks for my picnic from Shoppers food section, and then sneak in some sunscreen, lip balm and other goodies from the “Seasonal Section!”
    On my summer bucket list is to do as many roving cafes as possible with my bestie. She has a table and chair in her car, and whenever we find a nice nature spot we pull it out and picnic!

  77. Only have a few items on my bucket list

    Sunscreen Banana Boat Ultra Defense Lotion Sunscreen SPF 30
    Lipsticks butter 860
    Essence Mosaic Powder

  78. I’d like to visit the aquarium again this summer!! It’s totally on my summer bucket list of fun things to do!

  79. I always have to get my sunscreen and bug spray, we are always outside and these are helpful. Luckily shoppers has a great selection, lots of optimum points! They even have fans which I’ve bought from there too

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