Calling all my coffee aficionados!
If you’re like me, mornings are just not quite the same without a fresh cup of joe.
This Sunday September 29th is National Coffee Day and participating coffee shops everywhere will be celebrating! 
This includes Canada’s favourite coffee – Tim Hortons!
Did You Know?
  • Nearly eight out of 10 cups of coffee sold in Canada are poured at Tim Hortons. 
  • More people visit Tim Hortons in a week than Disney World’s Magic Kingdom in a year. 
  • Over 30 spontaneous pay-it-forward acts of kindness occurred at Tim Hortons restaurants across Canada in less than 10 days.
  • Only three people in the world know the exact blend and roasting fingerprint of Tim Hortons coffee.
  • Tim Hortons team of Coffee Masters taste-test more than 75,000 cups of coffee annually to guarantee the company’s quality and consistency standards are met.
Amazing, huh?

I’m not surprised that Tim Hortons is Canada’s #1 – when I think of Canada, one of the first images that come into my mind is Tim Hortons.
It just goes together like mornings and coffee… or hockey and ice… or peanut butter and jelly…
you get the picture.
Check out this interested infographic – The Art of Coffee: From Bean to Cup
Are you following Tims on Twitter yet?
Surprises are in store for Twitter fans on September 29, 2013. Make sure to follow @TimHortons to celebrate National Coffee Day with Tim Hortons and use #TimsCoffeeDay.
How do you like your coffee?

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