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I’m not going to proclaim to the masses and say that I’ve shopped here forever.
I refuse to pretend that I know everything there is to know about Giant Tiger, merely because I don’t see many out there and truthfully I’ve driven by them many times without a second look.
And I certainly will never sugar coat my experience at any place I discover for review if it’s not as great as it is.
And that’s why you all trust me, right? Right.

So believe me when I tell you that if I find something that tickles my fancy and that I think is definitely worth exploring, it’s a must.

Giant Tiger, where have you been all my life?

Prior to my first true GT experience, Giant Tiger would be two words I would hear from the mouths of those around me but never quite jumped on the fascination.
I mean, I have my loyal shopping destinations already and they don’t have many locations so it wasn’t a place that I had on the top of my shopping list.
Truth be told, I have a massive one only a 15 minute drive from my home and pass it all the time. The big yellow sign with a friendly-looking cartoon tiger always gawking at me from the corners of my eyes.  

So I finally stepped in it and stepped out with an entire summer wardrobe for both my children, some groceries and a few items for myself for all under $200.
I kid you not. I spend that much on groceries every two weeks and that doesn’t include clothing.

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They’ve got everything! Literally a one-stop shop for grocery items, adult and children clothing ,toys, and even home decor and garden items.  

They are a Canadian-owned leading discount retailer and just a couple of months ago, announced the official launch of their new women’s wear brands – Lily Morgan™, MyStyle™ and the updated ACX Active™. These brands offer an impressive combination of great fit and on-trend fashion, all at an exceptional value.

I just love that they are Canadian owned and operated.  We need to be supporting more of our Canadian brands, people.  Each Giant Tiger store has offerings catered to whichever location they’re in (demographics).  New stuff every week! 

I purchased a Lily Morgan™ Shorts Romper ($12), a sheer summer cardigan kimono ($12) and cute strappy sandals ($12) for a total of $36. That’s the price of ONE of these items elsewhere.
And for my kids, I may have just purchased 2 entire aisles.  Their styles are super cute and for a discount store? Not too shabby! I’m impressed.

You can visit them online at  And if you’re strapped for time (or busy in a Netflix binge-watching session and too comfortable in your pyjamas), you can even shop online and then pick-up in-store for free.

IMG_4010 copy

IMG_4012 copy
Check out my daughters haul! Still missing a couple of items in this pic too.

So there, I’ve shared the secret.  I wish I hadn’t because now you’re all going to shop there and take all the sizes I need. Darn.  It’s okay, I’m unselfish and generous like that. 🙂

You know who else is generous?  Giant Tiger is because they’re giving one of my readers a chance to win a $100 Gift Card to discover the #ForYouForLess experience!


To enter, simply leave me a comment below telling me what you love about Giant Tiger!  And then go ahead and #SharetheSecret. 

Open to Canadian Residents.  Ends 6/15.

GT #SharetheSecret Giveaway

133 Comments on Summer Savings & Style at Giant Tiger + Giveaway #SharetheSecret

  1. I love shopping at Giant Tiger because of the great value for your money. I can find some really unique clothing at amazing prices.

  2. What I love about shopping at Giant Tiger is the awesome prices and the great styles you can’t find at other stores!

  3. I love their clothing line! It’s inexpensive and it looks great. Plus, they cater to all body types… Which is really fantastic.

  4. I love Giant Tiger for their selection and prices of kids clothes and sometimes they have great sales on their groceries!

  5. I love shopping at Giant Tiger because I am always able to find affordable, comfortable and stylish clothing for the whole family there.

  6. I love Giant Tiger because it is one of the very few Canadian Companies left and the prices are great.

  7. I love GT for leggings, socks, underwear, and trendy clothing that doesn’t cost an arm and a let. They have some nice home decor for reasonable prices, too.

  8. I love that they’re Canadian, that I bought a pair (okay, 3 pairs!) of flats two years ago and I’m still wearing them, that you get good quality for what you pay, the list goes on!

    Besos, Sarah
    Journeys of The Zoo

    • I like Canadian store also. It is very close from my home, I could walk there in a summer time.

  9. Honestly when you have nothing , a little bit of money could stretch far and you would at least be able to get food. Deals are good.

  10. I love the money I save at Giant Tiger. As well as the larger sizes in the women’s clothing! I use to live beside a Giant Tiger, I got addicted going there cause the great savings!

  11. it’s been a long time since i’ve shopped at a GT. the first time i ever shopped at a Giant Tiger was when I visited Ottawa! I hope to visit a location soon because I love their prices and I think I could get some deals for my entire family!

  12. I like the prices of the items at Giant Tiger and the good sales each week on so many things that we buy.

  13. I honestly always seem to get the best deals on work pants there. They have a great selection of clothes and I love the prices.

  14. I love saving money, but most of all I love the unexpected finds. There’s always something new and wonderful.

  15. I like that Giant Tiger often has some favourite brands on special and that the stores are Canadian-owned.

  16. Giant Tiger has great prices, accepts coupons, have a wide variety of products and they host contests too!

  17. Giant Tiger is the Canadian one-stop shop! In store or online, there are every day items at amazing prices!

  18. I love shopping at GT because they have great products, amazing deals and everything is very affordable. Many of the things in our home are from GT.

  19. We don’t have a GT in town, but I do order on-line all the time as well as take a day trip out to Sudbury & always make sure we stop there at one! I love that I can always find different items at great prices!

  20. I love the huge selection and of course the great prices. I buy my scrubs at GT and they are half the price of other retailers.

  21. I LOVE shopping at GT because the prices are SO SO right! For clothing, for food, toys…you name it! It’s one of my fave stores!

  22. I haven’t been shopping there yet, but my mom loves how affordable everything is and the selection. I’d love to see what they have for babies, cause I’m expecting!

  23. What I love about GT is that they have great clothes for less in my szes, and it is where I get me eggs and milk for great prices.

  24. I love shopping at GT, they have everything in one spot, plus me being a plus sized girl they have awesome clothing for us too and at a good price!!

  25. I like the money I save at Giant Tiger, & how there’s a nice selection of clothing styles that cater to a range of sizes for the kids & myself. We always get a great bargain at GT!

  26. I love their great deals every week. It’s also the only retailer in my area that I can use Coupgon coupons at.

  27. I like the deals they have. I also like that their coupons are on coupgon and no need to have paper ones anymore (and they advertise the coupon is available at the shelf).. Love that!

  28. I love the prices and the variety of things they carry. Especially their kids clothes. They are absolutely adorable

  29. I love the variety of stuff you can buy at Giant Tiger! They also have great prices and customer service.

  30. I like all the deals and I like that my nearest store has a great selection of clothes and groceries at very good prices.

  31. what I lve most abut shopping at Gian Tiger is the quality fr my money I am also able to dress myself in stylish clothing compared to competitors brands that look similar my favorite place to shop is Giant Tiger thank you for the chance

  32. i love their prices!! i just got my son shorts and t-shirts for $4 each, regular price!! come on you can’t beat that

  33. I love shopping at Giant Tiger because the prices are so great, and I always seem to find what I want.

  34. I really enjoy shopping at Giant Tiger. I like it’s affordable and has such variety that changes regularly. I like that it has a great grocery section too. I have bought my share of clothes sometimes off a great clearance rack.

  35. I’ve only ever shopped there once (there is only one location in Calgary and its way on the other side of the city and I don’t drive). There used to be a location more accessible but it closed down shortly after it opened. I did like the selection and pricing on kids clothes (which is what I was shopping for).

  36. my local gt has amazing customer service they always ay high to my son and if its not on the shelf they will try and find it for me

  37. I have never shopped at Giant Tiger, but I would love the opportunity to try it out with gift card in hand!

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