She’s making a list, I’m checking it twice…

3 more weeks till Christmas!
My daughter turned 5 this year and every year since she was 2 years old and able to grasp a pen properly in her hand, we prepared her Christmas Wish List with her for her letter to Santa.
I cannot think of any other place to go to that is as informative and fun to flip through than the yearly Holiday Sears Wish Book.
We usually do this after our decorations have been put up as we have Ava place her finished letter to Santa anywhere on the Christmas Tree before bed and wake up to find it gone. She thinks Santa has special Elves that pick them up from the tree.
My Mother-in-Law use to tell my husband that when he was little and for some reason that stuck to him and therefore got passed down as something fun to do with our daughter.
Now that she’s a big sister (and a very loving and caring one at that), it was a pleasant sight for me to see her circling a few toddler toys on her own.
“I’m picking the ones Talan wants, Mommy!” Because obviously she knows which ones he wants.
They’ve got a secret sibling code that only they can understand.
What she circled for her lil’ brother. He already owns a Big Hugs Elmo! 🙂
I also find it so interesting to see the growth in my daughter each year depending on the stuff that she circles.
What I sometimes think she may want, surprisingly she doesn’t circle. And you think you know your child really well! It goes to show you how much they are growing each day and that they have their own individual interest. Very helpful!
It’s usually followed by milk and cookies and a Christmas movie before bed which is why we often do this together as a family on a weekend.
Do you have any traditions for writing Wish Lists with your children?
Sears is also hosting an amazing contest on right now called the Sears Wishes of Joy Contest on now until December 15 where entrants can SHARE their wish lists (to win!) PLUS many more opportunities to win up to $10,000 in prizes. It’s lots of fun! Check it out here! 
Disclosure: I am part of the Sears Mom Ambassador program with Mom Central Canada and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.

27 Comments on She’s Making a List… #SearsMom

  1. I went shopping with my best friend the other day and she had a little wish list from her kid too! smiles and expressions on the faces when they open the gifts on Christmas morning are priceless!

  2. I loooove the Sears Wish book. I tell my daughter she can circle 10 things she wants. This is sort of ridiculus but when I was a kid I would go through the part of the catalogue selling womens clothes and I would name the models and sort of play imaginary paper dolls with them!

  3. I look forward to my son’s Christmas list every year. He’s always got a couple of really cute wishes on there. He gets a lot of them from the Sears catalogue and the other toy ‘books’ that come along.

  4. My girls love when the Sears catalogue arrives! They spend hours poring over it, thinking and debating and hesitating, before finally making their choices. This year, they also made choices for their brothers which was so cute!

  5. This is very precious! Started doing this with my son Evan (although he would put a sticker on all the toys he sees lol!) little things like this is the most memorable and fun for the kids too…

  6. I remember going through the Sears Wish Book as a kid & the Eatons one too! I passed this tradition onto my kids. My kids would put their intitial on items that they wished for in the Wish Book.

  7. I did the same growing up, and I do this with my nieces every year as well. They get so excited when it’s time to look through The Wish Book!

  8. The Wish Book is what I used to make my wishlist as a child, and my children do it also. We’ve never received a Wish Book this year, so we had to settle for using the website. It just didn’t feel the same 🙁

  9. She’s absolutely adorable!
    We also like to write lists together. Sears wish book has been part of our list-writing for years now.
    We play some Christmas music and also bake up some cookies.
    It gets us all in the holiday spirit! Even the adults. Lots of fun!
    Thanks for sharing about the contest.

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