Pink and ivory confetti and balloons, beautiful cupcake tower, the serenity and beauty of tealight candles lit on each table and an abundance of love and laughter… I still remember my very first baby shower.

It was your traditional baby shower complete with friends & family, lots of good food, games, and of course plenty of gifts to shower baby girl and mom-to-be with.
Thanks to my mother and sister, it was a successful and absolutely perfect baby shower.
One thing that was not very traditional, was that it wasn’t just women at the shower; I made it a point to have my husband by my side and my dad and all the wonderful men in my life to be a part of this as well.
This pregnancy was such a blessing and very much anticipated that I couldn’t have any of them miss out on this.

We received so many wonderful baby shower presents, but among them all, there were definitely some that we made the most use of and honestly some that we barely did use unfortunately.
We always get excited, especially when it’s our first opening our baby registry (I remember I was scanner-crazy, scanning almost everything I saw), but if I could go back in time, there would be plenty of items I wouldn’t have bothered adding to it.
Although a gorgeous picture frame or picture album or a lit-up wall art of baby animals may sound cute… trust me, there are some things that are just not necessary and the mother really does not need.
Yes, it’s the thought the counts, but in all honesty, let’s get something that mom and baby could really use. 

I thought I’d compile a list of Baby Shower Gift Must-Haves for my new moms-to-be that are planning on opening a registry and also for those that are looking to purchase a gift for an upcoming baby shower.
We all know how much I LOVE Munchkin products! 
There are so many great items and what I love about their website is that they’ve made it simple for you by categorizing their products. 
Check out their Nursery Essentials for some great baby shower gift ideas.  
Among them, the Arm and Hammer ™ Diaper Pail has to be one of my favourite must-haves (if not #1)!  I’m using it now with a newborn and oh my goodness is it Godsend!  Not only is it easy to use, but it really eliminates the odour and carries a lot of dirty diapers too!  You can check out my recent post about this marvelous product here.
More amazing products from Munchkin that are definitely needed for the nursery are:
  • Diaper Duty Organizer (I know firsthand how crowded the changing table can get — this is very helpful!)
  • Deluxe Drying Rack (If you choose to bottle-feed, this is the perfect must-have product!)

And they also have many products that grow with baby, like their famous Click Lock™ Sippy Cups!

Make sure you check out their website at to view all their amazing products.

You can also visit and be a fan on Facebook for updates and amazing contests and giveaways!
Speaking of contests, Munchkin Canada has something brewing on Facebook.
Make sure you’re a fan today!

Click here to be a FAN on Facebook! 
Other very important baby shower gift ideas that are very much needed by mom and baby are:
  • Clothing Necessities. Newborn – 6 months baby Onesies (Short and Long Sleeve)/diaper shirts, Sleepers (These are a favourite of mine — especially for babies born during the cooler months) socks/booties, mitts, caps and clothing.  Bibs are good too.
  • Diapers, diapers and more diapers (& don’t forget the diaper rash cream!).  A cute idea that I loved receiving and also a creative way to give diapers is the diaper cake.  How cute are they? 

  • Bath and Body products (always go for something gentle and for sensitive skin just in case — stay away from fragrant products) including Bath Towel (hooded & organic is always a much preferred choice for newborns), Body Wash (stick with fragrance-free and for sensitive skin), washcloths, and a bathtub.
One thing I also received during my baby shower and that I’ve also done for friends and family is to create a basket with an assortment of baby (and even mom) products.  Check these beautiful examples below.  So adorable!

  • Humidifier or Vaporizer
  • Nursing Products (for the mom that will be breast-feeding) like a Nursing Cover, Breast Pump, Nursing Pillow (transitions throughout baby’s first year for multiple uses).
  • A Diaper Bag. One of my favourite diaper bags that is also unisex (let’s not forget dad-to-be!) is from 7 A.M. Enfant, their Voyage Diaper Bag.  You can see my review of this product here.
  • Health Products like a Baby First-Aid Kit with all the essential items needed when baby gets sick or hurt.
  • Baby Bouncer/Rocker
  • Baby Carrier/Wrap

Another site that you will have to visit that will make baby shower gift shopping so much more easier is PTPA’s website. Click here and check out their Baby Toddler Section with options per category.
You want to make sure you choose a baby shower gift that’s a) on the mom-to-be’s registry 
and b) a neutral style (mom-to-be may have a different taste than you do, so stick with neutral colors/styles).
It’s always nice to ask what the nursery theme is (if there is one) — this makes it easier for you to find the perfect gift.
This is such an exciting time for mom (and dad) -to-be and I hope this post helps you in choosing something just right.
**Disclaimer: As Brand Ambassador for Munchkin Canada, I have received products & compensation; however the opinions expressed are my very own.**

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  1. I used expensive diapers up until 6 months or so, but all of the sudden I started getting regular leaks. I’ve had very, very few since I switched to honest. I tried expensive ones at the beginning and they were terrible. My daughter is long waisted and on the thin side, so that may account for the discrepancy, but that’s my take.

  2. Perfect example of a traditional baby shower party where inspiring and cool ideas are integrated to create a joyful and celebration environment.Fabulously demonstrated most popular and also essential baby products that are all awesome gift ideas.

  3. That’s a very adorable cake!
    I love the ideas you shared here – I’m a big fan of those diaper cakes and that Sarabear diaper caddy from munchkin is very adorable.
    I love munchkin products!

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