I’m going to admit something to you that some may find it hard to believe considering how much I love to whip up goodies in our #CACKitchen… I loathe making school lunches.  There, I said it.  Surely I’m not alone on this, right?  
What makes it a little more challenging for me is that my daughter can be a wee bit finicky when it comes to what I pack her for lunch.
She eats what I give her but sometimes not all of it and I worry whether or not she’s getting enough during the day.  After all, our children need to have not just full tummies to be at their best, especially at school, but they need to have the right types of healthy food.
What I like to ensure is that I’m packing some additional snacks on the side like fresh fruits and veggies and cold, frozen yogurt.

I remember when I was around my daughters age (which is seven), I always loved assembling my own lunches so I’d request my mom to pack me deconstructed sandwiches and veggies and dip so I can put everything together on my own. I thought it tasted so much better that way, plus it was fun!
I guess at this age kids feel a sense of gratification knowing they put it together with their own hands. 
This is why I love Schneiders’ latest and healthiest lunch kit, Simply Lunch™!


Schneiders® Simply Lunch™ include two delicious kits including:

The great thing about these lunch kits are that they made with real cheese and have no nitrates or preservatives added.  If you had similar lunch kits in the past, you’ll know very well the taste difference with having real cheese and good quality deli slices!  I love these kits so much that I buy them for myself now when I need some quick bites at my desk and throughout the day.  My husband brings them for lunch as well.  They truly are tasty!  But what about the most discerning little people in this family?  Did the new Schneiders® Lunch Kits™ satisfy their tastebuds?

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To learn more about Schneiders® Simply Lunch™ Kits, visit them online at http://www.schneiders.ca.  


Simply leave a comment below for a chance to win 5 FPC’s (coupons) to try Schneider® Simply Lunch™ Kits at home!  

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A random winner will be selected and emailed on May 22, 2016.  Open to Canadian Residents only.

Disclosure:  This a sponsored post.  CAC received compensation and/or product to conduct this review; however, all opinions expressed are those of the author.

84 Comments on Simply Delicious, Simply Healthy, Simply Lunch™ Your Kids Will Love

  1. I know my little one would love this. She is getting more independent and would be proud to put her lunch together. I would be grateful for FPCs! And as a parent I appreciate that there are no nitrates or preservatives. #CACKitchen

  2. My grandchildren love it when I get these for them for a snack. I would rather get these than candy for them.

  3. These are great. I currently purchase the LunchMates and my kids love them. These are great for snacks as well as lunches.!

  4. These are great for the kids lunches! I love that it is all put together and less work for me in the morning. I would also love to use these for the house for snacks at the trailer and at night. Very healthy!

  5. This is the perfect serving size for my granddaughter and a fun and easy lunch to give her, great to take outside and eat our lunch too!!

  6. Yum! These look so good. I love that it’s real cheese and those teeny tiny chocolate chip cookies look amazing.

  7. These look great! I’m definitely going to look for them at the grocery store. School lunches are a huge challenge for me!

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