We are deep into Summer and the patio entertaining has come into full swing. I am so thankful that I finally now have my very own intimate and functional outdoor oasis in my smaller backyard patio space where I can either entertain close family and friends or enjoy some quiet time with coffee.

Partnering with The Home Depot on yet another fantastic DIY project, I wanted to share how you can create your very own outdoor oasis in your backyard, even with a smaller patio area and that small space doesn’t equal small style.
See my last post introducing my project and more details on the products being featured here.

Here is how our humble little patio space looked like before:


There was absolutely no way for me to fully entertain others or enjoy sitting outside while the kids played on the patio and felt I was wasting perfectly good space.

Adding a few new key items including new patio stones over the old ones, patio furniture and a hard top gazebo, it made a world of a difference! And how wonderfully tranquil and beautiful it turned out.

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I am enamored with my new #HDOutdoorOasis!  Nights are even just as beautiful than the sunny days as we installed a solar chandelier that emits a nice warm light, and the luminous hard top on the gazebo provides shelter and privacy yet you can see through it from the inside.  It’s become the perfect spot for summer entertaining and even when the hubby and I want to enjoy a quiet moment alone by candlelight.
The patio furniture is so very sturdy and the fabric cushioning is so easy to clean but most importantly it is SO comfortable! Sleeping under the stars has been tempting and yes, I may have fallen asleep a couple of times already in my little outdoor oasis.

Here is the Before and After:


Thank you to The Home Depot for working together with me on yet another fabulous project!  It’s so easy to create any space in your home, whether it’s indoors or out to reflect your unique style and what you’re looking to achieve. The Home Depot provides everything you could possibly need to make your Home renovations and DIY Projects — big or small — come to life, with a vast supply of products, tool rentals or installation or contractor services should you need it and quite possibly the best customer service I’ve come across despite how busy they can get!

What’s on your next DIY list?

6 Comments on Small Patio Space #HDOutdoor Oasis with The Home Depot Canada Reveal

  1. That’s gorgeous — I love the new furniture set!! You have great taste and the project finished up just in time for you all to enjoy the weather this summer!

  2. I love the change! You definitely utilized the space and it’s so pretty! I knew Home Depot was great for DIY supplies, etc. but I didn’t realize how beautiful their furniture was. LOVE the patio stones too!

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