As you probably already know if you’ve been following my blog and the buzz on Twitter and Instagram, I am excitedly undergoing a small project DIY renovation in my home in conjunction with the good people at The Home Depot Canada.
The goal of this small project is to be able to transform both our Powder Room and Master Bathroom on our own (Do-it-yourself) without major “surgery” (renovations) but merely with a few key pieces purchased exclusively at The Home Depot, more a “face-lift” if you will.
And trust me, if I can do this all on my own, you definitely can!
With the help of the great customer service that The Home Depot is proudly known for (they honestly have the best customer service in any home hardware shop I’ve ever been in), some research into what look we were going for for each room, and browsing both The Home Depot’s website and In-Shop, we finally had the perfect blueprint for our #CACBathroomDIY.
The website was so very informative and helpful with easy and quick ways at finding what you’re looking for according to each room in your home and complete with photographs, pricing and details of each product.
I do much prefer though to head in-store so that you can better see for yourself in person what the product looks like and sometimes, in-store pricing can be a bit different than that on the web.
It’s also a great opportunity for you to do your measurements to ensure that specific product will fit into your space.
We browsed and measured and tested and jotted down notes until we were Depot’d out. Is that even possible?

There is SO much to look at in this shop, it’s a home owner’s paradise!

We started receiving all our products that was ordered for me within only a couple of weeks (they have quick shipping available with The Home Depot upon request *fees apply*) and when my products were delivered from The Home Depot I was impressed at 1) the initial phone call to ensure I was home at the delivery time and 2) how swift and careful the 2 delivery men were with transporting my items from their truck to my garage.
We are now finally complete with part 1 of 2 of our Bathroom DIY and I am so excited to share our Powder Room Before and After photos with you in my next post along with all the fabulous products that were included! Our Master Bathroom Reveal will be shared in September/October.
Stay tuned within the next couple of weeks!

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  1. This is why I love making random trips to the home depot. There are so many new items for sale, you’ll feel so inspired to do some redecoration to your home! I can’t wait to jump start my new project in these Romeoville IL apartments. I’ll be designing my friend’s home.

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