There’s only one important rule in this cam-crazy, hash-tag, smart-phone world we live in:
Snap Before you Eat!
Oh and also never tag or post an unflattering picture of a loved one.
Golden rules, people, golden rules.

It’s not that we are trying to follow “trends” (even though it is one…), it’s just plain and simple — we as human race love looking at food as much as we love to eat.
Am I right or am I right?

And for those that like to complain and criticize about others posting too many food pics… I have two suggestions for you:
1) Stay Away from Social Media (especially Instagram!) and 2) You’re hungry – please indulge in something yummy! 

It’s funny because just recently I dined at a five-star restaurant and you would think snapping a photo of your food prior to eating would be frowned upon but I was not the only one!
Nearly all the diners would take a quick snap of a dish and the waiter even said after arranging the food nicely in front of me: “Okay you can take a picture now!”
Ha! As if it’s expected!
Of course this comes with courtesy so flashing camera lights in a romantic dimly-lit restaurant where folks are attempting to enjoy a nice (expensive) meal should be kept to an absolute minimum. Or you can just remove the flash and edit it later. 🙂

I am foodtography-obsessed.
I enjoy sharing succulent, mouth-watering images of dishes that I create myself or satisfy in from favourite restaurants and bakeries. I provide recommendations and tips for fellow foodies and I appreciate getting the same from other foodtography pictures as well.
Thanks to Instagram, I have discovered many hidden gems not too far from home or learned of a must-try dish at a restaurant I’ve been eyeing for some time.

The only thing that can totally ruin a drool-worthy food photo shared online (and other important photo-sharing rule): Bad quality and highly-pixelated images.
It’s a foodtography no-no!
It’s not your fault if your smartphone offers you a camera with low resolution or you’ve got uncontrollably shaky hands but nowadays it’s super easy to find a phone that offers you amazing and crisp professional-quality

I was given the opportunity to put my love for foodtography to the test with the new HTC One.

The new HTC One smartphone’s most talked about feature is the camera and its UltraPixel innovation; which allows up to 300x more light to enter the image (NASA uses this same type of technology in Hubble Telescope!).
This means that it uses less megapixels but allows for more light which makes the images come out looking better in low-light than cameras with more megapixels.

That’s awesome!
Being a blogger that does many restaurant reviews and shares personal recipes, high-quality images are a must.
I don’t always have my Nikon DSLR (which is heavy and takes up way too much space in my purse) around during snap-worthy moments so I do trust my handy smartphone to be responsible for capturing the deliciousness.

Here’s one example!

Hungry yet?

Check out how sleek this phone is. Perfect fit in my hands.

Here are my non-professional tips for taking photos on your smartphone (or new HTC One!):
1) Focus on the image from a good distance (not too close or not too far) and then press onto the middle of the dish to get the camera to set its focus.

2) Keep your hands steady
Nobody likes blurry photos so ease up on the caffeine and snap away!

3) Keep your flash on Auto (in some cases, removing the flash may be necessary which is when you would have a really good photo editing app or software on the computer to help with editing the lighting of the image.

4) Take more than one image at a time really quickly after another (this may not be possible with some phone cameras but this is made super easy with the Burst Mode and ZOE features on the HTC One!)

The Burst Mode allows you to take a series of photos at one time. Tap and hold the shutter button to use this mode.

The HTC Zoe™  is one of my absolute favourite features of the HTC One.
Simply press the shutter and the phone automatically takes up to 20 photos and a 3-second video, and adds that living moment to a gallery that’s filled not just with pictures, but with life. In HTC Zoe™ mode, before you take an HTC Zoe™ photo, the camera is buffering the action so you can even capture photos from a second before you press the shutter!
Bring your images to life! Now that is super cool.

Another cool feature in HTC Zoe™ mode is being able to remove unwanted people/images!
When you need to cut that extra person out of your photos, use HTC Zoe™ to take the pic and then tap on Edit, Retouch and Object removal to quickly remove unwanted objects from your photos.

Aside from the wondrous camera, I love that the HTC One also has a really great battery life!
That’s another big issues with my current smartphone. My battery lasted 2-3 full days ON without having to be charged even after browsing online, taking photos, watching videos, etc.
2-3 days is a pretty legit time frame when it comes to smartphone batteries these days.

Listening to music rocks (literally!) with their Beats Audio™ technology that HTC is so famously known for.
Fresh, clear, rich and authentic sound straight from your smartphone.

And of course the mom in me is loving their Zoodles Kid Mode™.
This is great because my 4 1/2 year old daughter loves using my smartphone and is always playing games and watching videos on it and in this day and age of questionable pop-ups and sneaky videos that creep up from YouTube – this is a really important feature!
There are many great features – check them out below!

And calling all Type A Multi-taskers!
You can multitask on the HTC One and quickly switch between the apps without exiting the home screen. Yes, there isn’t any multitasking button on the smartphone but you will find an easy shortcut to multitask on HTC One: tap on the home button twice and the screen will pop up showing you the most recent running apps. To close some app, tap and hold on that app and swipe it up.

Okay, so that’s enough of my HTC One babble. Simply put, go grab one.
Fantastic Camera, long battery life, multi-tasking made easy, kid-friendly and awesome sound?
Oh and it’s gorgeous to boot.

Now let’s go back to the food, shall we?

All these images were taken using the HTC One!

For more information on the new HTC One, visit them

Disclosure: An HTC device was provided for full review purposes plus compensation; however all opinions expressed in this review are my very own.

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  1. I have an older version of the HTC ONEX and I covet that phone! It does take great photos. I can’t believe the server invited you to take a picture!

  2. Wow! That phone looks amazing! Very sleek and very functional. I always think, I must remember to take photos of my food before I dig in, but once the food arrives that thought just disappears and I think, MUST EAT NOW!

  3. What a great looking phone, it has great lines! I love to multi task so this would be perfect for me! I may be the only holdout who has not snapped a photo of her food lol


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