A year or so ago, I was introduced to a wonderful brand that creates extraordinary and versatile pieces of jewellery. But the one thing they are known for are their intricately detailed Thomas Sabo charms.  They are absolutely gorgeous! They have all kinds of charms of different themes and for different styles.

I decided I wanted to start collecting these little gems, not just for me now, but also to save for Ava when she was older.

Who is Thomas Sabo? Here’s what was collected from their Official Facebook Fan Page. You can reach their Official Canadian Facebook Fan Page here.

THOMAS SABO is a worldwide lifestyle brand headquartered in Germany and was founded in 1984 by the company owner, Thomas Sabo. 
Together with the company Creative Director, Susanne Kölbli, he develops all designs that lend the brand its typical style. 

The THOMAS SABO brand stands for extraordinary design and versatility. The brand currently comprises four different collections: 
– THOMAS SABO Sterling Silver
– THOMAS SABO Charm Club 

All collections can be harmoniously combined with each other and offer the customer the most diverse mix-and-max options in terms of material, design and colours. 
THOMAS SABO stands for the highest quality, which is why the company only uses high-end materials such as 925 Sterling silver and zirconia in its jewellery designs and stainless steel and ceramic for its watches. 
Today, the products are available throughout the world at the more than 160 company-owned THOMAS SABO shops and from more than 2000 wholesale partners spread across all five continents.
Further sales channels include the THOMAS SABO Online Shop and Travel Retail, where the brand is also available on-board numerous major airlines. 

I was ecstatic and very lucky to receive some charms from Thomas Sabo courtesy of Faulhaber Public Relations and Style Blog (Nelia’s blog is one of my favourite Fashion/Style Blogs by the way – check her out!)

As much as I do love these charms and seriously want to just buy everything, they do come with a semi-steep price tag (depending on the charm).  These are meant to be collected as special charms for special occasions and created with real sterling silver, white zirconia and pearls hence the cost.
The prices range for the charms starting at around $29 USD up to $149 USD.
Here are the charms I received. Aren’t they so gorgeous?! Trés chic!
I love them all but my absolute fave is the Gift Pendant. It’s made of 925 Sterling Silver with white zirconia-set ribbon and is currently the highest priced charm at $149.00 USD.  It’s also meaningful since I’m giving it to my first-born daughter who is my precious gift (and she’s just priceless). 🙂
The handbag with lobster clasp is 925 Sterling silver and Black-enamelled and  retails for $98.00 USD.
The Pump  pendant that I received I cannot find online but there is one exactly the same except it comes now with a freshwater pearl. Made of 925 Sterling silver with White syn. zirconia.  Retails for $98.00 USD.
The Mask pendant is black-enamelled, made from 925 Sterling silver. Reminiscent of the opulent masked balls of yesteryear.  I love these kind of Victorian masks! I actually own one in real life! 
It retails for $39.00 USD.
The charms came in a white pouch (usually can also come in an individual white jewellery box) matching with the chic black and white motif of Thomas Sabo Style.
Wrapped with black tissue paper and received in a cute white (re-usable) gift bag.
The Thomas Sabo brand is carried at these major jewellery shops within Toronto and the GTA.

Love, love, love my Thomas Sabo Charms and I know you will too! 

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