Boost their creative juices, have them squealing with delight over a new pet, satisfy their inner spy and tech the halls with some seriously awesome toys from Spin Master.

My #CACKidz and I were lucky enough to take a few of Spin Master’s hottest toys of the season for a spin and what an exciting past couple of weeks!  Spin Master has certainly mastered the art of play — creative, innovative and entertaining, their line-up of toy brands has brought plenty of joy to plenty of homes for many years.

After an intensive and bustling two weeks of toy testing, we are excited to share our honest thoughts of some Spin Master faves that will help you decide which is best for that special little boy or girl on your holiday list! Thank you, Spin Master, for bringing us so much fun & excitement these past weeks!

Most of these toys are available at major retailers like Wal-Mart, Target, Sears, Amazon, and Toys ‘R’ Us. The only exception would be Spy Gear, which is only available on Amazon in Canada right now.


Chubby Puppies Playset 
SRP: $24.99
Ages: 4+

Sweet mother of cuteness!
Stumbling, fumbling, tumbling little balls of adorable, the latest new collection craze for kids 4 and up.
You can collect puppies and different play sets and they’re super fast and easy to put together. My daughter loves how cute they are and especially when sliding down the slide on it’s own (she owns the Ultimate Dog Park) and when they hop and move along. One of the few small interactive toys she really gets a kick out of!
They can do many things (with the different sets they have) like use the elevator, slide, swing, eat, sleep in the dog house…
I even find myself spending some quality play time (sans my seven and three year old) fiddling with Chubby Puppies!  Yes, I’m fully aware that I am a big kid. 🙂

I always like toys that you can build off of since a new accessory can make a toy seem new again for kids – which is fantastic!  Kids love collecting things!
I also really like that it’s unisex, so it appeals to both my daughter and my son (although colours were never gender- specific in my home anyway — my son loves pink as much as my daughter loves blue — but still great nonetheless for preferential reasons!)
Cute and fun toy!


Text Cool Bracelet Studio
SRP: $24.99
Ages 6+

Growing up, I have vivid memories of me making fun bracelets for my friends and family members from many different items like string and wooden balls to gimp bracelets. There was just something about creating something from my own hands and sharing with those I care about to wear that symbolizes friendship and love. It was the ultimate feeling when you and your friends would share BFF bracelets that nobody else had.

The Cool Brands Text Cool™ Bracelet Studio is a fun way to put messages on colorful bracelets. It comes with two discs- a letter disc and a emoji/image disc- and 35 blank bracelets.
For ages 6 and up, it is easy enough for kids in that 5 to 6 year old age range.
It’s easy to use just by simply stamping letters and emoticons into the bracelet band.

I found my daughter to have some issues making her own bracelets in the past with other craft kids and bracelet makers as they were too confusing but this one was easy for her!
It’s a fun craft toy to encourage and exercise creativity, independence, thoughtfulness and practice spelling.


Knits Cool Studio
SRP: $19.99
Ages: 6+

The Knit’s Cool™ Knitting Studio is a revolutionary new tool that makes it super easy to knit without the danger of
knitting needles!

The unique Knit Posts™ allow you to knit without having to struggle with knitting needles.
This kit has everything you need to start knitting right away, including fashion yarn, patterns and accessories to make three complete Knit’s Cool™ projects.
Once you learn the simple Post Knitting™ method, you can create your own designs and experiment with different yarn and stitches like purl, cables and ribs!! Start knitting today with the revolutionary Knit’s Cool™Knitting Studio!

My daughter has recently expressed interest in learning to sew and knit and seeing that her mother isn’t “sew” savvy, she was excited to try this out. Upon unboxing and setting up, I appreciated that all of the pieces have a snap in storage spot to keep them from getting lost (except for the charms and yarn holder). One of my biggest issues with crafting toys is that they don’t often have a storage compartment for smaller pieces which make it very difficult to keep and use for next time.
I have to importantly note once again, that I’m a novice at knitting, so we did find the instructions a little difficult (especially for her age – she’s seven). For a 10 year old, it may have been a little easier. I highly recommend you watch some instructional videos on the website first!
She did eventually get the hang of it and learned to make a headband, which was super cute!  She gifted it to a friend at school that she noticed didn’t often wear a toque or ear muffs during cooler days and she was extremely appreciative! Melt my heart.


Kinetic BUILD Sand Ice Castle Playset (only available at Walmart – EXCLUSIVE 2015 latest)
SRP: $30
Ages: 5+

The Kinetic Sand Ice Castle lets you create a magnificent castle with shaping tools and 7 different molds! Use the shaping tool to sculpt bricks and build the Ice Castle on top of the mountain play space.
Use the molds to create archways, towers and walls with the Shimmering White Build Sand.
Use the 3 icy colors create your castle; you can even make a 4th by mixing them together! When it’s time to put it away, this soft and stretchy sand easily cleans up.
It never dries out and is gluten free. Feel the difference with the Kinetic Sand Construction Tools.

If you’re a parent in the know, then the word Kinetic Sand is no stranger to your ears.
My kids LOVE this stuff and I think it’s super cool too (especially because it’s easy clean-up and doesn’t make much of a mess or stain at all!)
My kids like the molds that came with the set and my daughter especially loved the icy colors of the sand.
The only con I noticed was the scent — it’s pretty strong. My kids weren’t bothered with it which was good.
I think this is a fantastic product for creative play for kids of all ages. My kids can honestly spend hours with this and God bless the toys that can entertain children for that long. 🙂

They now have a Kinetic Floating Sand available that my daughter is urging me to get because it’s the new cool thing now in the world of Kinetic Sand. This toy gets 6 (clean) thumbs ups!


Bunchems Mega Pack
SRP: $29.99
Ages: 3+ (but I strongly recommend for 6+)

Warning: I understand the high hair disaster risk for not just your child but anyone else (you’ve probably already seen the press on this) but it’s a fun toy if played responsibly (kids 6+). Definitely not recommended for younger ones.
Keep away from HAIR, my little people. 

Mark this under HOTTEST TOY OF THE SEASON. These things are seriously cool beans.
Simply Squish, Connect and Create with Bunchems! Once you’re done, you can just pull them apart to create something new.

The Bunchems Mega Pack allows you to build 36 amazing 3D creations with the colourful little balls that stick together including: owls, bears, octopi, cars, monkeys and more!
Bring your creations to life using your imagination and 36 accessories. Eyes, wings, hats and feet, to make everything you build look super neat!

My daughter was really excited for this toy and has lots of fun playing with it. I noticed this was one toy that she plays with daily in between other toys and screen time. The most simplistic of toys yet offers some serious engaging play. Love it!


Air Hogs Helix Video Drone
SRP: $109.99
Ages: 10+

Get ready to capture incredible cinematic aerial footage with the Air Hogs Helix Video Drone!

Ever wondered how the top of your house looks like? Or your kids school?
How about trying to capture some cool shots or video footage of your entire family during a large gathering and getting everyone in the frame or some cool live action shots of your sons soccer game from the best angle – high above!

Now you can with this super cool Air Hogs Helix Video Drone. Definitely a super hot toy for kids of all ages.

The Air Hogs Helix Video Drone is an ultra-performance video quad-copter with a built-in high speed, 60 fps action camera to capture fast moving objects.
Included is a 4gb memory card to capture all of your adventures.
Air Hogs patented exoframe not only protects the propellers from bumps and crashes, but also serves to protect anything or anyone it might crash into.
Whether you want to capture fast moving events or create thrilling action movies – the Helix Video Drone can keep up with any pace!

After you past a slight learning curve, I found it very easy to operate than most remote control toys I’ve tried!
It takes pretty impressive photos and videos considering it’s a toy and the camera is solid but it’s lightweight so you may want to be a little more careful outdoors during windy weather.
The good part about it being lightweight is that it’s safe around kids.
This is excellent for a beginner (like me!) to maneuver and if I can do it, you can! 🙂

This definitely tops my list of top toys for this season and will make one kid VERY happy this holiday season.


Star Wars: The Force Awakens – Air Hogs – Remote Control Zero Gravity X-Wing Starfighter
SRP: $59.99
Age: 8 – 13 years

Defy gravity on the floors, walls and ceilings of your home with Zero Gravity X-Wing!
With the much anticipated new movie, The Force Awakens, coming to theatres soon, Star Wars fans will especially get a kick out of this one.

My husband may have found the most use of this than anyone in this house — he enjoyed this toy but found that if your walls or ceilings aren’t smooth enough, then the x-wing will fall (and potentially break).
It’s very simple to use with 3 power switch positions on the X-Wing Starfighter unit (wall/ceiling, off, and ground setting).
The remote controller has 2 power positions (off and on/charge).
The Star Wars Zero Gravity X-Wing Starfighter comes with a sheet of glow in the dark stickers you can place anywhere which is pretty neat and fun for kids.

I wouldn’t say the price justifies what the toy offers as I’d ideally like to see this a little bit lower (within the $30-$35 range at least). It doesn’t last as long as I’d like (about 10-15 minutes on a full charge of continuously play); the lights in the back will start to blink slowly (to warn you the battery is close to dying) and once it begins to blink quickly, be prepared to remove from the walls/ceiling.
The battery takes roughly an hour to be fully charged again for play, which is actually pretty average for the amount of play time.
But the amount of detail is awesome, especially for Star Wars fans! It’s a nice little collector item that can be placed on your shelf and admire.


Spy Gear Video Walkie Talkie (Only available at Amazon Canada)
SRP: $69.99
Ages: 6+

Calling all Super Agents!
Let your child channel their inner super hero and detective skills with the fun line-up of Spy Gear Spy Toys (from night vision goggles to motion alarms).

Don’t just talk to your friends. Video chat with them!
Capture all the action on video with the Spy Gear Video Walkie-Talkie.
With just a simple button press, you can wirelessly communicate with your friends with video and audio for up to 160 feet! No Wifi or 3G mobile network required (I love this feature!) 
A foldable design allows for compact storage and screen protection!
A Spy Gear Video WalkieTalkie is just the tool you need to accomplish your mission!

My kids love when they skype and facetime with their cousins and grandparents. This is similar, in that, they can actually see and chat with whoever is on the other end but without the need of wifi when on a “special mession”!
Who didn’t love walkie talkies growing up?


Zoomer Kitty
SRP: $99.99
Ages: 5+

Introducing the newest little cute member of the Zoomer™ Family — Zoomer™ Kitty!
Zoomer™ Kitty uses True Vision Technology™ to detect everything around her. The cap sensors in her head and cheeks allow her to authentically respond to your movements and touch.

I like the different modes that it offers, so children can customize their experience with it.
There’s “Auto Mode” which allows Kitty to do her own thing, but will interact with someone if they touch one of Kitty’s sensors. There’s “Cuddle Mode” which is a great low-key mode that allows you to pet it and have Kitty purr, etc. My 3 year old son likes the purring; it makes him think that Zoomer Kitty is real!
There’s “Play Mode” which is for when you want to interact with Kitty using the included ball-on-a-string toy.
Lastly, there’s “Pounce Mode”, which is the most energetic and playful mode that Kitty has to offer, and the kids love it!

We already own Zoomer Dino and absolutely LOVE him! This adorable Kitty is a more soft version that will be great for not just kitty lovers but little ones that have always wanted a little pet!
My seven year old has some fun with it but I found my three year old enjoying it a lot more. The novelty of the toy and entertainment value for kids over 6 may not be as substantial.

The cons with this toy is charge life and loud sounds.
Kitty lasts for about 20 minutes of continuous play on a full charge and takes an hour to fully charge again. With the sounds, it would be great to have volume options.

Overall it’s really a fun, interactive play toy for litte ones! It offers exactly what it’s supposed to and is very easy an intuitive for little children. Will surely be a hit this holiday season!

To learn more and view all the amazing line-up of toys available at Spin Master, visit them online at http://www.spinmaster.com.

Disclosure: CAC received product samples in exchange for an honest review; however, all opinions expressed are entirely those of the author.

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  1. I see a new item on the posted fridge wishlist this morning a Zoomer …..kids only have 1 day left for the wishlist it cuts off dec.10th

  2. Wow,thete really are some nice toys out there,thanks for gathering them all up. I will avoid the Bunchems dont need no chance at an added mess during the holidays

  3. Two things on my sons Christmas list are a Zoomer and Walkie Talkers. Those walkie talkies are so cool!! I’ve never seen ones like that before!

  4. Some good picks. Zoomer kitty is really cute! I think I will opt to avoid the Bunchems I just have visions of them ending up stuck in human & pet hair.

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