Halloween is almost here!

In the spirit of this festive occasion I would like to share with you fun facts about Halloween on behalf of the leading learning language app, Babbel. Interesting facts that both myself and my children enjoyed learning!


With Babbel, you can learn French, Spanish or German; there are 14 languages you can choose from! If you’ll be travelling over the upcoming holidays or planning a trip for next year, this app will definitely help you learn the language of the country you will be visiting.  According to a recent study, the effectiveness of the Babbel app is the best so far among other language learning apps!  


Now let’s get into the eerie stuff!  I love scary things — especially when they’re based from legends or myths.  And especially when they are from different parts of the world.  This is probably why I enjoy Halloween so much — I enjoy the spooks!


Every country has a long, rich tradition of invoking supernatural threats in order to keep kids in line. Maybe parents save it for a last resort, but when they can’t get their kids to behave there is a certain terrifying monster who can.

Okay so I’m guilty of this!  There have been occasions when my kids have annoyed the living daylights out of me due to bad behaviour and I have thrown out a “Go ahead and continue that because the ‘mumu’ loves bad kids and will get you.”  Mumu, in Philippine folklore means ghost or monster.  

The boogeyman has many names and takes on different forms (and even genders), but every culture on Earth knows him: the shadowy, elusive, diabolical entity who feasts on a strict diet of naughty children. He may be evil incarnate, but he also has an uneasy alliance with desperate parents who can’t get their kids to bed on time. We know him as the boogeyman, but it turns out that every culture has a name for this figure that goes bump in the night. Parents around the world agree: fear is an excellent motivator.

ab88a4d8-did-you-knowIel-hombre-del-sacon Spain,  they have a “boogeyman” they refer to as ‘Hombre del Saco (or Sack Man), also Homem do Saco or El Roba-chicos.

The Sack Man is an ugly, gaunt man who kidnaps naughty children in broad daylight and carries them away in a sack.  Depending on regional variants, he either sells the children or eats them.  In some cultures, a figure like Sack Man works as Saint Nicolas’ evil sidekick.


If that’s not creepy enough, beware of La Llorona (The Weeping Woman).
From Mexico, La Llorona is the ghost of a woman who drowned her children in order to be with a man who ultimately spurned her. Destitute, she drowned herself – but she’s barred from entering heaven until she finds her children. At night, she wanders along the riverbanks looking for them, crying “¡Ay mis hijos!” (“oh my children!”) and snatching any child she mistakes for her own. Like the Irish Banshee, hearing her cry is considered a death omen. Her name is derived from the Spanish “llorar” (to weep).

Okay, now that is creepy!  So creepy in fact, that I didn’t even bother adding her photo here because after searching for some online to purchase and include, I pretty much shut my computer off.  

Want to learn more about different “boogeymen” across the world?  Check it out here: Boogeymen From Around The World.



Courtesy of Babbel, one of my readers can win a free 6-month trial.

To enter, simply leave me a comment below telling me what “boogeyman” you grew up knowing of in your culture/home.  Please ensure your correct email used to leave a comment is the email you’d like to be contacted on if you win.

A winner will be randomly selected November7th.

Happy Halloween!

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  1. My mom is Polish and bubak was who I knew. To this day, scarecrows still creep me out!
    Would love to win this as I already have the app basics and love it! Planning a trip to Spain next year!

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