“You had me at Nutella.”

Tim Hortons and Nutella®: A Match Made in Pastry Heaven

For a limited time, Tim Hortons will feature new baked goods made with Nutella® and offer a Nutella® Spread option with all bagels.  How sweet it is!

Yes folks, you heard right. And if you haven’t noticed, social media is buzzing about the new couple in town. Move over Brangelina!

For a limited time between April 15, 2015 – June 9, 2015, Tim Hortons is offering delicious new baked goods featuring Nutella®, the Original Hazelnut Spread.
Prepare to fall in love with the new Chocolate Hazelnut Donut filled with Nutella® and Pastry Pockets filled with Nutella®, as they make their debut in participating Tim Hortons baked goods showcases across the country.
But, that’s not all – a Nutella® Spread option is also available with any bagel, making it easy for Canadians to #SpreadTheLove with Nutella®.

“This is a sweet day for Tim Hortons,” says Julie Unsworth, Senior Director, Brand Marketing, Tim Hortons. “We’ve married the irresistible fresh taste of Tim Hortons baked goods with world-renowned Nutella® to create a phenomenal flavour pairing that Canadians will fall head over heels for. This is a melt-in-your-mouth, must-try treat.”

The limited-time treats include a new Chocolate Hazelnut Donut filled with Nutella® – comprised of the (almost) too-pretty-to-eat petal-shaped donut, filled with creamy, rich Nutella® and topped with roasted chopped hazelnuts. Also made with love are new Pastry Pockets filled with Nutella® – a delicious combination of flaky pastry filled with Nutella® and dusted with sugar. And, for bagel lovers, a Nutella® Spread is available to transform any bagel into a treat.

Baked goods with Nutella® will be available at participating Tim Hortons restaurants across Canada by April 15, 2015, to June 9, 2015, and in U.S. Tim Hortons restaurants from May 8, 2015 to August 18, 2015.

I cannot wait to get my hands on all, especially the Pastry Pockets!

#SpreadTheLove on Social and WIN!

To celebrate the love for baked goods with Nutella® at Tim Hortons, from April 15, 2015, to April 29, 2015, Tim Hortons is asking Canadians to #SpreadTheLove on Twitter and Instagram for a chance to win prizes. Simply add a little joy to someone’s day by sending a #SpreadTheLove message to a friend, and both sender and receiver will be entered for a chance to win daily Tim Cards to try the new baked goods with Nutella® at Tim Hortons.

Plus, enter below for a chance to win a $25 Tim Hortons Gift Card plus Nutella to try at home!

Twitter Party Alert

Oh a little birdie told me that there will be a big #SpreadTheLove Twitter Party happening this April 23rd at 9pm EST.  Watch out for the RSVP coming soon! You won’t want to miss it.  

Tim Hortons #SpreadTheLove Giveaway

138 Comments on #SpreadTheLove with Tim Hortons and Nutella® Giveaway

  1. OOOOOH They all look divine but I want to try the Chocolate Hazelnut Donut filled with Nutella first! Thanks for the chance!

  2. Chocolate Hazelnut Donut filled with Nutella® now that would be a winner with the family! Nutella is like a staple in the cupboard!

  3. Pastry pockets! I saw then once at a restaurant and wanted to try them but they were overpriced and I know Timmie’s will be better. Love them so much!

  4. I’ve already tried the pastry pockets and while they are a little expensive for the size they are totally delicious.

  5. Oh my goodness, I want them ALL!! But I would choose the Pastry Pockets filled with Nutella. I love nutella, I love pastry, I love Tim Hortons, I love this giveaway!

  6. Oh my that donut with the chopped hazelnuts on top is going to be my favorite. Of course we are a love Nutella home so will have to try it all but that pedal donut looks amazing

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