It’s May 28th and although it’s rainy and quite cool today let’s not forget it’s Spring and I’m anticipating lots of sunshine and warmer shorts weather in the near future.

You may have already heard of Moroccanoil and it’s amazing benefits for your locks but did you know they now have a new Moroccanoil Body Line with seriously decadent body products?
I am a big fan of their hair products and love what it does for my hair so I was really hoping that this body line would not disappoint.

I received their new Body Soufflé {MRSP: $52 CAN/190ml} and Body Buff {MRSP: $42 CAN / 180ml} to try out for myself and was instantly attracted to the presentation.
The containers they come in are simple yet screams indulgence. And there is a lot of product in each container! The great thing is that you do not have to use so much at every use.

I lit a few candles, got the bubble bath going, played some soothing jazz tunes and poured myself a glass of red wine. *Dream bubble pop*
I don’t have much time on a typical day to pamper myself like that but that’s why these products are so clever. You don’t need that much time to feel like you did pamper yourself.

Made with natural orange peel exfoliator, the Body Buff is gentle enough for daily use to polish away dead skin cells and instantly transform your skin. The added benefits of argan oil blended with Vitamin E and nourishing avocado, grape seed, safflower, sesame and sweet almond oils, rejuvenate your skin with intense moisture.

Massage in a circular motion to either dry or damp skin until absorbed. Concentrate on areas prone to rough or dry patches. Then, buff and rinse off in the shower. 

At my most recent spa visit, I had a lovely salt scrub before my massage and my skin never felt better.
It wasn’t until I used this product that I felt a similar feeling.

If you plan to use a body bronzer to add some colour to your skin this summer, a good body exfoliator is an absolute must. I highly recommend this product for that.

A whipped hybrid between a body milk and butter, the Moroccanoil Body Soufflé instantly drenches and penetrates skin with intense hydration leaving behind renewed softness, smoothness and resilience. The indulgent formula is rich with reparative argan oil, shea butter and aloe vera that help to stimulate skin’s cellular renewal, and work to improve skin’s natural barrier functions, health and vitality.
Suitable for all skin types, Body Soufflé is all that is needed to wrap skin in a daily, decadent moisture boost. Further stimulating the senses is the signature scent of Moroccanoil, a delightful aromatic blend of the hero ingredients.

To achieve optimum benefits and results, apply Body Soufflé daily after cleansing to lock in moisture and receive immediate skin replenishment.

I don’t like strong scents on my skin. Not just because I am constantly around my little ones but also because I find it tends to irritate my nose. Body creams should not be too strong (that’s why perfume is for!). They should aim at smoothing and quenching your skin first and if you prefer the scent, a nice subtle fragrance should do the trick.
This is what I loved about this cream. I smell the shea butter and argan oil yet it’s not overwhelming, it’s perfect!
It also settles very well into the skin. Not watery, not too thick, just the right texture.
It will definitely work well with all skin types.

Moroccanoil body products are available at luxury spas, fine salons nationwide and at Ben and Tournesol in Montreal.
Discover signature services and products through prestige spa partners, including Quartz Crystal Spa (Trump Hotel Toronto), The Spa at Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise, Spa Vida (Sheraton Wall Center Vancouver), Victoria Park Spa (Montreal) and The Spa at the Four Seasons Toronto.

More information
To explore the full line of Moroccanoil products, visit
You can also visit them online at their various social media sites:
Twitter & Instagram: @Moroccanoil

For a daily spa-like experience without the cost, try out Moroccanoil’s newest Body Line and indulge!

Disclosure: I received sample products for this review, however all opinions expressed are my very own.

16 Comments on Spring-Ready Skin with Moroccanoil Body’s Latest Skincare Indulgence

  1. I love their hair products! It’s great they they have body products now. I really want to try their cream. I totally agree with you that body lotions shouldn’t be to smelly.

  2. Their hair products are amazing! My hair looks fabulous when I use their products. I can’t wait to try these new ones.

  3. I love Moroccan oil for my hair!! I didn’t know that they made body products, and that scrub looks fabulous!

  4. These look great! I am always on the lookout for awesome new skincare products. I use body bronzer sometimes especially for events when I’m lacking some sun and definitely need a good body scrub. Thanks!!

  5. Thanks for the read, Tammi!
    Honestly they are fantastic products! I am very particular about my skincare products because my skin (and nose) can get quite sensitive. I would shell out the price for these because they last a long while and they really do wonders for your skin.
    My legs and feet needed some TLC after being on a hiatus during the colder months and so far it’s doing the job.

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