As a blogger AND as a project manager that works with bridging awesome brands and bloggers for Brand Ambassador programs, it gives me a total advantage because I truly understand what both sides are looking for.
Bloggers want to be appreciated, recognized and compensated for their hard work and loyalty and Brands want to be represented and also acknowledged for who they are by people that truly understand their vision and goals and will band together with them to build strong and ardent connections while continuously fostering a relationship with them.

One of the sad realities that I have come to face as a blogger is that there is such a loss of community and real support.
Sure there are “blogger support groups” that work together to make sure each blogger is accepted and all posts are spread across their social circles to optimize traffic, but aside from that, I feel like there is far too much competition in the blogging community.
Do you really care that much if another fellow blogger to whom you sometimes engage in social conversation with just so happens to work with a brand you’ve been dying to work with or gets invited to a media event that you just didn’t get an invite to?
What about when that brand reaches out to you and says, “Do you know of any other bloggers that you can connect us with that would be fitting to represent our brand and/or campaign?”
Do you:
a) Ignore that request and try to keep that brand’s connection to yourself
b) Spread the word to all of those bloggers in your “inner” social circles
c) Do B PLUS reach out to bloggers that you know of that would be a great fit in working with this blogger.
If you picked C – you are a first-class, positive blogger and also very rare.

Let me emphasize on what I mean when I say “inner” social circles.
Let’s not deny it bloggers. You have a group of fellow blogger friends that you are super comfortable working with and you can’t help but stick to what you’re comfortable with, right? It’s kind of like high school all over again, isn’t it?
I also work with and are good friends with many PR folks in the industry and it’s the same thing there too.
It’s a vicious cycle, I tell ya.
I’ve recently had an insightful and fantastic conversation with a fellow friend that happens to work in a prestigious PR firm in Toronto and I cannot believe how cut-throat that industry is. The sad thing is that many well-meaning and sincere brands that are looking to constantly build their pipeline of dedicated advocates are just not aware of this. So they unfortunately get caught in a covetous web of notoriety.

Today my views have shifted a bit after experiencing an wonderfully pleasant post from a positive blogger that I am gratefully working with on a new program:
“Just thought I would get the ball rolling and make sure we are all backing one another up through out this entire campaign. If everyone can post their direct link to their Twitter account and Facebook Fan Pages, this way we can help each other along the way in making this campaign a HUGE success. A successful campaign proves we are all top bloggers in our our niche. LET’S DO THIS LOVELIES!” – Taralyn Ciula, Little Miss Mama

That is an anomaly these days.
I know because I work on a lot of campaigns with other bloggers and I don’t see this type of support often.
It’s brilliant and uplifting. We need more bloggers like this in our community. Do you know how amazing it would be to be surrounded by those in your niche that think the way that she does?
I`m not asking all bloggers to gather together, arms over one another singing Kumbaya.
Let`s just get real — Real supportive.

My intentions are honestly congenial and when I see others around me get great partnerships or write a really great blog post – you better believe I will Congratulate them and leave them a comment on that post (another rarity). It’s human nature to have pangs of desire but if we can turn all that energy into hard work, tolerance and rapport … WOW, sign me up for that! Why not Seek Affiliation not Domination?

Peace, love and chocolate cake.


7 Comments on Squashing the Green-Eyed Monster in the Blogging Community

  1. I love the quote about women empowering each other. I’m lucky to be part of a very supportive blogging community, in which we share opportunities with each other, critique each other’s work, and provide constructive feedback to one another.

  2. That sounds like it can get emotionally challenging being in that community. It’s lovely that you can know that there are supportive bloggers out there.

  3. Everyone, everywhere wants to feel like they mean something. Support and sharing is so important! I am not a blogger but I do love reading. I offer support by reading, commenting and sharing.

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