You know the saying: “The way to a man’s person’s heart is through their stomach”.
They say you can taste the love that goes into well-prepared meals — the more love you put into, the better it will be.

I remember on one of our dates in the earlier years when my husband and I were still just dating and learning to know each other better, he had arranged for us to do a cooking class.
In this class we would be guided buy a seasoned chef, and basically prepping our own dinner while learning tips and tricks along the way.
It was geared towards couples and it was one of the most memorable and cherished dates we’ve ever had.
I learned a lot about him that day and something about a man chopping veggies in a cute fitted apron, a little bit of flour on his face and tousled hair is quite… sexy.
So our food may have been slightly burned that night (ha!), but we got better along the years!
Cooking together may just still be one of the most passionate and charming things to do as a couple.


This Valentine’s Day Staub, the reference brand for internationally famous chefs including Paul Bocuse (France), Hiroyuki Hiramatsu (Japan) and Michael Käfer (Germany) is hosting an exclusive Valentine’s Day Giveaway.
Because love and food are inextricably tied, Staub is offering a set of two ceramic mini heart cocottes to one lucky winner in Canada.
These cocottes are not available to the Canadian market and can only be won on CAC!

Don’t save dessert for last!
This prize is targeted to those who want to “wow” their partner and surprise them with a romantic treat, not just for Valentine’s Day but anytime of the year, like a delicious berry custard that’s served from the heart. To learn more about Staub visit

Staub Valentine’s Day Giveaway

*Please note: This Valentine’s day themed giveaway doesn’t end until after Valentine’s Day.

58 Comments on Staub Valentine’s Day Giveaway

  1. Nothing exciting, just a regular Saturday. According to my menu plan I made up for the month, we’re having chicken strips and noodles for dinner that night.

  2. I’ll be making dinner at home – not sure what’s on the menu yet, but there will be something chocolate for dessert!

  3. I’m making a cake with the kids. My daughter has been begging me to let her decorate a cake with sprinkles and Valentine’s seems like the perfect time to do it.

  4. I’m making our ‘flavourite’ eggs benedict in the morn, as he always takes me out for a fabulous dinner! I never know until we get there!! And it really never matters as I’m always delighted in his choices! 🙂

  5. I am not quite sure what I will be whipping up, but I say your DIY post from Valentine’s last year and since the kids will be part of our day, they would really enjoy making the heart shaped pizza’s for themselves and maybe I can figure out how to make a large one for the hubby and I to share.

  6. I plan to make my family heart shaped pancakes for breakfast and then we’re off to the aquarium to enjoy a day together! Then for dinner, we’ll have homemade chicken pot pie with a movie on and then creme brulee for dessert!

  7. I think we are going to make sushi together this Valentine’s Day! Lots of work but worth it & cheaper than dining out. Thanks for the chance to win these super sweet heart cocottes!

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