You know the drill ladies.
Your monthly “frenemy” comes along aka Aunt Flo and if you use pads like me, that also includes an oh-so-sexy underwear transformation to the land of granny panties.

“But they’re so comfy…”

Yes, yes they are but seriously come on now. We have been way too comfortable in those massive things for too long – first during pregnancy and then those months following. You are totally ready to ditch those granny panties forever.
And yes that includes during that time of the month.
Impossible you say?
Not with the Stayfree UltraThin Pads!

In my 31 years of life, 20 of those years with monthly visits from Aunt Flo, I can tell you that I have had my share of pad trial and errors. Oh do not make me remember those errors. Embarrassment to society. And I’m sure we’ve all had those OOPS moments when on your period courtesy of faulty and FAIL of a pad.
What’s even worse is when it happens during an important social event… umm… yeah.

I have finally come to find a brand that I trust and the proof is in the pudding.
See it to believe it, right?
I did the Stayfree Challenge to see how Stayfree UltraThin Pads with flexible-fit design and Thermo-Control measures up to leading thin pad competitors in the market. Here are the results.



IMG_2622 IMG_2623 IMG_2624 IMG_2630

So are you ready to join the Panty Party?

What’s the Panty Party?

We recognize

…that all women have them. Those dumpy, frumpy, old underwear that live in the back of the drawer, reserved for that time of the month.

We demand

…that all women have the right to feel good 365 days of the year, whether they have their period or not. We further recognize that granny panties do NOT help to boost self-confidence or instill pride in one’s appearance. It is time for a much needed “make under”.

We celebrate women’s right

…to reclaim their beautiful underwear as every day wear, thanks to Stayfree Ultra Thins with amazing ThermoControl® technology that moves with women’s bodies, providing exceptional protection and comfort

We encourage all women

…to pledge their support for the Panty Party, a national campaign that invites Canadian women to get rid of their granny panties and wear their beautiful, stylish or sexy underwear with confidence during their period.

Women of Canada, join the Party at @The_PantyParty and pledge to get rid of those granny panties for good.

Full product sample and compensation was received for this review challenge, however all opinions expressed are my very own.

7 Comments on Stayfree this Summer and Wave Bye-Bye to Granny Panties

  1. Love your review! Stayfree is my go to brand for pads. I have tried many many brands and I am super loyal to them.

  2. I would love to try the new pads , seems like the older i get the worse messes i get in to ugh , i am up for anything better 🙂

  3. Great review! I love the video challenge.
    I have been using Always for so long and it’s been great but I am really impressed with the results of Stayfree’s ultrathin pads.
    May just have to do a switch.

  4. Wow, I can’t believe it’s this easy….although I really do like my comfy panties. I’m totally up for a change!

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