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Taking my son on a walk to our neighborhood playground, the first bite of Autumn’s crisp cool air grazed my  cheeks and looking around it finally starting hitting me — Fall is definitely in the air.
I enjoy the warmer months but I have to admit, I LOVE Fall! It’s my favourite season. What’s not to love about it? Warm bevvies by a fireplace, fuzzy blankets, the beautiful colours of the changing leaves, abundance of fresh apples waiting to be picked and eaten, Fall Fashion and of course Halloween and Thanksgiving.

Being an interior design enthusiast, you can always tell what season it is just by looking at the decor inside and outside of my home. With the changes of the season, comes the transition in style pieces. It’s easy to change up your home’s seasonal style by just changing up a few things and adding some key seasonal ornaments instead of changing anything major.
Pillow covers, throw blankets, flowers/branches in vases, candles (colour and scent of candles) are just some examples of items in the home that can be changed to accommodate the change.
So what am I loving this year for Fall Home Décor?

I know it’s part of fashion, but it’s also super cool to incorporate into your Fall décor: Ombré!  
I am loving these ideas! (Although they do sort of remind me of candy corn. But that’s OK right?)


Ombre Wine Vases: BRIT + CO | DIY Ombre Glowing Hurricane Glasses | Ombre Lamp | Ombre Pumpkins
Feeling inspired yet?
Check out this collage of my absolute favourite 2013 Fall Décor.
I am loving white pumpkins (a favourite since last year); burlap is always the perfect fall decor addition; candles add an instant warmth – perfect for Fall (get them in fall colours scented with vanilla, cinnamon and pumpkin!) and I really admire large lanterns in different sizes filled with small pumpkins and candles.
Happy Decorating!

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  1. Ahhh Fall is right around the corner. I see this post and reminds me of looking up some DIY for the fall to decor my place. =)

  2. I am forever in need of decorating help, All seasons! Those are just beautiful and seemingly simple things to make. I think I might attempt the bottles!

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