It’s finally Spring and with that, comes a whole new change of your footwear wardrobe. Although I’m a tad sad to bid farewell for now to my knee-high leather boots and cute Sorel’s, there’s no denying the thrill in whipping out the pedicured toes and slipping into a pair of gorgeous sandals or busting out the always so stylish and comfy pair of white sneakers.

Recently I had the amazing opportunity to have a VIP Shoe Shopping experience at Stance Shoes in Square One courtesy of Tana.  Oh yeah! 

IMG_1596 copyIMG_1598 copyIMG_1602 copyIMG_1611 copyIMG_1616 copyFrom strappy sandals (with heels or flat), Sk8-Hi sneakers and comfy and stylish canvas shoes, they had the what’s hot for Spring game covered and I was in shoe heaven.

The shoe selection was abundant and I was happy to see that they carried a selection of Tana shoe products.  I think purchasing a hot new pair of shoes without protection is a big no-no.  They are a typically (if you buy quality), a long-term investment (or so you’d like) so it’s important to keep them at their best.  I know with kids especially, it can be very difficult to keep their shoes clean.  But those cute converse sneakers though?  I know… I know.  Thankfully, we can protect them first to provide an invisible barrier from the elements.

I asked the expert for some of his top tips for keeping your shoes at their best for Spring, especially with rainy weather season, mud puddles, concrete nicks, grass stains, etc.  He immediately whipped out the Tana Universal All Protector Spray which repels the elements and resists stains and works for all footwear colours and material.  Spray this on at least a few hours before wearing and re-spray every 2 weeks or so.  This helps a lot for potential water damage.  They now also have a Sandal Cleaner which is great for bare feet sandals and sneakers as they deep clean and refresh.  Another must-have product for Spring footwear is the Tana Barefoot Insole.  We tend not to wear socks as often during the warmer weather so having these insoles in your sandals, sports shoes and slippers keep them dry and fresh.  I always also have a few bottles of Tana FootSilk Foot Freshener.  They keep your shoes smelling amazing and fresh and if you’re plagued with a pair of your husbands or child’s smelly gym/sports shoes, the FootSilk Foot Freshener helps to eliminate the odours.

I needed a new pair of fresh white sneakers, so I immediately gravitated towards a pair of Vans partial Sk8-Hi White sneakers.  Beauty!  White sneakers are effortlessly stylish for the warm weather but will require a little more TLC.

Here are my top tips for keeping your White Sneakers on point:

  1. Spray Tana Universal All Protector Spray prior to use to help repel elements and stains
  2. Keep a small stick of Magic Eraser or use a rag dipped in vinegar for spot-cleaning stains and blemishes.  For hard to reach stain spots, I use an old toothbrush, gentle soap and water and scrub gently to remove.  This is also great for stubborn oil stains.  Just make sure not to leave the oil stain sitting for too long.  Get to it as soon as you can.
  3. Use Tana Sport Whitener for genuine or man-made white sports shoes to help restore maximum whiteness
  4. Clean white laces by letting them sit in warm water with a tsp of vinegar and gentle soap (I use baby shampoo) for a few minutes. Allow to air dry.
  5. Never keep your white shoes outdoors when not being used.  Keep them away from direct UV light (indoors) to prevent discolouration and fading.
  6. Need to dry them fast after washing?  Keep paper towel inside to absorb the extra moisture and they’ll be dry in no time.
  7. Use Tana Barefoot Insoles to keep your shoes and feet dry and fresh (also helps in hindering any staining inside your shoe that may occur from your feet). 

Do you have any other tips for keeping your shoes in pristine condition?

#TanaLovesShoes Shoe Love is True Love Contest

DSC_5464 DSC_5497 copy I love shoes, you love shoes, I don’t know anyone that doesn’t love a good pair of shoes.  

From April 4th to 30th, simply share photo(s) of what “shoe love” looks like to you using the program hashtag #TanaLovesShoes on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook for a chance to win a Tana Prize Pack.

Contest is open to Canadian Residents.

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