Tech the halls, and stockings, and under the Christmas Tree… with some of the hottest Tech must-haves this season!

Whether you’re a fitness fanatic or looking to get more in shape as a New Years resolution, a fashionista that loves tech as much as style or just a true tech toy enthusiast, TELUS has everything you need.

Who better to turn to than #TeamTELUS for some awesome gift suggestions?

Head over to the TELUS BLOG HERE to see what #TeamTELUS chose in their Ultimate Wish List and be inspired as you finish up your holiday shopping.

And to make gift-buying even more successful and a total breeze for you, why not pop into their stores?  A completely amazing experience plus they offer so much more to help you —  from deciding on what to buy to helping navigate through your newly purchased item.

TELUS is obsessed with delivering an unmatched customer experience and ensuring their customers get the most out of their new phone, accessories and connected products. As part of this commitment, TELUS offers personalized, one-on-one sessions with expert learning specialists through their unique Learning Centres. TELUS Learning Specialists cover everything from basic device functionality to helpful tips and tricks for the most advanced users. If you’re looking for mobile health accessories for the fitness fanatic in your life, their TELUS Health Tech Trainers will make sure you walk away with the best wearable that fits their health goals.

Both their Learning Centre Specialists and Health Tech Trainers sessions are complimentary, and can be booked online or in-store. With a TELUS Learning Centre session, your loved one can feel confident using their new smartphone, accessories or wearable tech to its full potential!

I admit that I am completely obsessed with tech gadgets and toys. My dream is to visit Tokyo, Japan one day and just go crazy in every single shop they have.
One new toy that I fell smitten with when I first laid eyes on it visiting the new TELUS Concept Store in Eaton Centre was the Wowwee MiP Robot.


The perfect companion for gadget enthusiasts and allergy-plagued pet lovers alike, the WowWee MiP Robot offers fun and intuitive interaction controlled by your smartphone and GestureSense technology. MiP plays games, dances, battles, balances and more – with an immersive personality and impressive response time, you’ll be a MiPster at first swipe.


  • Free app lets you drive MiP, play games and more
  • GestureSense technology makes it easy to control with your hand or an object
  • Heightened response technology helps MiP change direction on a dime
  • Test MiP’s obedience in a stacking game exercise
  • Watch MiP dance and control his moves by altering the song and intensity
  • Create obstacle courses for MiP with the swipe of a finger
  • Grow its immersive personality via various mood chips
  • Compatible with iOS and Android devices
  • Requires 4 x AAA batteries (sold separately)
  • Suitable for ages 8+


Ugh, so darn cute.  I’m definitely a MiPster.

Just in time for the holidays, and because it’s good to have friends in high tech places (ahem – #TeamTELUS perks), one of my readers will WIN a cute WowWee MiP Robot (arv $110).  

To enter, visit the TELUS Blog post here and let me know which item you like best from the #TeamTELUS Ultimate Wish List!  Bonus points if you leave a comment on that Telus Blog post as well! πŸ™‚

TELUS Holiday Giveaway

123 Comments on Tech Gifts For Everyone with the #TeamTELUS Ultimate Wish List + Giveaway

  1. So many great items in the #telusteam guide. I would say the Beats Solo 2.0 Wireless headphones. They’re supposed to be awesome.

  2. This is number one in my sons list this year. I think it’s the cutest thing. My son is the biggest Star Wars fan. Thank you so much

  3. My favorite item from the guide is the Sphero Orbotix SPRK, following closely by this Wowwee MiP robot – it’s amazing what they can do with technology now! These look like something the whole family would get a real kick out of.

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