Can you believe we are only a few weeks away from Christmas? I feel like it was only yesterday when I was sitting lakeside engrossed in a thriller novel while my kids were making sandcastles.

Although the days of sandcastles and beaches are behind us (for now), another very exciting time is on the horizon which, for me, includes an immense amount of Mariah Carey, Michael Bublé and Bing Crosby… Christmas!

My family and friends call me Christmas Carol because I’m basically an elf in the guise of a frazzled mother with a penchant for dry humour and sarcasm.  I love this time of year! 

But you know what I don’t love so much? My depleting checking account during holiday shopping (with a ridiculously and unnecessary chunk going towards shortbread cookies and cute Christmas décor including a slew of nutcrackers – guilty as charged!). 

Every year, gift guides are mailed or shared online featuring some (truly) super cool ideas that will have your kids circling every single toy that they really (and honestly) do not need.  Sorry to sound like a bit of a scrooge but my kids have a lot of toys. I mean, a lot.  Many of which end up sitting and collecting dust after the excitement has passed and often donated.  And really, do we need more slime in this house?  You feel me, parents?

I hope my kids don’t read this because 1) they’ll be very upset at the fact that I proclaimed my annoyance with slime and it will most likely not be under the Christmas tree this year and 2) some of the products I’m featuring here will be under the tree (Yay!).

Tech and STEM gifts are my preferred for my growing children (and hey, I may throw in a few other non-techy gifts for good measure). These gifts grow with your children and also help them grow mentally.  They help prepare your child in their studies and lays the groundwork for their love and appreciation for STEM while having fun!  Often times though, they can come with a heftier price tag. 

I’ve partnered with Telus (my #1 place for tech gifts) to share a few Tech holiday gift ideas that I just love and that I know your child/ren (and your bank account) will to! 

1) MERGE VR 360 Goggles

Transport yourself to virtual world’s!

The Merge VR Goggles turn your smartphone into an immersive virtual reality headset to launch you into next generation gaming, puzzles, and experiences. Sculpted of flexible and soft foam, this headset is comfortable and durable. Adjustable lenses allow you to optimize your viewing experience to suit your unique eye distance. With hundreds of curated apps, you’ll enjoy endless hours of fun wherever you want.

$39.99, or select Telus retailers

2) MERGE Cube

Pair your MERGE VR 360 Goggles with the super-cool MERGE Cube, the world’s first holographic object you can hold in the palm of your hand!

The Merge Cube gives you the power to play games, control holograms, and solve puzzles with a combination of virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality experiences.

$29.99, or select Telus retailers

3) FUJIFILM Instax Mini 9

Do you remember the polaroid days?  I sure do!  And along with it comes some amazing memories of my youth.

If you have a budding photographer or just a child that would take love capturing and collecting little moments with friends and family in an instant, this is the perfect gift!

Snap instant, retro-inspired photos and selfies with the Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 instant camera! Featuring a built-in selfie mirror, the Instax Mini 9 makes it easy to capture perfectly framed selfies without any guesswork. Automatic flash and a brightness adjustment dial let you shoot bold, vibrant photos in different lighting conditions.

It comes in 5 different colours to choose from and includes batteries and wrist strap.  The instant film is separate but you (or your child) has the option of choosing tons of fun different film styles.

$79.99, or select Telus retailers

4) Harry Potter Kano Coding Kit

The magical world of Harry Potter meets the world of computer coding with the new Harry Potter Kano Coding Kit!

Build a wand that makes magic on a screen and learn to code with 70+ creative challenges, and games. Make objects appear, fly, and multiply with a wave of your wand. Create, share, and play with the Kano community.

I don’t know who may be more excited to wave their magic wand, the kids or the parents?

$129.99, or select Telus retailers

5) Samsung Galaxy A8

Give the gift of gab, technology and connection (and peace of mind for you) and surprise your tween or teen with the sleek Samsung Galaxy A8.

Available in black or orchid grey, the Galaxy A8 is the perfect starter mobile device for your teen.

What’s even better is that if you are a Telus customer, you get more choice, more control, and more savings with the TELUS Family Advantage.

A little concerned about getting your tween/teen their first phone? Our recent post here may help!

6) PopSockets

Pop, tilt, wrap, prop, collapse, grip, repeat, PopSockets are the great for enhancing the grip and capabilities of your phone in a fun and stylish way. Whether you use it to prop up and watch a movie or read a book on your phone handsfree, up your selfie game or to wrap your headphones around (neat idea, huh?), it’s the perfect little gift or stocking stuffer this season!

Available in a variety of seriously cool colours and designs to match your child’s individual tastes.

From $14.99 – $19.99, or select Telus retailers

7) BuddyPhones Headphones

Cute, functional and safe for little ears, introduce your little one to the world of music with BuddyPhones. Featuring tangle-resistant cable, flexible headband and a volume-limiting circuitry that caps the sound automatically at 85 decibels, you never have to worry or monitor the volume levels while they have a good time. It has a BuddyCable system, a built-in audio splitter that allows up to four audio cables to connect to one device, making it perfect for sharing their music with their best buddies.

$24.99, or select Telus retailers

8) Crayola Colour Alive 2.0 – Avengers Colouring Book

Get your little ones away from the sounds of DanTDM and Ryan’s Toy’s Reviews for a bit with this fun, interactive activity! I’m sure I know plenty of Marvel fans out there that will really enjoy this one.

Crayola Colour Alive offers a revolutionary experience by letting kids blend traditional colouring with virtual interaction. With a special app and marker, kids can colour the 16 action colouring pages, then scan them and watch as their favourite characters come to life and interact on their devices in with the free Color Alive app.

Each colouring page character provides a unique virtual experience. Kids will love watching The Marvel Avengers jump and move off the page!

Once they’ve completed all 16 included character pages, kids can continue the fun by downloading additional action colouring pages from the app.

The free iOS/Android/Windows app is compatible with smartphones, tablets, and iPod touch.

$6.99, or select Telus retailers

In need of more Tech gift ideas?

Check out Telus’ full holiday gift guide here for more inspiration for everyone on your holiday shopping list.

Happy Holiday Shopping!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post as a @Telus_Partner; however, all opinions expressed are entirely those of the author.


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