My mobile phone is my 3rd baby. It’s true!
I handle it with the utmost care just like I do with my two other precious gems.
I speak to it, I sing to it, we’re always together (hand-in-hand, side-by-side), it knows so much about me and carries with it personal stories and images, and like both my children, my mobile often reminds me of things that I tend to forget (and wakes me up with a loud irritating sound at the crack of dawn).

But along with my love and appreciation for my phone, I admit I use to despise having to deal with the dreaded telco that came along with it.
You all know what I’m talking about: the crazy bills filled with unexpected charges, the complicated contracts, those annoying system access fees and burdensome contract cancellation charges.
And I am forever haunted by the memories of returning back from a beautiful anniversary vacation in Paris only to be welcomed by a massive bill filled with roaming charges.
Has this happened to you before?
Disgruntled, much? I know the feeling very, very well. And frankly, I was pretty much fed up with telecom companies period and after feeling cheated so many times, my trust in telco’s has squandered.
That was until I finally made the leap to TELUS.

Prior to moving over to TELUS’ “greener pastures” (must be why their logo has a vibrant green in their ‘t’ that looks like a blade of grass — that just being my artistic concept of it), I admit I was skeptical at first (I had every reason to be).
However after following them on social media and noticing their interactions with their audience (both in positive and negative situations), and hearing some great and genuinely honest recommendations from friends and family that have been proud TELUS customers for a while, I felt comfortable in knowing that perhaps there is finally a Telco company out there I can trust!

TELUS truly believes that they are different and have worked tirelessly over the last five years to put their customers first and deliver on that promise. Since then, they’ve:
Eliminated system access fees, contract cancellation charges in favour of a simple device balance, device activation fees
• Re-wrote their contracts in plain language
• Introduced international roaming data notifications, blocks and travel passes, TELUS Learning Centres, Health Tech Trainers

All of these service changes – many driven by customer feedback – combined with the hard work of their incredibly dedicated team members, has enabled TELUS to have the most satisfied and loyal customers of any provider in North America:
95 per cent of TELUS customers are satisfied with their customer service (rated it as good/very good/excellent)
• Of all complaints to the CCTS this year, only 4.4 per cent, or 243 complaints were about TELUS
o In fact, complaints against TELUS have dropped so significantly that they weren’t included in the CCTS’ list of the top five brands with the most complaints
• 90 per cent of customers rated their technicians excellent/very good

Was it all just a façade for marketing purposes? Or is TELUS truly a Telco gem?


After switching to TELUS (proud #TeamTELUS member! Check out my big announcement here.), I was blown away by how quick and easy it was to get set up on my new phone and choose a plan that was just right for me.
That’s not it! I then realized I signed up for something even greater than I expected.

Being part of the TELUS community, you are treated like a good friend, possibly even family! They are always readily available when you need them and stand by their promise of putting customers FIRST.
This is evident in their Expect More Campaign.

More than just a campaign, Expect More challenges their customers to expect more from them, pushing themselves to deliver more to their customers and build their trust.
They understand and accept their flaws and imperfections, and strive to become better.
This begins with their commitment to dedication to their internal team members — Fact: TELUS has the highest employee engagement in the world for a company of its size and composition.
As a former Human Resources Professional, I can tell you that company culture is crucial to the performance of every single team member, and that a positive and content work culture brings positive results to their external members, the customer, YOU.

TELUS is inviting Canadians to expect more from them because they’re going to deliver more.
How will they do this?
By continuing to listen and act upon their customers’ feedback whether it’s through their call centres, online, in our stores, or through social media.
If you’re connected to @TELUS on twitter, you’ll see this is more than just “talk”.
Check out this fun video + more to see TELUS’ fun interactions when answering consumer comments related to our service and their general frustrations with their telco providers.

In June, TELUS launched an Appointments Tool enabling customers to schedule in-store appointments with sales representatives regarding activations, renewals and repairs in advance of coming in-store.

I experienced this first-hand when I booked an in-store one-on-one session with a TELUS Learning Specialist at my local TELUS location.
I just received my new device and thought it would be beneficial to learn more about it and the accessories I can pair with it.
What’s great about these one-on-one Learning Sessions is that they are customized to my needs.
If you prefer a group session (this is great if you’ve got a work team or family/friends with the same device/operating systems), they also offer this as well.

I’ve had my iPhone for many years, then I upgraded and thought to myself: what more do I really need to learn anyway? Boy, was I in for a surprise!


Paul, the TELUS Learning Specialist from TELUS’ Bramalea City Centre was absolutely amazing! He was funny, personable, and extremely knowledgeable.
Not only did he show me the basics, but knowing my interests and lifestyle and how I use my device the most, he showed me ways to utilize my device to make my life a whole lot easier!
I never knew before this appointment how to incorporate Reminders (which is free and always just been sitting vacantly on my screen untouched) with the ever so conducive and accessible Siri (who by the way can do so much more than I imagined!), set proper schedules and reminders so that I never miss an appointment again, and what accessories would work best with my device and that I would enjoy.

This is just one of the many offerings TELUS provides their customers, and even those that aren’t customers yet! I can’t wait to share more with you; there’s just so many things that they provide it’s impossible to fit into one blog post.

You can learn more about how you can expect more from TELUS and give your feedback by visiting or check out the TELUS blog for the latest stories on how they’re putting Customers First.
You can also see how TELUS is bringing #expectmore to life, share your thoughts and join the conversation!

Isn’t it time to #expectmore from your service provider?
How do you #expectmore from your telco? Do share! I’d love to hear them below.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.
CAC is part of #TeamTELUS and received compensation and/or special perks as part of their exclusive partnership; however as always, all opinions expressed are entirely those of the author.

19 Comments on #ExpectMore, Learn More, Appreciate More with TELUS

  1. It’s good that Telus is stepping up and doing more to provide better service and what not. And it helps that their mascots are so cute

  2. I love that they offer a in-store one-on-one session with a TELUS Learning Specialist, I am an android user and still have no idea how to use all the functions of my phone and I know my supplier doesn’t offer this service, at least not in my area!!

  3. Telus really has improved their service over the past several years. I have recently switched back to them and love being a customer of theirs.

  4. I don’t have a cell phone yet. I am thinking about one and signing with Telus. My daughter has been with them for years and she seems to be pleased with the service.

  5. I am definitely going to be checking Telus out when I do my next cell phone switch, I have been reading/hearing great things about them.

  6. I feel like a dinosaur. lol. No cell phone here, but I have heard wonderful things about Telus. My kids keep bugging us to get connected, so you just never know.

  7. Ive been a Telus customer for years and was sadly thinking to switch carriers due to the poor reception I would receive when I was outside of the city, compared to the other companies here…. Telus came out with their extended network – and I have to say I am BEYOND thrilled! They truly do listen to their customers and work to make their brand the best possible.

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