Remember when we were kids (or if you’re like me and still sort of a big kid) and you walk into a toy store full of wonderment and sheer enthusiasm, yet pausing briefly upon entry at the overabundance of toys before you?
I may have had that same reaction when I stepped into the new TELUS Concept Store located inside Eaton Centre.

There’s shopping and then there’s fully immersive, experiential shopping.  That’s what you’ll get here.

2,800sq feet (vs. the previous location’s 1,500sq feet) with more than 1,000 products (vs. less than 200 products in a regular store) to create a one-stop-shop where you can buy anything from toys or accessories for kids of all ages to the latest smart phone with a TELUS expert ready to help if you need.

The first thing I noticed upon entry aside from the gorgeous Caeden Linea Nº1 Ear Headphones in Faceted Carbon and Gold in the window display or the fun toys propped meticulously on a circular display table in the front middle of the store featuring fun products like WowWee’s Mip Robot or Sphero’s BB-8 App-Enabled Droid, was how well-spaced and organized the store was.
I could literally find exactly what I was looking for in seconds.

IMG_6823 IMG_6830 IMG_6856

This is courtesy of the series of categories in each designated area of the store, each with an anchor product partner making it super easy for customers.  These include:

  • Health & Fitness, anchored by Fitbit
  • Audio, anchored by Beats
  • Essentials, anchored by Mophie
  • Fashion, anchored by Kate Spade
  • Devices, anchored by Apple and Samsung
  • Lifestyle, anchored by GoPro
  • Home, anchored by Nest and Optik

TELUS’ new concept store offers an enhanced customer experience through highly interactive and innovative technologies as well as increased opportunities for one-on-one learning and engagement with specialized TELUS experts.  You’ll find an expert in each area of the store specifically for their specialized product category.
I really like that.
It’s reassuring as you know that they’re true product matter experts and will teach you and provide you all the knowledge you need to better equip you making the buying experience a breeze.
I tend to get a bit confused and overwhelmed with all the new tech toys and gadgets so it’s nice to have them narrowed down so I can find what’s best for my needs.

“There’s no doubt that our smartphones are a central part of our lives and how we’re using them changes almost daily – from listening to tunes, to tracking our fitness to monitoring our home – our devices can really enrich our lives. With our new Connected Experience stores we’ve created a playground where customers can touch, test and play with more than 1,000 specially curated products that help enhance their digitally connected life.”

There was just SO much for me to see and play with in the store, even discovering new products I’ve never really heard of or not to knowledgeable about but immediately realizing how much I actually really need in my life!  Like these awesome nest products including the nest Learning Thermostat  or these nifty colourful CableDrops from Bluelounge for better cable management and organization.

IMG_6826 IMG_6829So what exactly is the difference between the new TELUS Concept Stores and other the other TELUS stores?

  • 2,800sq feet (vs. the previous location’s 1,500sq feet) featuring soundproof engineering so you can go ahead and pump that bass when testing out new bluetooth speakers. 
  • Nicely spaced out and organized stations according to category with more than 1,000 products vs. less than 200 products in a regular store
  • TELUS experts in each area ready to answer all your questions 
  • Interactive sound bar experience for comparing the best in Bluetooth speakers – I was here for a good 20 minutes because I L-O-V-E my music.  You can even choose which genre you’d like to play. 
  • More than 100 live demo products to test and play with (and PLAY is certainly what we did, including my 7 year old daughter! She really enjoyed this experience.)
  • At any time, you can book a complimentary TELUS Learning Centre session with the expertly trained Learning Centre Specialists and Health Tech Trainers who provide one on one counsel to help you learn how to use your new mobile devices and connected products.
  • Charging stations so you can recharge while you shop 

The new TELUS concept store is truly an evolution of their retail shopping journey — I’m excited to see what’s in store seeing the success of these two new concept stores (Toronto Eaton Centre and Southgate Store).

Shout-out to TELUS Eaton Centre Store Manager, Dildeep Mand, for the fantastic walk-through.

If you’re still looking for some more gifts for the holidays, you definitely will want to stop by the new TELUS Concept Store.  I’m certain you’ll find something perfect for even the pickiest person your list!

  • Large & inviting entrance
  • Try out products in-store!
  • Speaker Station
  • Interactive & Fun Environment
  • by v8.5
Disclaimer:  As a Team TELUS ambassador, this is sponsored content, however as always, all opinions expressed are entirely my own.

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  1. That is one big store. Just might have to make the trek to the Eaton Center and check it out. One stop shopping. Thanks for the review.

  2. Whoa! This story is pretty cool! I love how Telus is stepping outside their comfort zone. Need to head to the Eaton Centre to check it out!

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