Ty and I (and Ava) went in last Friday to see the specialist for regular cycle monitoring and the doc informed us that my mature folli was now at 2.3mm (was only 1.8mm the day before)! That’s crazy! So he highly recommended I go an hcg shot to trigger ovulation because the follicle is getting too big.
So, I went ahead and paid the $85 for the hcg shot, went into a private room with a nurse and got the shot injected on the back of my left hip. Didn’t hurt one bit, just a quick pinch.
A few hours later at home,  I felt extremely nauseated. Googled info and found that it was a rare side effect of the hcg trigger shot. I honestly felt sick to my stomach.  Thank God it only lasted a few hours. As the day went on, my nausea went away.

Sunday morning we returned to the clinic and was informed that I did ovulate! 🙂 So now it’s just the waiting game. They said if I don’t get a period by July 21st, to take a PG test and to schedule an appt to come into the clinic again. If I do get a period, I still have to schedule an appt on day 1 to start a new round of clomid on day 3.  We are hoping and praying that this is the month and we see NO period and a positive pregnancy test! Please continue to keep us in your prayers.
I’m not going to lie… this whole infertility thing is really dampening my spirits and making me a little sad. Not only is it physically draining (having to come in and out of the clinic for monitoring and all the meds I have to take) but also mentally and emotionally draining as well.  I’m not trying to compare my situation or myself to any other woman but everywhere I turn, my friends and those around me are getting preggo. And so quickly. It’s like all their husband has to do is look at them and bam! Sorry, hormones talking.

I’m very grateful for the support I have from my husband and family and friends and the great clinic I attend with good specialist’s and nurses. But I just want it to be over. I just want my body to cooperate with me for once and be normal. I want to feel a baby growing inside me again.

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