The last couple of weeks has been a tumultuous one.
At my 34+5 week prenatal appointment with my OBGYN, I advised her of what I thought was some dislodging of my mucous plug the days before and after a quick internal check, she did advise me that I was already 1 cm dilated.
Clearly this was something that threw me off a bit because of the risk of preterm labor given my history (PCOS) and also family history.  I was mentally and physically exhausted but my unborn son’s overall health was of utmost importance and concern to me.  I wanted him to keep bakin’ a little longer before his grand entrance.

How long till I can potentially go into labor? Was my first question to her.
50/50 she replied. It’s only natural for women, especially after having had a baby already to be slightly dilated/effaced at this point in the pregnancy.
Some can be dilated for hours, days, weeks before they go into active labor.

So of course, being the natural worry-wart that I am, I was walking on egg shells that whole day and the days after making sure to stay off my feet as much as possible. Ha! Easier said than done when you have a 3 and a half year old.

Well, days passed and no signs of labor. *phew*
Then just last week, I came down with probably one of the nastiest cold viruses I’ve had in years which lasted for about a week.  I am just finally getting over it 100% now.
So bad in fact, that we had to call upon the help of SUPERMOM (yes, I believe that my mom is a Super Mom), to take a day off her work to stay and care for me (or at least keep an eye on the little one) as I wrestled my way back to health.

36 weeks! 

I’m now into my 36th week and hoping I can reach my 38th-39th week when I have my scheduled C-section (due to previous C-section). I’d be just as happy to hit my 37th.
That way I can rest assured that at least my son is officially full-term.

Evenings, especially bed time have been execrable to say the least.
Not so much the heart burn (thankfully I didn’t suffer from it as badly as I did with Ava), but more so that fact that I very little space left to catch a full breath.  I have to literally channel my inner yogi for about 15-20 minutes each night before bed + lots of water to help ease this arduous breathing issue in order to settle for the night.

My meals have been dissected into about 6 very small meals throughout the day so that my pea-size of stomach space I have left in there can actually digest well.  This I find the ironic part of pregnancy — you tend to be more hungry nearing the end of your pregnancy and ready to eat almost everything in sight, yet you have little space left to play with so you have to portion and down-size the amount you can actually indulge in.

*Hold on, Braxton Hicks*

That’s another thing that I’ve noticed has started, good ol’ Braxton Hicks.
Not so bad though to the point where it’s way uncomfortable.  Just feel my stomach get super tight for a few seconds, like a rock.

Baby boy has also proved to me that he is either practicing to be a Line-Backer or an Irish Folk Dancer.
His jabs and turns have become much more rough and prominent and there are some days when I feel like he is doing the River Dance on my cervix!

Everything has gotten a little puffy, especially my feet.  I pretty much know every single retailer within a 20 km radius courtesy of my frequent bathroom stop-off’s.  And my hips, back, lungs, and everything else are pretty much screaming, “Are we there yet?!” like an impatient toddler.
I hear you, I hear you!

I’ll be 37 weeks this Saturday and as much as I’m feeling such excitement and anticipation for our son’s arrival, I’m soooo ready to be back to normal again.  Normal being able to see my feet again and not having to roll like a log off the bed every morning and frequent times at night for a bathroom break (although the rolling like a log part’s always fun…)

Both hubby and I have got our hospital bags packed, baby-sitting arrangements have been made and secured for Ava and everyone’s cellphones are on alert.

The end is near! Can’t wait to meet you, Son!
The question now is… when?
Countdown on.

6 Comments on The End is Near! {36 Week Pregnancy Update}

  1. Aww, thanks SO much for the encouraging and sweet words. It’s truly reassuring to hear them especially after what my mind has been going through the past couple of weeks.
    We are so excited and cannot wait to meet him.
    I appreciate the constant moral support and love from you all. XO

  2. Thinking of you! Hope Baby Boy hangs in there for a while longer 🙂 Even if he does come a little early, all will be well! You guys are almost there! 🙂 So glad the care package arrived when it did and was able to make you smile 🙂 xo

  3. Glowing is an understatement – you are simply stunning, Carol!
    Thanks for sharing this update; you have been on my mind. So very excited for you all!

  4. We are so very excited for you and your family, Carol!
    I bet it’s been a scary time but you’re so close and I just know baby boy will be very healthy and happy on his birthday. 🙂
    Cannot wait to meet him! Rest up and (try to) enjoy the final stretch!

  5. Ah Carol you are such a beautiful Mama! And you are so ready – your little boy is so lucky to have you as his Mom. Keep resting and know that in a very short time your sweet little baby boy will arrive and you will have the million dollar family 🙂 So excited to be along for this wonderful journey….

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